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What People Are Saying
The amp cover arrived today and fit perfectly... thank you for your attention to detail and the pleasure of your correspondence which 'fit' equally as well! Until we do it again...Love & Peace,
Jeffrey M., New York, NY
I wanted to let you know that my cover arrived this past week. It looks great and fits like a glove! Thanks so much for all your help. If more gear comes my way, I'll come back at you, looking for more great covers.
Mike L., Fall River, NS Canada
I just wanted to let you know the cover fits beautifully:)
Lee H., Portland, OR
I got the case, and tried it out on a gig that night. It fits great and looks fantastic. I'll be in touch when I get my new cabinet. Thanks so much for your help!
John S., Cincinnati, OH
I received it today and it's a perfect fit. Thank you very much I appreciate everything!
Russell H., Waverly, IA
Re: Gib bag for my Bass Sitar (Surbahar)...rec'd it, and it fits the surbahar very well.
Ramavarapu S., Champaign, Ill
Got it, it's great. You're better then my wife.....she never listens to me.
Edward S., Wheaton, MD
Just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my amp cover. It's a perfect fit, and trem footswitch, guitar cords and Standback amp stand fit in the padded pocket with no problem at all. Plus, I got it just in time to take to the gig last night -- excellent!
Grover K., Windsor Heights, IA
The Gig Bag for my Lap Steel arrived yesterday. The guitar fits perfectly and the bag is beautiful!! If I know of someone in need of a bag or cover I will surely send them your way. Thank you so much..................
Roy P., Eden Prairie, MN
Another perfect case arrived yesterday ? thanks. I really like your product.
Creston L., Burlington, VT
My new slip cover just came in!!!! Wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow. I have a gig in a couple of hours and thought I was going to have to take my amp again without the cover. Anyway it's here just in time!!!!! Thank you Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James C. H., Weatherford, TX
I recieved the studio slip covers for my Dr Z stuff and they are excellent. Just like a big winter coat for all my equipment. Thats important up here in Canada.
Terry F., CANADA
Cover just arrived - fits like a glove and looks great! Many thanks.
Eric L., Boise, ID
Thought you would like to see the results! Fits perfect!
Charles L., Niagara Falls, NY
It arrived today and, like everything else you have ever sold me, it’s perfect.
Andrew D., Corte Madera, CA
The cover for my Dr.Z is perfect. Thank you for the great work and for being a pleasure to deal with. It is great to see a small American company. I hope you guys are doing well.
Rob D., Cherry Hill, NJ
Thank-you guys for the professional way in which you conduct business. The back-up measure check heightened my confidence in your company, and once the slip cover arrived, I was so happy to see the quality of your product. First class ! I will certainly recommend Studio Slips to others here on the East Coast (listening to waves as I type). I am certain you will continue to grow, and I wish you the best from our Coast to yours
Louis H
Hello from Texas, I recieved the padded slip today and all I can say is WOW! It fit perfect and looks great. Thanks again. Flawless workmanship. I love it. We finally cooled off here in the Panhandle even got a little rain.. Had a couple friends over and they like the slip better than my amp. What else can I say.
Dwight J., Fritch, TX
Susan, I got the covers today and they all three fit perfect. I'll try and sell some more for you.
Bobby P., Corsicana, TX
Received it today and it was a perfect fit thank you again.
Terrence F., Long Beach NY
good news, I've received the bag this week, it fits nicely for my amp 🙂 Thanks a lot for your great service!
Christian A., Blaustein Germany
Got my slip, and I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks- worth the wait!!
Steve from INK
Just to let you know that my clamshell arrived today, it fits fine. Thank you very much.
Keith P., Hayling Island,Hampshire, Great Britain
“My 4th Clamshell case has arrived safely Susan, and looks as beautiful as all the rest – the DrZ logo is stunning! :-)) Cheers
Peter G., Surrey, Great Britain
Got the slips—and they work perfectly.
David K., Austin, TX.
just got the covers for the k array, fit perfect, more to order soon!
Travis B., Freedom Sound CANADA
I received the amp cover, you do fabulous work, thank you!
Michael S., West Chester PA
I just opened up my six new speaker covers and I must be honest; I am not 100% satisfied with my order. I am 500% satisfied. Your workmanship is unbelievable and FAR exceeded my expectations. Wow is all I can say. The fit is absolutely perfect and the materials are superb; these covers will last for many years. Thanks so much for your very apparent commitment to excellence. Ordering on-line from a company you have never dealt with can sometimes feel like a gamble. What an unexpected surprise to have your expectations blown out of the water! I will most definitely tell my friends about you and your company. Not 100% Satisfied,
Tim E., Andover, KS
I just wanted to let you know my covers arrived last night, they fit perfectly, and they look great. You guys do excellent work and I will return if I have a need for more. Thanks again.
Jake P., Venice, CA
Susan, got the bag . . . . looks great. Thanks.
James K. Missouri City, TX
The bag arrived last week and fits beautifully. Many thanks for all your time and expertise.
Ian L., Herefordshire, GB
I received my slip cover and love it!
Josh Z., Howell NJ
Just a word of thanks for the nice work you did on the briefcase gig bag for my Behringer x32 Compact mixer. The bag fits perfectly, and the work-woman-ship is stellar. You also got it out in record time. I didn't expect to be using it barely two weeks after I placed the order.
Bob L., Colorado Springs CO
Susan- Received my Dr Z head cover + my custom cover for my Stonage 2x12. Thanks for making such excellent products. Both head/cab look really cool in the brown covers. I'll definitely pass your info on to others as the best choice for amp covers. Thanks again
Thank you Susan for the eighth Studioslips.com cover that you have sent to me. As usual it fit exact, dead nuts, bingo, right on the money as in perfect. Great quality and heavy duty as expected. Thank you once again Susan for a great job.
Brian C., Waterford CT
My latest Slips addition arrived for my Komet 4x12 tapered cab and BOOM, you nailed it again! As I look around my home studio I'm beginning to think it looks like a showroom for Studio Slips. The turn-around time for this recent order was the quickest ever. Keep up the great work!
Donald S.R., Diamond Bar CA
just got the covers and they fit great. you might get an order from my bass player. thanks for your help.
Vyasa D., Portland, OR
Received my amp cover exactly when it was suppose to be....the quality is impeccable ...thank you very much !
Gerald G., Grand Junction CO
...I've had the padded covers on 2 Headstrongs, 2 Fender Tweed 57 Deluxes, and a clamshell on an extension cab for 4 or 5 years now, despite relentless gigging, everything looks like new!... Great product.
Steve B., Brighton, UK
got my covers today...WOW, you guys are awesome! Perfect fit and great quality, I couldn't be more pleased.
George F., McKinny, TX
The Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight speaker cover arrived today. It is absolutely perfect. The pocket you added is just right. The footswitch and the cables just drop right in. And you were correct - double padding is the way to go. This is my second amp cover from you, and if anything, I am more pleased this time. Thank you so much for your great work.
Jim G., Walnut Creek, CA
Thank-you Susan: the cover has just arrived and it's great. Perfect fit, great looking and the price and service excellent. I will recommend you to anyone who asks where it came from.
Andrew R., Glebe, AUSTRALIA
I received my bags today, and I'm sooooo impressed. I'm an engineer and appreciate attention to detail and quality, and your work is amazing! Both the bag for the amp head and the one for the cabinet fit perfectly! I'm now much more relieved taking my gear in and out of cars & buildings knowing that the little bumps and knocks aren't going to ding my equipment, plus the pockets are super handy and also provide extra outside protection! Thanks again for such fine craftsmanship! The prefect compliment to my gear!
Jim J., Fridley MN
The cover is fantastic ? as always! Thanks!
James F., Papillion, NE
I just received the slips for my Kemper profiler and remote. They are great and will vastly increase my ability to use the equipment! Thank you so much for everything!
Killick H., Athens GA
Just to let you know, It has arrived and fits Perfect as always Take care happy new year
Chris T. Petersborough, U.K.
I got my slip covers two weeks ago and they are perfect in every way. Thanks so much for making such a great quality product. It feels great to have my precious amps protected.
Bruce K., Del Mar, CA
The bag was delivered today and the fit was perfect.
Lars Magnus E., Uppsala, Sweden
I just received your Studio Slips dust covers for my two Schroeder bass cabinets and they fit perfectly! (Not that I expected any different. Thanks to you and your team for a great product (made in the USA) with great customer service!
Jon D., Temperance, MI
got the package yesterday, tried the head and 4x12 slips today and they fit absolutely perfectly. Top notch work as always! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Igor B., Toronto, CANADA