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What People Are Saying
The amp cover I ordered arrived today thanks. Again you delivered great quality and exactly the size I ordered. Thank you!
Don K., Capistrano Beach, CA
My order arrived today (2/24/16) in perfect condition. The cabinet cover fits perfectly and the opening for the handle is in the right spot. I love this padded cover. Secondly the padded case for the amp head is also a great fit. Love the padding and the pocket is also a great size for my accessories. Both will work out wonderfully for my needs. Thanks again for your cordial and professional assistance.
Gerry L., Alden NY
Slip cover with fancy ?Z? logo arrived yesterday. Was promptly fitted onto the Dr. Z remedy head ? snug, delightful.
Les S., Atlantic Beach, FL
The new cover arrived today. It's fabulous! I can't imagine a safer way to get the (Mesa Boogie 2x15) Powerhouse to and from gigs! Thanks for all the extra effort!
Greg B., Tacoma, WA
I received the covers today for my '64 Ampeg and '08 Rivera guitar amps. They fit perfectly and the workmanship is excellent! I have one more amp that is in need of a cover and I'll be ordering it soon. Thank you again for your excellent service.
Steve G., Savannah, MO
I received my Mesa Boogie cover today. All OK, nice job, good looking, good quality, I appreciate your services, thanks a many, 🙂
Pierre-Andr?, Pully, Switzerland
I just got back from Japan - where among other things I got to carry my little Gallien Krueger amp around in the beautiful case you made for it and shipped to my friends house there last year. Thank you so much. It was really quite elegant. well done.
Bert S., Brighton, MA
Holy crap, Susan! The covers came today. Such fast service and I couldn't be happier with the product! Two BIG thumbs up from me.
Paul D., Anchorage AK
I've received the cover. It fits perfectly! It also looks great! Thank you again for you wonderful customer service and the best covers!
Jonny B., Israel
The Gig Bag for my Lap Steel arrived yesterday. The guitar fits perfectly and the bag is beautiful!! If I know of someone in need of a bag or cover I will surely send them your way. Thank you so much..................
Roy P., Eden Prairie, MN
The amp cover has arrived and it fits (Hartke KM-200 Keyboard amp)! Great job, thank you very much.
Hans H., Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Hi Susan! I received the amp head and combo covers today. Thank you so much for such quick production and great service. They look beautiful.
Jennie H., Newberg, OR
Received the cover today for my Fender Blues Junior amp. This is the third amp cover that I've purchased from you folks, and it won't be the last. Everything about your company is spot on, from ordering and customer service to the excellent products that you produce. Kudos, and thanks!
Ken F., Staten Island, NY
fits perfectly! love it!!!
Kevin K., Madison WI
Last night I slipped the cover on the speaker when I got home. The fit is nice and tight. Professional look. Now we'll see how it holds up to constant use! I will recommend your gear to anyone who asks. I'm guessing you must rely on word of mouth alot! I was impressed with the time you took to double check measurements, etc.......good stuff.
Michael L., Garfield Heights, OH
Got it. It's an awesome piece of work. Thanks.
Dean Y., Arlington, VA
I just got my gig bag. It is, of course, perfect. And, the strap is exactly what I had in mind. Rest assured that I will be singing your praises.
Dan E. Marion, OH
The NL-12 cover came today and fits the cabinet perfectly!
Steve K., Long Island City, NY
The slip arrived today and fits perfectly, you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to buying one for my 4x12 flextone cab!!
Derek P
I just wanted to let you know that the clamshell cover for my Bogner Duende is great. Just like I envisioned, it's the perfect solution to protecting my amp but without the extra weight of a flight case. The availability of the optional utility pocket is great, also. Thank you.
David F., Oregon
Susan- really appreciate the quality workmanship, it fits like a glove.
Gary A., Belvedere, CA
I got the cover for my Ultrasound amp last week. It's very well made and it fits even better than expected. BTW, the timing was great. I'd had a few weeks off and it showed up just in time for one the busiest weeks I've had in a while. It's great to see people doing nice work and giving good service. Thanks!
Dean S., Central City, PA
Awesome, awesome cover. I've had different kinds of padded covers and yours is clearly the best.
Jim M., Moundsville, WV
I received my order yesterday. The covers are just perfect! I have another amp that came with a factory made cover and these are much nicer. Just what I needed. I'm very happy!
Michael Z., Long Beach CA
Received the bag today?. Awesome! Perfect fit?.
John P., Carbondale PA
Just wanted to tell you thanks for the clamshell for my little Gretsch Playboy. It fits like a glove and will keep it from harm on all it's travels. Thanks for a great product!
Michael B.
Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Received my cover on Monday, gigged it that evening. I'd been hesitant to shell out $100 for "just a case," but it was an expensive amp, so I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, I'd heard a LOT of great reviews of the covers on the Z forum. I kept hoping to coincide when I had cash for when you ran the sales, but it never seemed to mesh. Finally I just ordered it (it was my Father's Day present). Anyway, when I opened the box and started putting it on the amp, I was a bit nervous - the case seemed slightly too small. But after some slight adjustments, I got it in, and the case fit like glove. More than that, though, was that the case was stunning. I never thought I'd say a case was beautiful, but the sheer quality of it was amazing - the materials, the fit, the finish. My wife, who's a quilter, was really impressed, too, with how good it is. Long story short, I'm blown away. You've got a customer for life. Now I just need to save some scratch together to get cases for my Fender Pro Reverb and Dr Z 2 x 12 cab.
David M., Centennial, CO
The covers arrived today in fine condition. Best of all, they all fit excellently! So your new pattern numbers 8653 and 8654 are accurate and your older number 7100 works just as well. The quality is excellent, too. Thanks for the custom pockets, quick response time, and all around great products. I'll be glad to recommend you to my musician acquaintances and friends, and I'll be back for more as my needs dictate.
Ray F., Bakersfield, CA
sweet! it's so rare to purchase a product that EXCEEDS expectations. Made it easy to write a great testimonial. I hope all is well out there.
Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
Received the cover the other day and wanted to confirm it's a perfect fit, as usual! Thank you for quality work that goes into your covers. I have ordered MANY covers of various styles from you and have never had an issue with any of them. In fact my oldest covers still look new after 10 years of use!
Gary L., Murrieta, CA
Just wanted you to know that I got the bag today and it is AWESOME!!!!! It is just what I've been looking for; not too bulky or heavy, but protects my stuff just fine. I will be letting eveybody I know what a quality product this is and how pleasant you were to deal with.
Mic P
Got it! Looks great and fits like a glove. You do great work!
Thomas B., Olympia, WA
I just received my clamshell gig bag and my dust cover for my JCM 2000 today. It fits perfectly. Thanks for the amazing work.
Andy Medeiros, ON, CANADA
I just received my clamshell gig bag for my combo amp and I am just blown away by the quality of the material and stitching and how well it fits the amp. Thanks for the great work and quick turnaround -- I really appreciate it!
Derek D., Burien WA
Just wanted to let you know I love the case you made for me (for my camera). It's perfect, exactly what I was looking for! May have to order another one just like it only 2" longer- for a different lens setup.... Thanks again- and know that I've recommended you to a lot of people.
Wes J. Mayport, FL
Just received my cover, the third one I've ordered from you. It fits perfectly, the materials and workmanship are first rate, and it looks really good, just like the first two. Obviously I like your products, or I wouldn't come back for more. But more than that, I appreciate your excellent service. You've handled my orders promptly and accurately, and you've fielded my (sometimes dumb) questions with courtesy and grace. Thanks for your help -- I'll definitely recommend you to my friends (both of them).
Marc L., Ukiah, CA
Got my case for my Hammond 200L Pedalboard. Fits perfectly! Great quality, Thanks Susan!
Doug F., Santa Fe, NM
Working with Susan was great. Everything was 100% professional and courteous, and the delivery was spot on the estimated date. I would certainly come back for my next custom case project.
Ed H., Ringwood, NJ
I received the bags today and they fit perfectly! Thank you so much!
Matthew K., Tucker, GA
The covers look great. Tried them on and they fit like a glove. I will be sending you my pedalboard sizes soon or at least as soon as we get it done. Merci Bananas,
Stephen B., Los Angeles, CA
Got the slip for my Blackhole Eggs 100 Combo! Fits perfect! Thanks a lot! I guess I?m going to order some for other stuff soon (-;
Mischa C., Switzerland
It's Saturday the 30th & I just received my speaker covers! They are exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for your help. I do appreciate it.
Tony T., Vallejo CA
I've just received the bag today. It's a very good work you've done , thx ! I'll talk about your products around here .
Jerome A., FRANCE
Arrived today. PERFECT fit. Thanks for making me measure again. Very cool case; I like it. One regret: should have gotten the extra padding. Next time...
Steve S., Santa Ana, CA
Fifteen covers and not a stitch out of place! Even the one for the Mackie (808S) head fit perfectly. My gear is very happy. Thanks again.
Steve G., Newbury Park, CA
The covers arrived yesterday and they work fine. "HAMMER"!! that's a German expression for great!
Roland S., Dortmund, Germany
Received the cover yesterday. It's 100% PERFECT! Thank you so much - very high quality, a lot of attention to detail, not a stitch out of place and the taper of the cover fits the taper of the amp perfectly. I only wish everything I bought was so finely crafted and the product of of such dedication! I'm now thinking that my bass amp needs a cover =)
David Z., Chicago, IL
Looks great! Thanks!
The Studio Slips cover for my Tone King Metropolitan arrived today and it couldn?t be more perfect. Thank you for such amazing quality and craftsmanship.
Stephanie L., Beaverton OR
Received my amp cover today?.P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!
Pete G., Minnetrista MN