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What People Are Saying
The covers arrived yesterday and they work fine. "HAMMER"!! that's a German expression for great!
Roland S., Dortmund, Germany
Bag received, it?s perfect in every way, Thank You!
Bill H., Astoria OR
Just got it today and it's perfect, thanks!
Douglas F., Middletown NJ
You really do fantastic work and have a great company. The How To Measure video & that you confirm each order is excellent. This is my second order. My first cover is still working perfectly. It's durable and keeps my speaker protected nicely.
Elmer J., Bronx, NY
Finally today Belgian customs ?released? the beautiful manufactured amp-cover. Just in time before the winter starts :-).
Hans T., Tongeren, BELGIUM
Good Morning! Rec'd cover last night - Great design and too nice to use - ha! Pocket is wonderfully larger than anticipated.
Chris C., Fairfield CT
The case cover arrived today. And, once again, you have succeeded beyond my expectations. The fit of the case cover is near perfect. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is excellent. I applaud you and your team. I even love the way you folded it for shipment so that your logo was on top! You have me as a customer for as long as you shall be in business and I continue to need high quality instrument case covers.
Warren R., Plano, TX
Just wanted to let you know that my clamshell arrived yesterday. It fits perfect and I am very happy! Thank you much,
Jeremy, W. DesMoines IA
Susan and crew, The order for my five amp and speaker covers came out absolutely perfect. I really appreciate the shop drawing procedure. It?s a great feeling to have all my nice equipment covered and protected. The covers look great and fit like a glove. Thank you for your service!
Brian V., Sacramento CA
I received my slip cover and it fits perfect. Many thanks to all it took to make and ship it to me.
Charles A., Westlake Village CA
The fit and finish are perfect! Thank you so much for making such a great product for making the ordering process so easy with the custom size of my amp! You have a customer for life!
Chris M., Mission Viejo CA
The bag for my harmonium arrived last Friday, literally ten minutes before I was taking it to a gig! It fits perfectly, and is really what I was looking for. Well made, makes the harmonium easier to carry than that bulky, ripped up one I was using. Terrific!...
R. Davis, Boston, MA
My cover arrived today. The fit over my VHT combo is ideal with just enough room to slide on/off easily. The standard pouch holds all of the cables and foot switch easily ?there's enough room for a stomp box or two if I want. I couldn?t be happier.
Mike H., Sunnyvale CA
I just received my Studio Slips custom made cover for my mint condition vintage Roland Cube-60 Chorus. I couldn't be more pleased. At first I was concerned when I called Susan the owner because my model amp was not listed on their extensive list. She patiently walked me through the measuring process. To my surprise it not only fit perfectly, it arrived in New York two weeks earlier than expected. I choose the 3/4 inch padding, which was a wise choice. I own five guitar amps. I will continue using Studio Slips for my equipment and showing off my proud purchase.
Brian B., Ronkonkoma NY
I just picked up the Clamshell Gig Bag for my Fender Head from the post office. What a beautiful product, so well made and easy to use. I am extremely pleased to have found Studio Slips on the Internet. Excellent service and your quick turn-around meant I didn't have too long a wait for delivery.
Doug G., Ontario, Canada
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my Suhr Corso Clamshell Bag yesterday and tried it out ? amazing fit and exceptional quality! Thanks very much and keep up the great work! 🙂
Brian K., Atlanta, GA
Thanks again! Your covers are by far the best I have ever come across.... Your covers are great!
Joseph M., Binghamton, NY
Just received the cover for my Matchless Spitfire. Absolutely perfect; I love it! Thanks a bunch
Michael W., Salt Lake City UT
I just wanted to let you know my covers arrived last night, they fit perfectly, and they look great. You guys do excellent work and I will return if I have a need for more. Thanks again.
Jake P., Venice, CA
I received it today and it's a perfect fit. Thank you very much I appreciate everything!
Russell H., Waverly, IA
Bag arrived and fit's perfect....now it's just a test of time.
Shane H., Australia
I just want to report that the dust cover came out perfect ? thanks!
Finn S. Hedmark Norway
I received the amp cover today. Perfect fit and fantastic materials and quality work as always! Thank you for your work!
Mel B., Taunton, MA
The cover arrived today and it fit perfectly. For the record my stand alone reverb unit is clone from Weber (in case anyone asks you if yours fits a Weber). Also the pocket in the back is perfect for the foot switch and a couple of cords.
Dave K., Richmond, VA
I have just received my order. This was the clamshell bag for my 2x10 Super-Amp combo. I just wanted to say that it fits perfecty and looks to be of very high quality. It should be perfect for my needs. Awesome job!
Billy P
The slip covers arrived today, and both fit snug! They should provide much needed protection to my combo amp and extension cabinet from the other gear in my band's van. Thank you very much!
Tom E., Falls Church, VA
Hi Susan-Just want to let you know that I am very satisfied with my new Studioslip clamshell cover that you recently made for my EBS Proline 4x10 bass cabinet. It fits absolutely perfect and in my opinion, the quality far surpasses similar covers I've encountered. The leather reinforcements on the bottom are a great add-on feature as well. I'm confident this one will last for many years to come....
Jonathan G., Gulf Breeze, FL
Received the bag today?. Awesome! Perfect fit?.
John P., Carbondale PA
I received my Gig Bag today, and it is exactly what I was looking for. It is perfect! Thank you so much. I will be referring everyone I know to you. Thanks again!
Clay D., Tucson, AZ
The clamshell case for my acoustasonic 150 arrived. Very nice quality!! Perfect fit. Color looks great ( brown one ).
David D., Boise ID
Slip arrived....looks good. Fits perfectly. Thanks.
William K., Alexandria, VA
susan...i just wanted to throw out a quick WOW to you before i embark...i'm speechless by the speed at which you turned this case around and got it here! and, of course, it's gorgeous and perfect!!! THANK YOU and your 'crew'...so much...
Dean S., Kingston, NY
Received the cover, it is perfect! Thank you so much, I will be ordering the cabinet cover soon! Thanks again,
Jason R., Duffield, VA
My dust cover has now arrived. It fits my amp perfectly! Thank you so much.
Jean-Marie R.,, FRANCE
I received the clamshell cover today - it fits perfectly. Have a great weekend and thanks for a great product and great service.
Greg L., Calgary, Canada
Just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived today... It fit the Nativity Set nicely, and is currently stored neatly away in our garage (until December!)
Linda H., New Buffalo, MI
I received the covers that you made for my Mesa head and ext. cabinet. Perfect in fit, finish and durability, the only thing better may be a flight case.(10 times heavier I don't thing so). Next time I need any covers the'll be yours.
Jim Hl., Bridgeport WV
I just received my Milkmamn Half and Half cover and I couldn't be more pleased. The looks and the fit are superb and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks so much for such a quality product
Clark D., Lone Jack MO
...my Dr. Z cover arrived in good form, the fit is nothing less than perfect! ...so many thanks for sewing on the "armadillo" patch no one will have anything like it, and that's just my style! Always a pleasure
Jack R., Littleton, CO
My Marshall cover came today, just in time for my gig tomorrow. As usual, it looks awesome and fits nicely. I can put the footswitch and power cord in the front pocket. Very cool... Anyway, thanks again and if I get any more gear, my wife will shoot me. No, I mean I'll be contacting you for more covers (if she doesn't shoot me first!)
Rob B
Received the dust cover. Fits perfect. Thanks!
Michael F., San Francisco, CA
Arrived today. PERFECT fit. Thanks for making me measure again. Very cool case; I like it. One regret: should have gotten the extra padding. Next time...
Steve S., Santa Ana, CA
I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I am really happy with my slip covers. You do great work!
Phil W., Toluca Lake CA
As soon as I read your email I ran to the door. Sure enough, the box had arrived. It fits the Goodsell like a glove. Exactly what I was hoping for. Couldn?t be happier. Thanks Susan! Captain Gary
Gary B., Austin, TX
Received the cover. It's super! I'm sure you knew that you do it all the time. Suzanne & The Blues Church
David B., Long Beach, CA
Thanks for the great amp cover-it is well made, looks sharp, and seems to protect my beloved amp very well!
Sheldon H., CANADA
...I've had my "Clamshell" for my Divided by 13 amp.....and absolutely love it. I think I've had it for a couple of years now, and it's in the same shape as the day I received. No other case compares!
Dave E., Eau Claire, WI
The cover came for the Koch Jupiter amp. It's beautiful and fits like a glove! Your customer service is unparalleled. Thanks again for the personal attention.
Mark M., Cedar Park TX
The cover arrived safely, it' a perfect fit including the length, many thanks.
Neil E., Perth, West Australia
Received my order today. Great job, top notch quality and design.. perfect fit. I'll be showing off your work to other players.
Mike F., Kihei HI