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Click on the image that defines the basic shape of your equipment

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What People Are Saying
love the cover! thanks Susan?
David L., Sherman Oaks CA
The cover is a perfect fit on my KC-220, and nicely rugged. Love the sizable pocket, and perfect stitch-work. Thank you much for the good work!
George E., Brooklyn, NY
I just received my Studio Slips for three Dr Z amps - KT-45 (head), Maz Jr (head), and ZG-50 (head). The EZG-50 won't be here until next Monday, but the the other two covers fit the KT-45 and Maz Jr. just perfectly.
Trent T., Berkeley, CA
Just dropping a note to say that I?d received the covers and they fit perfectly! 🙂 Tks!!
James T., Australia
Fender Excelsior cover arrived today and it's a perfect fit. As always, excellent job!
Steve T.,