We’ve got you covered for all things Marshall!  Over 150+ different Marshall products have already been designed by Studio Slips.  We KNOW Marshall.  Can’t find your model? Send us an email and we will build it to your exact specs. 


Some of the most popular Marshall items we cover are:

  • JCM 800, JCM 900, JCM 2000 Series Heads and Combos
  • Extension Cabinets including the 1922, 1933, 1960A, 1960B, 2061CX, 2556 B and so many more! 
  • Everything Bluesbreaker
  • DSL40C and DSL40CR Combos 
  • Plexi-Heads
  • Super Lead Heads
  • Origin 20’s and Origin 50 Head and Combos
  • Silver Jubilee
  • SV Series (SV20 C + H, SV212)

What people say about their Studio Slips Marshall products:

“I received my case for my Marshall Bluesbreaker. It’s awesome! I am very impressed with the fit and the quality. I know where to go for all things cases now!” Ned C., Barrington R.I. (Ordered a black, Clamshell Gig Bag with duffle style handles, a pocket on the front and extra sewn on handles on each side)

“I thought before I sent an email to tell how great the studio slips covers are I’d give them a try for about 6-9 months. Best thing I could buy. Works great, protects the equipment. I especially like the clamshell cover so the bottom of the amp doesn’t get trashed. I bought the standard padding and that seems to be fine. The equipment is moved 3 times a week, minimum and there are no problems. I’m looking into a getting a few more covers for other equipment, but I wanted to tell you how well the cover for the Marshall 1974x was working for me. Easy to open and setup and easy to pack away and none of the weight of a road case. I’m the roadie too so I really appreciate that. Not a scratch on the amp, perfect. I can’t tell enough people how well this has worked out for me.” Andy V., Manchester CT (Ordered a single padded black Clamshell Gig Bag with leather strips on the bottom and a reinforced top handle opening) 

Build your Marshall Slip Cover or Gig Bag now

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