What People Are Saying
Received the cover today. Couldn't be happier with the Perfect Fit and the Great Construction! (Black, single padded Slip Cover for Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr. 1x12 Combo)
Terry H., Sonora, CA
Just wanted to say I received my Studio Slips Clamshell bag yesterday for my Friedman Vertical 212 Cabinet and it fits perfectly! This is the 7th bag I’ve purchased from you within the last 6 years and they are all just perfectly fit and still in use and in perfect condition after heavy use. Thanks again for a great product. (Black, single padded Clamshell Gig Bag with leather on the bottom for Friedman 212 Vertical Slant 2x12 Cabinet #14033)
Sid S., Rocky River, OH
I just wanted to let you know that the covers arrived today, pristine as always. I hope to order the same set from you again soon for my other Aiken head and cabinet. You guys work speaks for itself but if I can ever help you in anyway please just let me know. Have a great afternoon and rest of the week, thank you for making such a quality product (Brown, single padded Clamshell with Leather for a Aiken Sabre Head (Jeff Swanson) #4970 and brown, single padded Slip Cover with 2 bottom straps for an Aiken 2x12 Ext. Cab (Jeff Swanson) #4971
Gary B., Daphne AL
Got the gig bag today for my Skylark. It's awesome! It looks great (glad I chose the brown!), it fits perfectly, and it seems like it's going to be very protective. (Brown, double padded Clamshell Gig Bag for Carr Skylark)
Chris O., West Roxbury, MA
I received my slip covers yesterday & they fit perfectly! The quality is second to none. Thank you for such a quality product & for the excellent communication. I am recommending your products to all my musician friends. Thanks again & have a great weekend. (A pair of brown, single padded Slip Covers with for Klipsch Forte Loudspeakers)
Mike W., Oneida, NY
Got your package today - THANK YOU they fit perfectly! I'm so happy with these! (A pair of black double padded Gig Bags with duffle style handles and padded front pockets for the Temple Audio Duo 17 and Duo 24)
Carmine C., Freehold, NJ
My Two Rock TS1 head and cabinet bags just arrived and they are of course, flawless. The amp won't arrive for another month but I have no doubt the fit will be perfect. It is obvious that your organization takes great pride in the bags you produce. It gives me great pleasure to do business with Studio Slips and it warms my heart that you are a family enterprise!
Joe S., Summersville, WV
I just wanted to say that I received the gig bag of course. I've had it for 2-3 weeks. At first I was very impressed and pleased. After having it for a little while, I'm even more happy with it. The finish is excellent. But the ability to carry it with the strap and the pocket, everything just comes together perfectly. I am extremely happy with the gig bag. I will definitely be recommending your products and will buy others if I need them. Thank you very much!!
Walt P., Palatine, Ill.
Studio Slips does tremendously good work, even on custom sized cabinets! I have learned that if I measure correctly (2 or 3 times!), you produce a product that fits perfectly every time! By my count, I now have 15 of your clamshell bags and 4 slip covers – a significant investment. But I am glad that I bought every one of them. Here is why: I love having my gear protected by your products, rain, snow, or impact, when I take it out on gigs! I once had two tube combo amps stacked on a hand truck and ‘tumbled’ the top amp (a Kendrick 1x12 tube combo) off onto the parking lot. It was in your double padded clam shell, and though it broke an EL34 tube, I could not find a dent or scratch. And after replacing the tube the amp has continued worked perfectly ever since! Thank you, Susan and Cole! I wish you every success, and I can’t wait to do business with you again!
Jay C., Woods Cross, UT
I'm glad to report I have received the case in perfect condition, and as guaranteed; it fits like a glove! Thank you for this great product. I'm sure it will serve very well for myself and others like me who have to brave the rigors of public transportation. I am well pleased with the purchase, and it was a pleasure dealing with you & your team. Should the opportunity arise, I would not hesitate to come back for more and will gladly recommend to all who ask. (Brown double padded Briefcase Gig Bag for Ceriatone Trainwreck Express Head #13301)
Ariff M.I., Pasir Ris, Singapore
I could not be any happier with the Studio Slips Gig Bag and inside Slip Cover customized for my recent pedalboard project. Everything is a perfect fit. The Slip Cover fits perfectly inside the Gig Bag! Even though my pedals would be protected with the gig bag alone, I thought it best to add the slip cover as well for added protection. I am certainly glad I went that route, as I now feel my pedals are fully protected. Studio Slips has gained another customer for life! I won't hesitate to tell my colleagues about your company as well. All the best! (Brown, double padded Briefcase Gig Bag + Slip Cover for Custom Pedalboard #13265)
Chaz C., Kansas City, MO
I received the cover today for my Swart Atomic Jr Head. It fits perfect. Thanks for the quick turnaround. (Black, single pad Slip Cover Swart Amps Atomic Jr. Head #13221)
Michael P., Olympia, WA
The case cover arrived this morning. It's beautiful and it fits my case like a glove. A perfectly fitted glove. Snug, wrinkle-free, and without a trace of bagginess. I could not be more impressed, or happier with your work for me. The resident Grand Marshall of Christmas, my lovely wife, has required that I put the case back in the box and wrap it for Christmas so I will. But I have actually put it on the case and I speak from that experience when I tell you that it fits perfectly. Just what the doctor ordered. Your work is amazing. Thank you so much. (Black, Single pad Clamshell CUSTOM Guitar Case #13185)
Jack H., Phoenix, AZ
I just wanted to thank you again. I received the cover for my mixer today and it is perfect! I will be sure to recommend you to all of my friends, and when I need to cover more things, I will be back for sure. (Black Slip Cover for Allen & Heath Mixer #13199)
Michael P., Lincoln Park, NJ
The head and cab duffles fit like a glove and the build quality is fantastic. Satisfied customer here. Just wanted to say thanks! (Single and Double padded Clamshell Gig Bags for Matchless Lightning Head (#92) and Matchless ES210 Cab (#13086)
Mike M., Mount Juliet, TN
My clavichord must have the most rock ’n’ roll suit in history! -(Custom Black Single pad Slip Cover ID 13088)
Michael K., San Jose, CA
I received the slip covers and amp coasters. I’m speechless. These are of the highest quality. They fit perfectly on all the amps. It was a good choice in changing the color to brown!! Kids and wife approve....lol. Loving the amp coasters. It’ll make my life easier as I had to fiddle around before with tiny felt discs. Now I can just swap out amps easily. (Brown Double padded Slip Covers with padded pockets for Matchless HC-30 Head #489, Marshall 1987 X Head #1698 and Two Rock Classic Reverb Head #2273)
Reggie A., Mississauga, ON, Canada
The cover arrived last weekend, fits great and seems super well made. Thanks! (Mesa Boogie Mark II 1x12 Combo #375)
George M., New York, NY
Greetings again Studio Slips, Just wanted to let you folks know the clamshell cover for my Markbass CMD 102 Marcus Miller 500 2x10 Combo amp is excellent as usual. Superbly made, it fits perfectly, glad I ordered the double padding. Really nice job on the build for this uniquely shaped amp. This adds to several clamshells for my amps and they are the best available. It’s worth the investment to protect an investment.
Shawn H., Bedford, TX
I just received my custom slip cover for my Fender amp. It was beautiful and absolutely a perfect fit! I wanted to say thank you very much for your detail, craftsmanship, dedication and time to putting this together. You can definitely tell the quality and love put into your work, as compared to a mass produced retail company. Please keep up the outstanding work and stay safe.
Jason F., Boca Raton FL.
Received the gig bag today. All I can say is wow, excellent !!!!!!!!! Thank you so much
Frank P 🙂 Gastonia, NC
One used amp I purchased came with a Studio Slips cover, so I knew anything I ordered would be great. The requirement to confirm exact dimensions of my head and speaker cabinet paid off big time. All of the dimensions of the two parts were just as listed in the Studio Slips data base except one! The handle on the cabinet was off by 1/2 an inch. Based on my return of the measurements confirmation email with that notation, I now have a perfectly fitted set of covers for my Swart rig. Yay, Studio Slips!
Steve L., Austin, TX
Susan Dang! All covers arrived today - three days earlier than I thought!!! They fit like they were made for my custom Twin head and cabinet - oh yeah, they were! Cover for my steel fits perfect too. Y'alls products and service are absolutely the best. Thank You
Fred R., Birmingham, AL
Received the cover the other day and wanted to confirm it's a perfect fit, as usual! Thank you for quality work that goes into your covers. I have ordered MANY covers of various styles from you and have never had an issue with any of them. In fact my oldest covers still look new after 10 years of use!
Gary L., Murrieta, CA
Hello, I received the case today and, as I?ve come to expect, it fits perfectly! Thanks for your excellent work.
Stuart H., Portland, TX
Just wanted to let you know BOTH the cases in my order fit perfectly! THAT'S why I only deal with you for any case/bag I need! Thank you!
Frank C., Damascus, MD
I swear I had a 15% impulse to weep whenever I opened the package. A 500 foot homer ? better than I'd envisioned.
Lusgardo C., Lubbock, TX
The cover is a perfect fit on my KC-220, and nicely rugged. Love the sizable pocket, and perfect stitch-work. Thank you much for the good work!
George E., Brooklyn, NY
I finally got my Mather Custom amp cab completed, & the slip you made for me fits perfectly. Now I fully understand why you are so exact in the prep & measuring phase of the job. You take that seriously, & it shows in the end product. I really appreciate the care & attention you take in your initial communication, & the subsequent care & attention of the manufacture. I couldn?t be happier with the polished finish of my amp, nor more comfortable taking it to gigs in the slip you made for me. Super happy! Thank you
Steve F., New York, NY
Received my Phil Jones amp cover today and it's absolutely perfect. Great fit, great detail and looks terrific. Thank you all for such a quality product and a really quick delivery. Awesome product !
Deborah A., Manchester, TN
I got my bag yesterday! It is perfect!! Thank you so much for the care you guys put into your work. It makes it so much easier to carry the Leslie now.
Alex S., Peekskill, NY
Anything worth owning needs to have a Studio Slip! Many thanks!
Brian R., Nobleboro, ME
Thanks again for another fantastic slip for my super reverb. Perfect!
Mark S., Oceanside, CA
Cover just arrived - fits like a glove and looks great! Many thanks.
Eric L., Boise, ID
The cover Studio Slips made for my Z Lux is the best cover I have ever owned and I have owned a lot. The last cover I bought from another company cost more, took longer to get to me and was not nearly the quality of this padded cover. Excellent work and service!!! thank you
Fred R., Birmingham, AL
WOW. I received my Studio Slips cover and am very happy with it. It fits perfectly. Thanks.
Nick J., Omaha, NE
To all, Just received my order and I have to write and tell you how wonderfully pleased I am with your work. The covers fit PERFECTLY! The pockets are on the front as I requested and are huge! I wanted them to store the power cords for each unit, as well as 2 xlr cables to connect the subs to the mains. Plenty of extra room if needed. Very nice workmanship, and they look amazing! Keep these measurements for future use for other Bose customers, because they are right on!. Thanks to all, great value for the product. Would easily recommend you to anyone looking for custom covers for their gear. Thanks!
George K., Houston, TX
Hi Cole, I have received them and they're great. I couldn't be more pleased with these covers. They're a perfect fit and great workmanship. Thanks to all at Studio Slips. I'll be recommending y'all to everyone. Thanks again
Chet O., Wimberley, TX
Hey Cole, I just got home from my trip (to the Bay Area) and opened my new Studio Slips. They are beautiful and fit perfectly! Thanks so much. I'm now a customer for life.
David L., San Diego, CA
I must tell you how extremely pleased I am with the clamshell amp case I just received from you. Perfect fit, superb seam work, stout zipper, thick black leather runners ? just pure excellence for my Carr Rambler. This is the best custom case work I?ve ever seen. Let?s do this again sometime soon!
Dave M., Nampa, ID
Dear Susan and Cole, Just a quick note to let you know that I received the cover for my Morgan PR-12 this morning. It is absolutely perfect, thank you so much! I wish you the very best and look forward to becoming your client again soon.
Ilhan A., Wilton, CT
The cover for my amp arrived this week. It fits perfectly snug and the quality of materials and construction is everything I had hoped. Now I know Studio Slips is legendary for a reason? Thank you for a great product!
Steve R., Los Angeles, CA
I just received my order for the Nylon Canvas Dust Cover for Mojotone Mojo Lite 1x12 Cabinet. It fits perfectly and looks excellent! Customer service over the recent holidays was great, also. I will be coming back to Studio Slips for all my future cover needs. Thanks a million!
Joel S., Milwaukee, WI
Just a quick note to say Thank you! The slip fits like a glove and is gorgeous. Happy New Year!
Michelle L, Smyrna, GA
I am overdue in writing you to thank you for the extra large slip covers for my isolation cabinets they look amazing!! Thank you so much for attending to the special order with fabric and making such an amazing product and giving such amazing service! Happy new year!
Matthew M., L.A., CA
Your work is perfect! The dust cover you specially made for my pedal board is spot on in every dimension. Fit and finish is superior. Thanks so much and know I will use your services again and spread the word. Thank you for your awesome-ness!
Terry O'Brien, Snoqualmie, WA
Bag received, it?s perfect in every way, Thank You!
Bill H., Astoria OR
Hey, y'all: I've unfortunately neglected to write you for various reasons - life takes a hold of you sometimes... But, I feel bad about it, frankly, because I wanted to let you know as soon as I received the Clamshell Gig Bag for my PRS Sonzera 20 how pleased I was with it. Now, I've taken it to various situations across town, and I have only grown more satisfied. Part of my motivation in picking one up was not just to protect the amp from the inevitable bruises of travelling but also to consolidate most of my gear in one package. The pocket you were able to provide holds more than I expected. I can fit both of my footswitches, all of my cables, my compact guitar stand, and any sheet music, strings, power strips, etc. that I may need on a given day. Add in that the thing fits like a glove and looks so nice - I really can't overstate how well-made it is - and you have a case that I can't see anyone turning down. It's something that most musicians I encounter compliment straightaway. (The brown option is a classy touch.) I don't say this frivolously: After researching soft cases and having built my own road box for another amp, I honestly can't see why anyone would go with another option for lightweight travel. I'm able to gig 90% of the time with a one-trip carry - my guitar in one hand and basically everything else in the other. (Now, that's because I've chosen a very portable amp, but the fact remains: y'all make the best case I've seen.) I just want to give real credit where it's due because it's increasingly rare that there exists a small shop of super responsive folks doing great work to solve practical problems for the professional musician. And it's actually affordable. I'm nearly laughing as I write this because it almost sounds canned. Things just rarely are this good. If I have anything negative to say about it, it'd just be that the padding strikes me as a little thinner than I expected for "double" padding. I wouldn't really consider single padding an option if I was looking for impact protection. I mean, neither 1x or 2x is going to stop major impacts, but I still wouldn't want much less than 2x. This is a small concern, though, since I got 2x and am satisfied with how it performs. If I took this on the road more, I'd probably ask for more, though, especially for a trailer situation. But let's not leave it on a negative: I really appreciate the work you do. I wish I had more amps that needed cases, but this PRS combo is all I'm working with at the moment. I'll send folks your way if I ever can. Thanks so much,
David G., Atlanta, GA
I received my custom made pedal board slip cover this morning. It fits perfectly and is of high quality. Your service was thorough throughout the ordering process and my order was completed quickly without any issues. I love the cover and it is sitting over my pedal board already doing its job. Thank you very much.
Ken Carlton, Madera, CA
Great Job As Always The clamshell cover for my MESA/Boogie amp is fantastic! The workmanship and build quality is excellent. The embroidery work on the front is 1st Class. Will be ordering again in the future. ☆☆☆☆☆
George R., Muskegon, MI