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What People Are Saying
Thank you so much for my custom conductor podium case. After putting in hours of work to build and finish this elegant cherry wood podium, it needed protection when it is moved to different venues. The custom case fits perfectly and your recommendation for the handle is a keeper.
Monty A., Evanston IL
...thank you very much for the wonderful case. I'm very pleased with the result and it is a perfect fit, the little flap that goes under the handle is a nice touch! Thank you again, I am genuinely impressed.
Mathew M., Basildon, England
I received my clamshell cover late last week. It fits great! No more wrapping my amp in a moving blanket for me to gigs. 😉
Susan, Just got back from Costs Rica - got the cases - they fit perfectly - thank you - I attached a picture - in case you were curious. Mike
Michael A., Chicago, Illinois
I received a case on Feb 1st,and I just came back from Hawii. The case is perfect fit for my deluxe reverb. This case is great. Thank you very much for everything. I will tell about studio slips to my friends in Japan. Again thank you very much.
Yoshihiro M., Kobe, JAPAN
I received my slip yesterday, fits great! Thank you!!
Joel C., Winnipeg MB
Got the case yesterday- it is perfect! Thanks so much for your help, and getting it to me so promptly!
Chris S., Trussville AL
The cover fits perfectly. Thanks for another nice cover.
Jeff B., Firestone, CO
The Clamshell for my Bogner Duende fit perfectly. Thank you so much for everything. I really, really truly appreciate all that you, Michael, and everyone at Studio slips has done for me, time and time again. Your most loyal customer,
Herb G., Petaluma, CA
Both the clamshell cover for the Landgraff head and the second padded cover for the Clark 2x12 arrived here yesterday. They both fit perfectly and as always, are beautiful work (I especially like the way you do the zippers on the clamshells, by the way, so you don't have to struggle at all with them around the bottom or anything)... Of course, you'll be hearing from me again (unless I'm "cured" of my compulsive acquisition of amplifiers.)
Mark W., Philadelphia, PA
YES! I'M FAMOUS! All kidding aside, I'm glad you used my words as a testimonial. I am happy to (and always do) recommend you to any fellow gigging musician I talk to. I've literally used your covers in rain, sleet, and snow; and my stuff stays protected gig after gig after gig. Studio Slips is the best!
Michael J., O'Fallon, MO
The clamshell arrived today. What a great design, and well made. I love it. It's almost as pretty as my swart. I've had a variety of covers made for my amps, and this clamshell is by far the best. I don't think I'll be ordering anything else in the future. Thanks (especially for the fast delivery).
Sang S., Albuquerque, NM
As usual, everything is amazing. Cover received in time for my tour and it fits perfectly.
Gregg G., Frisco TX
Well, I finally got home to England yesterday after endless problems. And today I tried out the new bag... perfect! Love it! I've attached a few pics for you to see what a great job you did. Many thanks. I'll post a pic or two to the website for other Qv2 users to enjoy.
David L., Amble ENGLAND
I just received my Studio Slips for three Dr Z amps - KT-45 (head), Maz Jr (head), and ZG-50 (head). The EZG-50 won't be here until next Monday, but the the other two covers fit the KT-45 and Maz Jr. just perfectly.
Trent T., Berkeley, CA
I got the package yesterday and it is a perfect fit!!! It looks great. My only regret is that I'll have to remove it to use the amp. Fortunately it's a nice looking amp.
David R., Portland, OR
As always, thank you for your outstanding products. I've bought many covers from multiple manufacturers and I'm happy to say, I've now replaced them all with your product.
E. Scott W., Chapel Hill, NC
I love the covers. They are great. I will order more from you when I collect some more gear. Take care...Musician, father, and believer in Studio Slips covers. - Show quoted text -
Carey W., Soquel, CA
Very cool!! Thanks!! By the way, if you go to the attached site they have the dimensions for the Lindy Fralin combo amp (1x15). Someone took the time to measure everything out. How does this compare to your notes? The amp manufacture told me to go to "coveramp" to get my cover (as I mentioned to you on the phone) but I ultimately found their covers to be unattractive and canceled my order. I was happy to find the Fralin amps were also in your system because I really like Studio Slips the best!!
Robert K. Leonardtown, MD
Received the new dust covers for my homestudio, they are great. Good quality, fit perfectly and look good too. No dust on my keyboard, mixer and floor board anymore. Keep up the good work!
Mike N. Vienna, Austria
Your work is perfect! The dust cover you specially made for my pedal board is spot on in every dimension. Fit and finish is superior. Thanks so much and know I will use your services again and spread the word. Thank you for your awesome-ness!
Terry O'Brien, Snoqualmie, WA
The cover arrived safe and sound today, It's fantastic, I can't praise you enough! superb quality and a perfect fit. I'll be recommending you to anyone that I can!
Gary H
My covers are here safe n sound and I love them, the fit is perfect. You guys did a great job. Here's some pics I took, if you want to use them on your website or whatever, feel free to do so. I also did a little review of your covers on the Fender Frontline Forum with some pics. http://www.fender.com/community/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=59643&p=718871&sid=62d379531d6c17067f78655e3fc71977#p718871
Grant O., Canberra AUSTRALIA
Thanks for making perfect fitting clamshell cases for my 60's Fender and Silvertone amps! I'll be taking these amps on the road over the next few weeks touring with Brett Harris on these upcoming tour dates and they'll make appearances in the house band of a popular weekly Flash Chorus event in Durham NC in the fall (among many other endeavors). I'll be directing friends your way for sure.
Ross G., Durham NC
I just got my dust cover. It fits like a glove and looks fantastic! Thank you so much for everything. I wont hesitate to have you make covers for me in the future. You were wonderful to deal with also. I wish you all the best!
Anthony M., Basehor, KS
Thanks so much for making the bag so quickly. It is very much appreciated. It fits like a glove and looks great. The amp is already in there and ready for my show this evening.
Chris D., Bloomfield, NJ
I wanted to thank you for making THE finest covers I've ever seen! Back in 1994 you made a slip cover for my Boogie. Used it for 10 years on the road and my amo looked brand new. I ordered a clamshell cover for my Alessandro Rotwieller Working Dog amp back in 2003 and that amp still looks brand new after almost 10 years on the road. I cannot recommend your covers enough, especially the clamshell! What an awesome cover! There are not enough words in the English language to adequately describe my satisfaction with your amazing products!
Johnny M., Chula Vista, CA
Got my Clamshell bag for my Oldfield Club 40 amp yesterday and it is a perfect fit. “Fits like a glove”! I am very pleased with your work and I am recommending your company to everyone that may need your services.
Mark M., Spokane, WA
Susan, Karen, and S.S. crew, I just got the covers for my 2 Dr. Z amps & Scumback DB Limiter and (no surprise here) everything fit perfectly. Thanks again! When I buy another nice piece of equipment, you'll be the first to know...
Mark C., Canton, MI
I received the covers today....very nice job, they look great! I haven't tried them on the amp yet but I will be for a gig Sat. Thanks for everything! PS, I bought a Pma Board a few months back and ordered one of your covers with it.....nice fit!
Joe K., Williamson NY
I received my 5 covers today and I am very pleased with them. They all fit well, look attractive and will protect the cabinets from bumps and bruises. I am impressed with the quality of the work and your prompt attention to my order. In addition, I enjoyed working with you in confirming the cabinet dimensions and details of the order. Bottom line -- you and your company are first class and I will do my best to share my experiences with other musicians.
Rick K., Champaign, IL
Got the bag, seems like a great fit! Really appreciate you guys making it so quickly! I'll make sure to recommend you to my musician friends...
Jean B., Redwood City, CA
The clam shell bag arrived today in perfect condition! I tried it on for fit and it fit's perfectly! Thanks for everything, and I will use your service again and recommend you to anyone that asks!
David C., Carson City, NV
Thank you Susan for the eighth Studioslips.com cover that you have sent to me. As usual it fit exact, dead nuts, bingo, right on the money as in perfect. Great quality and heavy duty as expected. Thank you once again Susan for a great job.
Brian C., Waterford CT
Just wanted to thank you for the cover. It?s perfect! Good snug fit. Me so happy!
Scott I., Maple Grove, MN
I received these yesterday and they are magnificent - sturdy, quality feel, fit perfectly, and are beautiful. My oldest amp (1959 Fender Tremolux) is especially grateful for its first good cover! Makes me kick myself that I didn't order covers for my other three amps -- but that will have to wait a little bit 🙁 I'm so happy I ordered these from you -- they're great! (And I especially like the brown).
Brian J., Canada
Got the delivery today and I'm much, much more than just satisfied. Excellent fit on both the clamshell and dustcover...and the clamshell's lighter than I thought it would be. With all the gear that I need for a fly date in that back pocket (cables, foot pedal box, and mini maglite), the full package is still less than 40lbs. Very nice, indeed. I'm really glad I got the double padding and leather bottom strips. The amp just "fits" in there…nice and secure. And, most importantly: both the clamshell and dust cover look very sharp. 😉 Thanks. I'll definitely be back, should the need arise.
Bob P., Brooklyn, NY
I received the bag today & it fits perfect! Thanks for the super-fast service & excellent quality product!
George C., New Castle, DE
I received my covers for Phil Jones Suitcase compact and C4 cab yesterday. An absolutely perfect fit and your suggestion on padding was exactly what I needed. I've been having my covers made by a local canvas company for 40 years and yours are way superior and only a few dollars more. Sure wish I knew about your company a long time ago. Thanks very much for your help and I will recommend Studio Slips to all.
Dan C., North Plainfield NJ
I really like the gig bag you made for my steel guitar. Thanks a lot. It makes life quite a bit easier.
Mike N. Middlesex, NJ
The cover for my Cornford Carrera arrived last week, sorry I've not been it touch sooner, just want to let you know that as always it's superb. Absolute perfect fit. No comparison to the shoddy UK made cover that I managed to get rid of on ebay! Thank you so much. I will recommend Studio Slips to everybody that will listen!
Received the cover today, fits snug and beautifully. I appreciate your help. Thanks again, it’s been raining here so it's wonderful to have a cover.
Stephen T., Woodstock GA
I received the gig bag the other day and I just wanted to thank you again for your dedication to quality and customer service. It’s perfect - what I’ve come to expect from you and your company. I also really appreciate being able to talk directly with you; it’s so much easier sometimes and a rarity these days. Plus I enjoy our conversations!
Joe T., Burbank CA
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I received the cover for the Peavey Classic 30 amp today. I have never ordered anything from overseas before and was therefore a bit apprehensive but as we are unable to buy anything like this in NZ I had no choice. My husband is very very happy with his cover and we are both very impressed with both your service and the quality of the goods supplied, so from both of us thank you very much for your excellent service. My husband is involved with music clubs here so who knows people may start asking him where he got his cover from.
Adrienne B., New Zealand
I received the cover today. It is just a size. I use it for Redstone Audio RS-8 cabinet. I came to be able to carry it at ease. A big pocket is convenient. Thank you for wonderful cover.
Takaki Y., JAPAN
Hi, just wanted to let you know that the cover is PERFECT! Thanks so much. I'm spreading the word about you.
Stanley E., Pittsburgh, PA
I received my slip cover yesterday and it's awesome! Not only that, but it's a perfect fit too! I will display it proudly! Thank you so much for such an excellent product. 😀
Luther G., Spring TX
I recieved the studio slip covers for my Dr Z stuff and they are excellent. Just like a big winter coat for all my equipment. Thats important up here in Canada.
Terry F., CANADA
Just got the cover for the Cali Blonde. It's awesome!!! Thanks so much!
Michael G. Chula Vista, CA
Susan, Another one of your killer covers arrived today. This one is perfect! Fits like a glove. Best one yet. Thanks, I will be ordering one more here shortly.
Aaron B., Redondo Beach, CA