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Click on the image that defines the basic shape of your equipment

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What People Are Saying
Just received the cover for my Matchless Spitfire. Absolutely perfect; I love it! Thanks a bunch
Michael W., Salt Lake City UT
Just got my Studio Slips cover. All is good, it fits perfect. You guys ever think of filling the padding with helium? Rock-n-Roll and a back past the half century mark aren't working out like I planned! HA!
Dave D., Ozark MO
Fits like a glove. Thanks!
Jonathan A., Greensboro NC
It arrived a couple of hours ago, perfect fit, great cover!! Now I can get it out of the house without scraping the walls. Many thanks for prompt service.
Bob M
I just tried out the cover on my Lunchbox amp. Once again it fit like a glove!! Although for a second I almost thought it was going to be like the OJ glove. I panicked and thought "I guess I finally screwed up those measurements". So as I'm trying to zip the cover up and turning the amp over, I realize that in my haste the amp wasn't sitting correctly in the cover. There was plenty of space at the bottom of the cover and once I moved the cover around all was good. And I was smiling once again.
Bob K., Oakland CA