What People Are Saying
Thanks for a Great Cover!!! Fits great and looks fabulous!"
Rick S
Got the delivery today and I'm much, much more than just satisfied. Excellent fit on both the clamshell and dustcover...and the clamshell's lighter than I thought it would be. With all the gear that I need for a fly date in that back pocket (cables, foot pedal box, and mini maglite), the full package is still less than 40lbs. Very nice, indeed. I'm really glad I got the double padding and leather bottom strips. The amp just "fits" in there?nice and secure. And, most importantly: both the clamshell and dust cover look very sharp. 😉 Thanks. I'll definitely be back, should the need arise.
Bob P., Brooklyn, NY
Got both the cab and amp covers. Just wanted to say "thanks!" - they are beautiful, rugged, and fit perfectly! Thanks again for the great service.
Erik E. Savage, MN
Just in time - yesterday - I received the fantastic Cover for my second LT112 Cabinet - famous workmanship as usual Susan !!! Thanks a lot !!! Today I have a big Gig and I?m happy to know well covered both cabinets !!!
Armand O., Austria
Just got my Studio Slips cover. All is good, it fits perfect. You guys ever think of filling the padding with helium? Rock-n-Roll and a back past the half century mark aren't working out like I planned! HA!
Dave D., Ozark MO