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What People Are Saying
Hi Susan, I picked up the cover yesterday and am very pleased with the quality work(personship). This thing fits like a glove in every way! My wife was extremely pleased...bonus. Thank you and your staff.
Jim McC., Odessa, ON, CANADA
Thanks so much! The slip cover is perfect and of great quality. Nice job.
James G., The Woodlands, TX
I just wanted to say thanks for a great cover. Perfect easy to use, just what I hoped it would be. It protects my gear and I stuff my bass case in it at the gig. Thanks so much for your good work.
Piro P., Bolinas, CA
Received my Little Walter Twin 50 head clamshell cover and its perfect, especially with the double padding. All my gear now is covered in a rolling advertisement for Studio Slips!
Gary L., San Diego, CA.
Received the carrying case for my Diezel Columbus footswitch. I just wanted to say ?thank you? and tell you what a perfect fit, the quality is beautiful and materials worthy to stand up to gigging during the Minnesota winter (i.e. -47degF). This is the third custom piece now that you made for me....Thanks very much for your professionalism, exceptional quality and attention to detail, and for the warm and timely customer service.
Larz E., Savage MN
I received the cover today. It is just a size. I use it for Redstone Audio RS-8 cabinet. I came to be able to carry it at ease. A big pocket is convenient. Thank you for wonderful cover.
Takaki Y., JAPAN
Wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the clamshell gig bag for my Victoria amp. It fits like a glove, is easy to get on and off (very smart design) and looks great. I've owned and used quite a few different amp covers in my career. I have to say that the clamshell is absolutely the best I've ever had.
Ed D., Burlington, NC
Received the clam shell bag for my Tone King. Absolutely fabulous. Can't beat it. Thanks again.
Terry W., CANADA
Dutch Customs kept the shipment for 8 days (and made me pay 24 dollars) but today the cover for my Markbass Mini CMD 121P finally arrived. I must say I'm impressed. Perfect fit, great quality! Thank you very much
Ed B., Holland
I have received the Amp covers and they all fit snugly. Thank you
Dave M., Crescent Head, AUSTRALIA
This bag looks fantastic and you got it to me very quickly! It looks like it will fit the bill just fine. Just wanted to say thank you!
Abram T., Auburn ME
Just wanted to let you know that the custom case you made for my pedalboard is a perfect fit and beautifully made. Thanks for your fine work. I'll be spreading the word.
Steven K., Carmel, IN
The cover arrived safe and sound today, It's fantastic, I can't praise you enough! superb quality and a perfect fit. I'll be recommending you to anyone that I can!
Gary H
I received all of the clamshells today. They look great! I?m really happy with the way they turned out.
Patrick S., Saginaw TX
Re: Gib bag for my Bass Sitar (Surbahar)...rec'd it, and it fits the surbahar very well.
Ramavarapu S., Champaign, Ill
Just a quick email to say thanks for the Clamshell gigbag and dust covers I ordered recently, they arrived safe 'n sound and are a perfect fit 🙂 Very happy, the quality of your work is impeccable! Incidentally, I work for Pro Audio Supplies in Australia, national distributor for Mesa/Boogie down here. I discovered your company from a very old Dual Rectifier slip cover with your logo on it that I found in our inventory a little while back, how 'bout that! I have recommended your company to some friends (and customers) so I hope you see some orders coming your way from our neck of the woods 🙂 I'll likely be ordering more from you too.
Rowan S., Fyshwick, AUSTRALIA
Thanks for the case Susan - another perfect fit!
Tom P., East Lansing, MI
Hi, just wanted to let you know that the cover is PERFECT! Thanks so much. I'm spreading the word about you.
Stanley E., Pittsburgh, PA
I just received my Studio Slips for three Dr Z amps - KT-45 (head), Maz Jr (head), and ZG-50 (head). The EZG-50 won't be here until next Monday, but the the other two covers fit the KT-45 and Maz Jr. just perfectly.
Trent T., Berkeley, CA
Got my covers today. They are perfect!!! Thanks till next time.
Mike L., Milton, WA
Hi Karen an Susan, just to confirm my covers just arrived and are perfect as usual. Thanks a lot!
Mario T., Catania, Sicilia Italy
I LOVE the cover for my Top Hat club deluxe. It fits PERFECTLY! Thanks again, and I'll be ordering from you again in the future.
Jennifer G
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know I got my cover in the day that you said it would be here & it fits perfect! I'm thinking that I might get another cabinet in the near future & I will positively get another cover from you. Thank you for all your time & trouble. I will be telling all of friends about you.
Jerry M., Whitehouse, TX
Hi, Susan. The cover for my Motion Sound amp arrived today. It looks great, fits perfectly, and seems very well made. The pocket is pure genius. Thanks!
Jamie N., West Layfayette IN
I received my cover for my 1981 Mesa Boogie Mark IIB last night. The fit and quality were outstanding. It was much thicker than I expected (a big plus) and slipped on perfectly the first time. Thank you for producing such a great product.
Roy D., Grand Prarie TX
Susan, beautiful job on the B-3 cover. Fits perfectly. Looks great! Thanks, I know it was a lot of trouble.
John K., Scotts Valley, CA
hey Susan, got the cover today, prefect fit, great job. thanks,
Bill M. Massapequa Park NY
Today, It?s arrived and I?ve tried to fit my amps. It is amazing and just fit on my amps. Thanks and appreciate your great jobs not feel distance.
Toyomitsu Y., JAPAN
Got it today, and had no problem slipping it over and around the monster amp. The fit is amazingly perfect! The coolest part is seeing the handle 2/3 of the way up the amp, and when I pick it up it balances PERFECTLY. Dude, this case is AWESOME! Thank you so much for working so hard to make this JUST RIGHT and for being so great to do business with! I'll definitely be sending other customers your way!
Morgan B., Aledo TX
The cover is great. Thanks!
Raoul R., Redlands CA
These are perfect thanks.
Bruce G., Longmeadow, MA
Just wanted to let you know my cover arrived today and it fits perfect.
Jeffrey P., Plantation, FL
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new Traynor K4 keyboard amp cover. The quality of materials and impeccable workmanship are amazing.
Michael C., Glendale, CA
Good morning; I received the cover. It's perfect . Thanks a lot .
Picco R., Reaumont, France
I received the cover yesterday for my Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet. I just wanted to say that it fits great and I am very impressed with your product. I will definitely recommend Studio Slips to everyone I know.
William W., Chantilly VA
I received the slips for my Fender Blues Jr. and Risen Legacy today. They look great. As I have come to expect of Studio Slips, they fit great. The flap the goes under the amp handle is a very nice touch -- great attention to the little things!! Thanks for the quick turn around.
Rick B., Liberty Township, OH
Just a quick note to thank you for the cover you made for my Epifani amp. Absolutely first rate construction and service. I highly recommend StudioSlips. It was a great experience.
Bill E., Saskatoon, Canada
Susan, got the bag for my pedal board . . . well made and looks terrific. Thanks for your help.
James K. Missouri City, TX
Hi Susan - have now received the padded cover for my Bad Cat Mini amp. It's great - well made and fits beautifully. Pity no-one seems to make such a good product in United Kingdom, so I'll recommend my fellow guitarists to look at your website and have confidence in the high quality of your products.
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cover for my Vox AC50 head today. The two bonded instantly and appear to be made for each other. As Bogey says to Claude Rains at the end of "Casablanca," "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Thanks again for a great product, great service, and great email!
Jere M., Glendale, CA
The slip you folks made for my Victorilux came in today and I must say, you have exceeded my highest expectation! She fits like a glove, perfect taper, perfect all the way around. Thanks so much for the outstanding job.
Steve T., Grapevine TX
I?ve been away all week and I am glad to see that my cover has arrived. It fits perfectly and looks awesome! Just wanted to thank you for the great service and the addition of a pocket which is a huge bonus.
Mike F., Ontario CANADA
Thank you so much for my custom conductor podium case. After putting in hours of work to build and finish this elegant cherry wood podium, it needed protection when it is moved to different venues. The custom case fits perfectly and your recommendation for the handle is a keeper.
Monty A., Evanston IL
Just wanted to drop you a note to say the covers arrived today and I love them! The clamshell design is brilliant and they fit my Fuchs head and cabinet like a glove. Keep up the great work and I'm sure you will see more covers headed towards Detroit as players see these around town.
Brian., St. Clair Shores, MI
Hello. Received my cover today and it fits like a glove. Bet you never heard that one before. Thanks so much. It's perfect.
Kyle C. Moorhead, MN
Got the second clamshell today. Perfect & would have been surprised otherwise. Thank you both for everything to date, all of the clamshells are getting a good workout & had have done their job well.
Barnett C., Sturbridge MA
Hello Susan, I just HAD to write and let you know how extremely happy I am with my amp covers. They arrived today and they are a real class act. They look beautiful and fit absolutely perfect. They go on and off so easily but look like they would stop a bullet. Thank you so much for the great job you did and for the excellent service! Fitting me in just before taking your vacation was very kind. I will most definitely tell my musician friends about your products and services. Your covers are an excellent value and I personally hope that I will be able to do more business with you in the future.
Dan W., Sumas, WA
The amp cover is beautiful - true justice for an awesome amp thanks!
Joel R., Hartford SD
Got my slip covers today .............. They are both perfect! (Korg D-1200 and Space Tone) Thanks so much.
Doug S., Goldendale, WA
The cover was delivered safely. Tried it for fit and it's perfect. Quality of materials and workmanship look great so I'm sure it will hold up well under use. I'm glad I decided to give StudioSlips a try. Will be in touch for a few more covers now that I've seen your work.
Barnett C., Sturbridge, MA