GuaranteeBags and covers are guaranteed to arrive as confirmed by the customer . If they do not arrive as confirmed, we will repair, replace or refund at no cost to you including standard shipping costs. We guarantee all materials for 5 years of normal wear, but your bag or cover should last much longer than that with normal use. Our zippers should handle road use with no problem. If your bag is slammed in the van door, or somehow crushed by force and it won’t glide, this is not considered normal wear and is not covered by our warranty. We will attempt to repair your bag or cover beyond the 5 years at cost with the customer paying shipping costs to and from our shop.

Dimensions must be verified by the customer, prior to construction of the product. Every online order is sent a confirmation letter within 2 working days, which includes the dimensions of the item ordered. Because email can get lost, we also notify the customer on the order receipt at the time of order to expect our confirmation letter and to contact us if it is not received within 2 working days. WE DO NOT BEGIN PRODUCTION UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR REPLY TO OUR CONFIRMATION LETTER VERIFYING OR CORRECTING DIMENSIONS.

If, the cover or bag does not match the verified or corrected dimensions, Studio Slips takes full responsibility and will remake, or refund the item including shipping.


Each and every cover and bag is custom made to order. We do not accept returns unless the error is ours.

What People Are Saying
Susan and Team, Finally had a chance to check out my new bag for the Quilter. Fits perfectly!
Bob K., Oakland CA
Susan, I LOVE your amp covers!!! They are by far the best in the business!!! I try to spread the word as much as possible out there on the musician forums!
Myles S. Beach Park, IL
The cover arrived today. It fits like the proverbial glove. Thank you so much for your help and punctiliousness. Gotta love standardized measurement. Every time a potential ding is thwarted by your fine cover, I will turn towards California and offer a heartfelt thank you
Chilese, Peoria, AZ
I received the cover today ... Looks Great!😊
Jeffrey L., Canada
Received the cover today. Fits like a glove. Nice quality. Thanks so much!
Rich C., Jackson, NJ