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What People Are Saying
Another perfect fit from Studio Slips! Thanks guys!
Jon D., Temperance MI
The clamshell cover for my Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr. combo amp was perfect. You folks make the best covers! Thanks.
John E., Forsyth, IL
We received the cover today. Fits perfect and a great quality cover. Very nice! Thanks!
Dirk S., Anaheim CA
Got the slips?and they work perfectly.
David K., Austin, TX.
It was delivered yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks the part. Thank you.
Dave N. Helden Netherlands
My Studio Slips cover for my early Matchless HC30 & THD speaker box arrived today & they both fit like a glove. Fantastic quality workmanship & great service as per usual! Keep up the good work. Cheers
Brad F., Sydney AUSTRALIA
Hi Susan , I got the order today. A perfect fit and great quality padding. Thx again and continued success.
Joseph V., Riverdale NJ
Just wanted to let you know that the cart cover has been a lifesaver in my practice with the ADHD kids I am treating!!! I made the mistake of having it off during one treatment session and will NEVER do THAT again 🙂 !!!! Take care and Thanks again for your wonderful custom product (and my equipment thanks you too!)
Tina B., St.Thomas, VI
"Regardless of the gender of my amps, they ALL wear Studio Slips"....:)
Tom T., Woodstock, GA
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Studio Slip for my Rocket 44 Mesa. It fits like a glove and is even more padded than I expected. The workmanship and quality is clearly evident and I really like the fact that it was made to order.Thanks for getting it exactly right the first time!
Thomas L., Houston TX
It arrived today. Perfect fit! Thanks!
C. Webb, Chicago, IL
Wanted to let you know how much I like the amp cover. This cover offers all the protection I need and the exterior isn't showing any signs of wear. We play about 7 to 8 shows a month - club dates to concerts and just about everything in-between. This cover holds up and makes it so much easier to transport my amp. So bottom line is I'm more than satisfied with my Studio Slip. Heavy touring where equipment is getting a lot of abuse can justify road cases but for everything else, I think this is the way to go. The quality, workmanship and attention to detail is top notch. I will order again as soon as the need arises. Thanks!
Steve, Waxahachie, TX
I received the covers today, and they are great! The padded one especially is just fantastic! Thanks for the great product to help protect my great amps.
Charlie J., Pasadena, CA
I received my Studio Slip for my Mesa Roadster amp head yesterday and it fits perfectly. The padding is thicker than I imagined and a lot lighter. All for the better. Because of the side handles on the Studio Slip, it makes the amp head much easier to handle when loading in and out of my car. It is nice when highly recommending products turn out better than expected.
Jon B., Buena Park CA
I received the bag. Very nice job.
Mark S., Pearl River NY
I just received my Clamshell Gig Bags, and I couldn't be happier! I had been searching for padded covers for my MarkBass Standard 104HF and Standard 151HF cabinets for quite some time. I emailed and called other companies, including one of the biggest names in the business. I was met with bewildering questions, slow response time, busy signals, and just poor customer service in general. After altering my web search, I came across Studio Slips, and have been delighted ever since. My phone conversations were extremely friendly, the turn around time was amazingly fast, and most importantly, the Gig Bags are fantastic! In fact, they've already passed their first gig test with flying colors.
Randy C., Nederland, CO
I just received my padded cover for my Suhr 1x12 cabinet. When I ordered I had tweaked your measurements as my cabinet dimensions were slightly different. Anyway ? an absolute perfect fit. Also, the cover quality and construction is great. You have a top notch product. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone I talk to that needs covers and will be ordering from you again when the need arises.
Mike D., Canada
I received the StudioSlip PA cover I purchased and just wanted to say " Thank You! " It houses my Mackie SRM 150 PA perfectly! I'm impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. The PA is so unbelievably comfortable to transport now. I will definitely keep you folks in mind in the near future when I purchase a Mackie mixer and Mackie mains.
Gil E., San Francisco, CA
As you know, it's been a brutal winter especially here in the Midwest. Had a gig in Wisconsin this past Sunday, so I drove up from Chicago worried about what was predicted; 12-18" of snow! Well, as it turned out what happened weather-wise instead was just horrible sleeting rain/snow and it was a mess and I started getting nervous about taking out my groovy little red leather Boogie Maverick. Got to my Mom's where I'd left my amp, and lo and behold; your studio slips cover had arrived and truly saved the day! Much better even than I'd hoped for, nice, tight fit and great padded covering- how perfect for the Perfect Storm? Anyway, it was such a nice surprise and I am so pleased.
Frank F., Chicago, IL
My clamshell bag, mark II just arrived. I?m happy to report that it fits just fine, and the handle opening is in the right place. Thank you for putting up with me.
Tom A., O' Fallon, IL
Hi dear Susan just a short Feedback concern your fantastic Claimshell Bags. I really like them and they are high-level-made, fantastic quality and a very good protection for my "Marshall Baby's"!!!Thanks a lot for your good work and until the next order....
Mandy O., Steiermark AUSTRIA
Received the slip cover for the Carr amp well in time for Xmas. Gave it to my son and it fit perfectly on the amp and it looks great
Orville Z, BC, CANADA
I just wanted to send my sincerest thanks for the amazing covers that you built for me and got to me in a super quick timeline. They are fabulous! Thank you so very much for your amazing customer service and quality of product. I have several gigs over this weekend and over the holidays and with the colder weather and snow up here, I am can now keep my gear much safer with my new Studio Slips covers!
Paul G., Brampton, ON CANADA
Just got my bag. Another masterful piece of work by SS. Thank you very much.
Robert G., Wichita, KS.
received the cover yesterday. It fits like a glove and looks great. Thank you!
Frank A., Germany
Thanks for the custom amp cover. I'm very pleased with it. You do great work.
Mike Z
I received this on Saturday 9/22 (dust cover for Yamaha THR10 2x3 Combo). It is truly excellent. Expect more business from me. (Also showing it off to friends.)
Michael Z., Lakewood, Ohio
I received the cover today; I was very surprised at the prompt delivery. Thank you for your excellent service. I'm very impressed with your competence and pride as reflected in this outstanding slip cover. I'll be back!!!
Dennis S., Roseville, CA
...They fit perfectly, as usual you did a marvelous job. Thanks you so much!...
Jonny B., Haifa, Israel
To the Studio Slip Team, We were in a desperate search to find a custom solution to help transport our new photo booth/kiosk product. An online search brought us to studio slips. We received a fast response and quote. After a brief consultation our custom briefcase gig bags arrived a few short weeks later. Completely blown away at how perfect they fit our product. They are exactly what we had in mind when searching for a protective transport solution. We can't thank your team enough. Looking forward to a long partnership! www.thephotoboothlab.com
Trevor S., Chino, CA
Just wanted you to know that my new cover arrived yesterday and fits my Blues Jr. LTD like a glove--actually better than any glove has ever fit me! Thank you for another order flawlessly executed.
Tony M., Palo Alto, CA
I just received the slip cover that I ordered. It looks and fits absolutely perfect! Check off the Matchless Independence Head measurements as a verified fit!!! Thanks so much for the great product and service!!!
Mike U., Naples, FL
I just wanted to drop you a note, letting you know how pleased I am with the cover I recently received. It arrived yesterday, and it fits perfectly (thanks for asking me to confirm/adjust the measurements - a couple were slightly different from the dimensions you had on file.) It fits snugly, but not too tight as to be difficult to remove or install. Also, the optional pocket will be a welcome addition for carrying charts, notebooks, cables, etc., without tying up another hand. Thanks again for your quality product, and speedy production/shipping!
Jonathan D., Toledo, OH
Open-mouth smile Hi Susan, Just got the clamshell for my MKII today. I'm so glad as I have a festival to do sunday and really didn't want to subject my new head cab to any abuse if possible. Worked out great. thank you so much and tell Mike thanks as well.
(the other Jeff Watson) No Ranger here.
Just wanted to let you know that the cover for my little rack is excellent. Great fit, excellent finish, just what I needed. Thanx again!
Howard B., Waukesha, WI
The Gig Bag for my Lap Steel arrived yesterday. The guitar fits perfectly and the bag is beautiful!! If I know of someone in need of a bag or cover I will surely send them your way. Thank you so much..................
Roy P., Eden Prairie, MN
Got the second clamshell today. Perfect & would have been surprised otherwise. Thank you both for everything to date, all of the clamshells are getting a good workout & had have done their job well.
Barnett C., Sturbridge MA
Just wanted to let you know that, this afternoon, I received the dust cover w/rear pocket that your folks made for my Peavey Windsor Studio 1x12? Combo amp. Not only is it an extraordinarily well-made amp cover, but it also happens to be very sharp looking with the ?Studio Slips? patch on the front! Most important, it fits PERFECTLY!!! A better job could not have been done, had you had my amp there in the shop with you! I can assure you that from now on, any amp covers, etc., that I may need in the future, Studio Slips WILL get the order!
Ernie B., Middletown, MD
Just wanted to let you know, the covers fit like a glove. I'll let Anthony at RME (Reason Amps) know abut the Heirloom 2X12 cab and the Smallbox JTM/ Plexi head. My clones are housed in these cabs and they are very accurate.
Sammy C., Denver, CO
just wanted to say how happy I am with my two slipcovers (double padded in brown). The dimensions for the Bergantino HD212 worked perfectly on my HDN212. I've got an uncovered 2 x 15" cab which is wanting it's own cover now 🙂
Chris H., Monona WI
The covers arrived and fit wonderfully! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround and discount!
Bob M., Worthington, OH
I just recieved my covers for my Dr. Z amp and they fit like a glove.
Gary P., Donald, OR
I just received my new cover today. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of your product, fits and looks great and it was shipped to me quickly.I just wanted to say thanks and I will definately refer Studio Slips to others.
Dan F
Glorious! Gorgeous work! Perfect fit... My client sees it later today, Wednesday - I'm sure he will be very pleased! I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future!
Rick J., Los Angeles, CA
The cover arrived safely, it' a perfect fit including the length, many thanks.
Neil E., Perth, West Australia
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received my cover and it?s fantastic! Thank you for the excellent product and customer service.
Douglas W., Winthroop, WA
Susan, Thank you ,so much..The cover fit perfectly on my amp And now will provide many more years of protection. You are the best
Michael M., Vista, CA
Man (Woman), You don't mess around. Not only did it come today(quicker than I expected), but it fits like a glove. Couldn't fit any better! Thank you ever so much! Your faithful customer.
Ted M., Erie, CO
Susan the clamshell just arrived for my Victoria Silver Sonic and I could not be more impressed with the quality, craftsmanship and feel. Let me also remind you that this is the first cover you have made for the Silver Sonic and it fits perfectly! Kudos to you and Victoria for getting the dimensions spot on!. Thank you for making a quality product to protect my expensive amplifier. It's obvious you want your customers to be 110% satisfied.
Steven S., Mahomet, IL
Tks Susan Slips fit good, pocket very useful, wish I had put 1 on my speaker cab as well. Happy Holidays
Kamran K., FL