Studio Slips makes custom Gig Bags and Slip Covers for the world’s leading brands. Here are just a few of the most popular brands that we offer products for. Don’t see your brand here? Then check out our List of Thousands to find yours. 

Fender Logo

We’ve been making the best Gig Bags and Slip Covers for everything Fender since 1992. With over 350 different models to choose, from vintage Tweeds to brand new Twin Reverbs see why more Fender Reps recommend Studio Slips for soft protection than any other brand.

Fractal Audio Systems Logo

We’ve been working closely with FA Systems to develop the best Gig Bags for their entire line of legendary amp modeling processors. Our compact gig bags utilize industry leading materials to keep your rig safe, compact, and functional. 

Two Rock Logo

Two Rock‘s got Tone for days. Their incredible line up of amps and cabs is about as good as it gets and that’s why they trust Studio Slips to protect their gear. You can order through Two Rock or through us but either way, you’re getting top quality protection for your top quality tone. 

Marshall Logo

Our Marshall Gig Bags and Slip Covers are the best on the market. Whether it’s a legendary Plexi Head or the huge sound of a 4×12 Cabinet, trust Studio Slips to keep your classic and contemporary Marshall gear safe. 

Mesa Engineering Logo

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our close relationship with Mesa Boogie. Check out our History for more details, but in short Mesa is where this family came together and thus, where this family business arose. We make the best Gig Bags and Slip Covers for every piece of equipment Mesa has to offer. 

Ampeg Logo

Ampeg produces some of the biggest, nastiest Bass Amps the world has ever seen and Studio Slips is here to keep them in tip top shape. From 300 Watt SVT’s to 810 Cab’s, we will cover them all!  

Dr. Z Logo

We make the best soft protection for everything Dr. Z! From the Jetta to the Cure, from old school MAZ to new school CAZ, Dr. Z Z-Wreck Jr.’s and Z-Plus’, we’re your spot if you’re looking for Dr. Z Slip Covers and Gig Bags! 

Carr Amps Logo

Carr Amps‘ meticulous attention to detail, classic design, and handcrafted cabinets made here in the USA makes for a perfect match with Studio Slips top quality protective products. A Clamshell Gig Bag for the Super Bee or the classic Slip Cover for the Mercury V – we’ve got what you need for your Carr Amp.