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What People Are Saying
Just to tell you how happy I am with the covers I just received for my Tone King Metropolitan Head+Cab ! Extremely well crafted, and suits perfectly ! You did a great job from the first email to the shipping. Your customer service is mega, thanks to all the team !
Stephane P., France
As a working musician who owns many amps and likes to rotate them all on gigs in the New York area, I am steadily acquiring Studio Slips for each one -- they are the only such beautifully designed and perfectly fitting accessories I would trust to protect my valuable boutique amplifiers. The fact that each cover is custom-tailored yet turned around from measurements to finished product in such short order is truly remarkable and makes Studio Slips one of the greatest values in musical equipment ever. -- Jack Roland
Jack R., Maplewood, NJ
Just got my studio slip. It fits so perfectly I was afraid for a minute that it wouldn't fit. There's no extra space in there (which is what you want from a case). FITS LIKE A GLOVE. thanks Studio Slips. was a total pleasure ordering from you.
Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
The cover arrived today - it slipped over the speaker perfectly!! This is my fourth cover that I have had you make. All of them, without exception, have been spot-on perfect in fit, in protection, and in just plain looking good! And, of the amps/speakers I have sold, not one buyer has said that he didn?t want the cover. Thank you for your wonderful work.
Jim. G., Walnut Creek, CA
Susan, The case came today and it is exactly what I hoped for. Thank you!!!
Tom B.