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What People Are Saying
The slip you made for my Glaswerks Super Overdrive II amp fits perfectly. The measurements listed on your website nailed it! Now I can gig with this amp and sleep easier at night knowing it is protected. Awesome product-
Michael C., Harvest AL
Got my brown Clamshell cover on 10/23/2009. Put it on the amp, zipped it up and worried no more about bumps and scratches during schlepping and non-schlepping/storage. I?m very glad I got the brown ? so easy to tell which of my 12 guitar amps it is! And also glad I got the double thick padding decreases my bump and scratch worry by a factor of 2! I can already tell the leather pads on the bottom were a good choice. I have Tuki covers for all my other amps. I didn?t hear about Studio Slips till I got my brand new Dr. Z amp ? from the link on his website. I prefer the zippers on your covers to the very loud ripping noises of the Tuki?s Velcro.
Dave I., Goleta, CA
I am confirming receipt of the StudioSlips clamshell amp bag for my Two Rock Opal amp. It is a perfect fit, is exceptionally well made and is a great match for my StudioSlips speaker bag. Thanks for your good work, and best wishes for your continued success!
Mark R., Guelph CANADA
Fits perfectly. Thank you.
Patrick C., Chicago IL
My Studio Slips cover for my early Matchless HC30 & THD speaker box arrived today & they both fit like a glove. Fantastic quality workmanship & great service as per usual! Keep up the good work. Cheers
Brad F., Sydney AUSTRALIA