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What People Are Saying
I wanted to let you know I recieved the briefcase cover for my loudbox 100. Fits great. I had four gigs this last weekend and could just throw it over my shoulder and go. " Look ma no hands" Protects the amp and helps my tennis elbow to boot.
Kevyn D., Salt Lake City, UT
I got the covers from the post office today and they are excellent!!
Yoeri F. Belgium
Dear Susan, I received the amp cover late this afternoon after talking to you today, & it's WONDERFUL! It fits absolutely perfectly, & seems like it has great padding for protection. You really did a great job,& we will definitely call you again for other covers in the future & recommend you to friends.
Sharon, American Made Band
Received my subject clamshell cover yesterday and it’s great. Thanks again for the excellent covers. Will be in touch again.
Shawn H., Bedford, TX
I received my Gig Bag today, and it is exactly what I was looking for. It is perfect! Thank you so much. I will be referring everyone I know to you. Thanks again!
Clay D., Tucson, AZ
I received the Quilter Mach 2 Gig Bag today. Fit Perfect. I am amazed at what a professional fitting and quality Bag this is! Absolutely love it!
Larry T., Land O Lakes WI
The covers arrived yesterday & I must say look very smart as well as fit perfectly. Thank you very much for your quick, kind & courteous service and I know just by looking at them that they will protect our equipment for a very long time.
Steve K., Woy Woy, AUSTRALIA
Thanks again! Your covers are by far the best I have ever come across.... Your covers are great!
Joseph M., Binghamton, NY
The bag arrived today. It is simply PERFECT. Super high quality and it fits exactly like I was hoping it would. Thanks again and all the best.
Francesco F - Doha, Qatar
I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting me the covers before last weeks gig! Perfect timing, and the fit-n-finish were fantastic. Your solid pricing and tremendous customer service means that I'll be back at some point! Hopefully sooner rather than later!
John S., Boonton, NJ
The bag arrived, everything is perfect! Thanks again for nailing another one. We dig your standards.
Mike V., Canada
I received this evening the clamshell gig bag. It is wonderful Great job.
Jean-Marc R., Villiers St Frederic, FRANCE
Thank you for your Custom Leo 212/115 cabinet covers. They fit great, I have already passed on info to the store that converted my Mark I from a combo to a head for me. He liked the idea of the Boogie cover being padded. Hope he sends some business your way. After I received the covers, I waited to get my Boogie back just to make sure everything fit, even though I knew they would. I just placed an order for for my Ampeg BA-112. I will keep passing your info along as often as possible. It is a great product.
Tommy H., Woodridge, IL
i finally received your bag. I paid a total of 173,10 €, which is just a few € less than a flight case in best quality costs. So I must say, your products are quite expensive here, after shipping costs and european taxes. But.... but... what a quality!! The bag fits just perfect! It seams to protect my amp very well, even the briefcase looks and feels very sturdy. Thanks a lot for your work! I will recommend your products anywhere without a doubt. You should open a second factory here in europe. You would have no competitors at all, really. Best wishes for the new year, and thanks again,
Luis T., Erlangen, GERMANY
The cover fits perfectly and looks great too!
Keith R., San Diego CA
Just wanted to say I got my briefcase bag for my Silvertone 1472 amplifier and it's perfect, love it. Great quality/price and can't wait to to take out to the next gig. I'll be ordering a cover for another of my old amps soon!
Patrick G., Seattle WA
I forgot to tell you I received my dust cover and it's great! It fits perfectly and looks nice.
Matt G., Traverse City MI
My amp slip arrived yesterday and it's fantastic!! The handle slot is in the perfect spot and the flap over it will work great for keeping my amp clean. Love the front and back pocket as well (and my wife likes the fact that they help keep our living room a little bit less cluttered with books, cords and wires). Outstanding job on this one...
Dale L., Virginia Beach, VA
It looks like I'll get my fourth bag from you tomorrow. I wanted to thank you again for being wonderful. I just liked you on facebook, and started a thread about you on the gear page. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?p=11649327#post11649327
Michael D., Buffalo, NY
Received the bag today and it's pretty much perfect. Great job. Thanks!
Brett B., Solana Beach, CA
Great to meet you today! My cover fits like a glove. Many thanks for such a fine quality product!
Sal M., Petaluma CA
Just to let you know that my order arrived safely yesterday. Brilliant work & fit as usual.
Nik L - UK
I bought a Mesa boogie Mark V 25W which will be sended to a friend of mine who will be in Seattle. He will pick up it and will bring it to me here in Chile. However, it is very important for its transport a gig bag like you make. I was calculating in your page, according my preferences, a nice briefcase style gig bag.
Eduardo M., Seattle WA
Absolutely great fit, better than I expected.
Henry U., Henderson, NV
Superb workmanship and fast turnaround, as always...
Lyndon L., Sherman Oaks, CA
I just wanted to let you know my covers arrived last night, they fit perfectly, and they look great. You guys do excellent work and I will return if I have a need for more. Thanks again.
Jake P., Venice, CA
By the way, I also realized that I never wrote to thank you for the case for my Xits.... the case, as always, fits supremely well.... what a treat it is to get cases from you! They are always perfect.... you are really helping working musicians care for their prized instruments, and I'm really glad I found you....
Michael L., Beacon, NY
Slip cover arrived today 10/20/2011, a perfect fit, thanks for all your help, a great product, and I will be recommending Slip covers to all my fellow musicians.
John H., Tipperary IRLAND
Cover arrived today and it fits like a glove. Very nice product. Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly!
Ryan C., Durham, NC
Just to let you know that my clamshell arrived today, it fits fine. Thank you very much.
Keith P., Hayling Island,Hampshire, Great Britain
I got the bag yesterday, and it fits perfectly! The front pocket has room for the charger and more. Thank you very much for your diligence. It's a great bag, and will serve me well for years to come.
Craig R., Mount Vernon NY
The bags for both the Phil Jones briefcase and Roland streetcube work perfectly, I received them yesterday. You've made my life a lot easier!
David R., Tucson, AZ
You've done it again! FANTASTIC!!!! Studio Slips are at every gig I play. I don't have to worry about my gear anymore. With Studio Slips I truly am covered!!!! Rock On!!!!
James H. Weatherford, TX
Got my soft cases for the Polysix & Split Eight just now. They fit & look great. Thanks again!
KP D., New York, NY
I just received the package, today. It's perfect and looks great! Thank you so much,
Ed M., Sammamish WA
I just received my cover , it is a perfect fit ,Great workmanship ! I will be placing a order very for the matching 1 12 cabinet .
David T., Monroe LA
The cover is great. Thanks!
Raoul R., Redlands CA
AGAIN, I am so happy that I purchased a StudioSlips cover. It fits perfectly and I know that they last and do their job well.
Stan B., Twin Oaks, PA
I got the clamshell gig bag cover for the Victoria 5112 and it fits perfectly. Thanks again.
Orley A
I just wanted to let you know that the slip cover for my Tone King Metropolitan came. It fits great and looks great!
David S., Saint Paul, MN
The amp cover slip is amazing it fits soooo snug. When i first got it I thought wow that aint gonna fit and it fits so well. Fantastic work.
Liam G., Topanga, CA
I got my clamshell bag for my Fishman Loudbox mini yesterday. It fits great, looks really good. The amp has a "swept back" design and I'm sure it's not easy to sew a case for it. Good work, and thanks!
David K., Wichita KS
that is some super fast shipping. Never before have I actually received a shipment from the USA within three days. To the extent that you can help this: thanks! The bag is just perfect.
Matthijs D., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Susan, It Does fit! I am surprised and pleased. Thank You,
Joe L., Anaheim, CA
Received the two slip covers yesterday. They're a "PERFECT" fit! I can't believe how well the cover for my Line 6 Spider combo amp with slanted front fits. You guys are awesome! and you make a 1st class product.
Mark L., Maryville TN
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your product. The quality is outstanding and it fits my keyboard like a glove. Below are pictures of your gig bag compared to another brand's version of a "61 key slim" gig bag. There is just no comparison.
William H., Rockledge FL
The cover you all made for my Simmons DA 200 drum amp fit absolutely perfect. Fit like a glove !! Just sending you a note of "Thanks".
Thomas P., Greensburg, PA
I just wanted to let you know that i just received my clamshell cover. It fits perfectly and the side pockets are perfect! I will send pics in a day or so for your scrapbook. You folks have been an absolute pleasure to work with!
Ira G., Austin TX
Thought you would like to see the results! Fits perfect!
Charles L., Niagara Falls, NY
I just got my two amp covers, and all I can say is WOW. They are way better than I expected. I have a couple other covers, from other vendors, and yours is by far superior! Thanks
Chris H., Hope Valley RI