Let’s face it; unless you’ve got a roadie, your gear weighs enough without the ATA case.

Since it’s a bag, and not just a slipcover, the Clamshell Gig Bag protects your gear completely: top, sides and bottom with an opening for the handle(s). Our handle openings are reinforced so they will never fray or come apart like the more commonly bound openings.

Our revolutionary design makes putting heavy equipment into a soft bag incredibly easy because the bag opens flat and the fit is always perfect. The Clamshell can be made in most any shape.

Studio Slips Clamshell Gig Bags are made with tough water resistant 1000 Denier nylon canvas (Cordura) on the outside and thick quilted padding on the inside to cushion and protect your gear from bumps, scratches and weather. We use heavy duty top quality zippers that glide open and closed and super strong nylon thread to hold it all together.


Photo of Regular Clamshell Gig Bag Closed
Photo of Regular Clamshell Gig Bag Open
Photo of Board Shaped Clamshell Gig Bag Closed
Photo of Board Shaped Clamshell Gig Bag Open
Photo of Odd Shaped Clamshell Gig Bag Closed
Photo of Odd Shaped Clamshell Gig Bag Open

Choose between our super reinforced handle opening(s)

Photo of Strap Handle Opening

Handle opening (strap handle)

Photo of Recessed Handle Opening

Handle opening (recessed opening)

Wrap-around webbing strap handles with a grip, like a duffel bag (formally known as the Briefcase Gig Bag)

Photo of Board Style Wrap-around Handles

Wrap-around handles Board

Photo of Rectangular Wrap-around Handles

Wrap-around handles Rectangular cabinet

Or, sewn-on molded plastic handle (see weight restrictions below)

Photo of Sewn-on Plastic Handles

 Molded Plastic top** and side*** handles

** Top molded plastic handle weight limit 15 pounds (38 kg) due to the strain on the zipper.  Please choose the Wrap-around webbing handles for anything over 15 pounds.

*** Side molded plastic handles do not put strain on the zipper and can handle a much greater weight.  While they can handle up to 75 pounds (165 kg) for maneuvering in and out of a vehicle or onto a cart, we recommend the wrap-around webbing strap handles to carry the load.

You can add leather strips for extra protection on the bottom of the bag, a shoulder strap with shoulder pad and even Caster Openings to roll your gear on wheels into the bag. And of course, you can add a pocket to carry a foot switch, extra cords, or a clean tee shirt.

Custom made in the USA.
* Please note: We will send dimensions to you when we receive your order so you can double check that the correct model was ordered and that the dimensions we have match your model.
What People Are Saying
The padded cover for my Fargen 49x54 came today and the experience of putting it on the amp was pure bliss. It couldn't fit any better if I had brought the amp to Santa Rosa and left it with you. Your fitting is magic and the workmanship (workwomanship) is beyond compare. Thanks so much!! I waited a long time to find the Fargen and now it has a cover that matches its fine quality.
Gary P., Berkeley, CA
WOW. I received my Studio Slips cover and am very happy with it. It fits perfectly. Thanks.
Nick J., Omaha, NE
"Regardless of the gender of my amps, they ALL wear Studio Slips"....:)
Tom T., Woodstock, GA
Got my clamshell bag for my custom CA combo. It's perfect. Thanks so much for building such a great bag for my amp. I'll absolutely be ordering other bags from you again in the near future.
Joe P., White Hall, AK.
I have the best dressed gear anywhere thanks to the perfect fit and fair price of Studio Slips. Proprietor Susan B. is the best at her craft and always goes the extra mile to ensure a customer smile. I'm about to order very hard-to-find covers for a pair of Tapco 6925 speaker columns. I'm impressed that SS already has the measurements in their data base, so all have to do is order. I'm now in the Austin, Texas area, so my gear gets much more use. But, it never ages thanks to the quality and form fit of Studio Slips. As long as I can hold a guitar and sing a note, my stuff will never see a naked day with Studio Slips. Fred M., Deep in the Heart of Texas
Fred M., Cedar Park, TX