What People Are Saying
I got my new clamshell cover yesterday. It fits my Dr Z Maz 18 1X12 perfectly. This is one of the finest covers I've ever seen and it completely covers the amp...like a cover should. I just ordered another one for my Dr Z 1X12 extension cab.
Michael B., Galveston, TX
I got the cover today! I wanted to thank you for the nice job you did on it , It looks and fits perfect! Cheers from New Orleans!
Mike C., New Orleans, LA
I received my cover for Hartke Bass speaker today and it fits fine. Thank you for your great products.
Scott B., Bisbee AZ
Just tried the covers on my Trans Atlantic and the Forte 3D cab. Once again they fit great! Have a great Thanksgiving.
Bob K., Oakland, CA
Yow! Received the clamshell bag today for my Aiken Tomcat head. When I pulled it out of the shipping envelope, my heart sank as I was sure that it was too small to fit the head. How could I have mis-measured? But no! The thing fits like the proverbial glove. Snug and firm. I couldn't be happier! Thanks for a wonderful product and really fast service!
Albert Y., San Francisco, CA