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What People Are Saying
Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you about my custom cover. I received it on time last week and I am REALLY impressed with the job y'all did! The hauling handles work perfectly. Now, all I have to do is zip my amp up in the case, and pick it up like an AC30. Running those webbing straps around underneath really did the trick. They take the weight so the material doesn't give way. The other thing I like is the quality hardware that y'all used to attach the handles. They unclip and move right out of the way for opening. They are also nice and snug against the top when in position for hauling. The padded slips are very comfortable for my hands and the whole rig is so transportable now I don't know how I ever lived without one of your covers!! You really should consider making the work you did for me part of your standard options. It is very handy and I know that many musicians find it difficult to haul amps like mine with just that single handle provided by the manufacturer (what were they thinking?!?!). It really is a sick joke to put a lone handle on an amp that weighs as much as an AC30 or a Twin. Thanks again for a terrific product, and I'll be sure to peruse your site for my other gear needs.
John H., Richmond, VA
Got the cover you guys made for my amp today. It really IS beautiful - way beyond my expectations. Right on! I'll likely be getting back to you guys in the future.
Adrian K., CANADA
I can't thank you enough for the quick service. I did not expect to receive the covers so quickly. I love the clam shell design, and they truly do "fit like a glove." Thanks for a great product.
Chris T., Sugar Land, TX
Those are some extremely fine "Custom Slips" Whoa! You are so far beyond custom I'm not sure what to call you anymore. Those Slips will make that amp sound better; I just know it!
Capt. Mike, Forestville, CA
The padded cover for my Fargen 49x54 came today and the experience of putting it on the amp was pure bliss. It couldn't fit any better if I had brought the amp to Santa Rosa and left it with you. Your fitting is magic and the workmanship (workwomanship) is beyond compare. Thanks so much!! I waited a long time to find the Fargen and now it has a cover that matches its fine quality.
Gary P., Berkeley, CA