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What People Are Saying
Susan - the cover for my Victoria 50212 arrived this week - wow ! another beautiful job - the color, material, fit, and workwomanship is stunning - thank you so very much - Appeciate you!
Mark W., Lafayette, LA
Perfect fit. Couldn't be better, honestly. I'm very happy. Thanks. Have a Happy New Year!
Robert P., Brooklyn, NY
Hi, got my cover today...Thanks for the super fast turnaround...much appreciated...you guys are the best...Respect...
John F., Lomita, CA
Hey Susan, Got my speaker covers today (QSC K10 Active Loud Speaker)! Perfect fit! Could not be better! THANK YOU!
Hall Bradley V., Centreville VA
Just got it today and it's perfect, thanks!
Douglas F., Middletown NJ
Just to tell you how happy I am with the covers I just received for my Tone King Metropolitan Head+Cab ! Extremely well crafted, and suits perfectly ! You did a great job from the first email to the shipping. Your customer service is mega, thanks to all the team !
Stephane P., France
Cover received. Fits perfectly. Thanks a lot.
Paul R., Ile-de-France, FRANCE
Congratulations on the 300 Guitars spotlight. It is always just a pleasure to know about a super quality product . A person might say, ?Well, this is just a commodity.? However, the pursuit of excellence in any human endeavor is evolutionary. My deciding factor in purchasing my Fender cover from Studio Slips was exactly as you said, the notion that foam would be rigid. And, good to see that YOU and Studio Slips got the recognition!
Dave B., St. Louis, MO
The bag arrived yesterday and I put the Freidman ASM-12 in it this morning. It fits perfectly!!! Quality is second to none. Thank you for making a great product and an alternative to road cases for us weekend warriors.
Tim H., Prairie Du Sac WI
just a quick note to let you know the cover arrived and is a perfect fit.
Michael B., Kaufman, TX
The case works wonderfully and is making my life much easier! Thank you.
John L., Nashville, TX
Fits like a glove. Thanks!
Jonathan A., Greensboro NC
I got the package yesterday and it is a perfect fit!!! It looks great. My only regret is that I'll have to remove it to use the amp. Fortunately it's a nice looking amp.
David R., Portland, OR
got the package yesterday, tried the head and 4x12 slips today and they fit absolutely perfectly. Top notch work as always! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Igor B., Toronto, CANADA
I just opened up my six new speaker covers and I must be honest; I am not 100% satisfied with my order. I am 500% satisfied. Your workmanship is unbelievable and FAR exceeded my expectations. Wow is all I can say. The fit is absolutely perfect and the materials are superb; these covers will last for many years. Thanks so much for your very apparent commitment to excellence. Ordering on-line from a company you have never dealt with can sometimes feel like a gamble. What an unexpected surprise to have your expectations blown out of the water! I will most definitely tell my friends about you and your company. Not 100% Satisfied,
Tim E., Andover, KS
I just want you to know how much I love the cover you made for my new Rittenberry SD-10 pedal steel guitar. It fits perfectly, looks great, and the quality is outstanding!
Gary P., Richardson, TX
The amp cover is beautiful - true justice for an awesome amp thanks!
Joel R., Hartford SD
I just got back from Japan - where among other things I got to carry my little Gallien Krueger amp around in the beautiful case you made for it and shipped to my friends house there last year. Thank you so much. It was really quite elegant. well done.
Bert S., Brighton, MA
Hi Susan and crew at Studio Slips, Thanks for a perfect fitting, well sewn cover! Turn around time was immediate; many thanks for that, too. All the best always,
Bob H., Christoval, TX
received the cover for the CLR, amazing fit and quality. very happy with my purchase
Matt B., Stoney Creek ON
cover is awesome!
Mike R., Wilmette, IL
Just emailing you to let you know that the clamshell cover for the RedPlate BlackVerb got here and fits like a glove, just like my other two covers. Thanks a lot and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
David F., Coos Bay, OR
I just wanted to tell you that all of the covers (4-total) fit great as usual. You can lock those dims into your website as "golden".
Donald S.R., Diamond Bar, CA
I wanted to let you know I recieved the briefcase cover for my loudbox 100. Fits great. I had four gigs this last weekend and could just throw it over my shoulder and go. " Look ma no hands" Protects the amp and helps my tennis elbow to boot.
Kevyn D., Salt Lake City, UT
Received my new Blackstar HT-5 and Vox DA-5 quilted slip covers today. They are a perfect fit, excellent quality and look great! I would have no hesitation recommending them to friends etc.
I received the slip cover yesterday, and it was just as adorable as expected! (I have purchased one earlier from you, so I knew what to expect).
Morten H., Norway
Just wanted to verify with you that I received my amp head cover (for a Mesa Express head). The cover looks great - no surprise! Now all I need is the head itself which is being manufactured. In the meantime I'll stare longingly at the Studio Slip cover and just imagine. Again, it's been a pleasure dealing with you.
Bob E., Ashland, OR
Just a quick heads up to let you know the - Slips for my Route66 head and 2x10" cab arrived today. Perfect fit - thanks a lot. Glad you took the time to give me these instructions below: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz >> It is VERY IMPORTANT that you >> double check these measurements. ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Cheers: Max!
Max W., Sweden
Wanted to get back to you with feedback. Covers look great and fit perfectly. Very pleased with what I received for my hard-earned dollar. Thanks for your help.
Edward W., Edgewater MD
I received the cover yesterday for my Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet. I just wanted to say that it fits great and I am very impressed with your product. I will definitely recommend Studio Slips to everyone I know.
William W., Chantilly VA
Susan, I received my cab cover today. It was beautiful, and my cabinet was so grateful. We had a lot of fun tonight and made many people happy. It DOES take a community, doesn't it. Thanks for pushing this along and for the beautiful work.
Michael F., Canton NY
I got it yesterday. Perfect timing. And that as really nice bag by the way, fits perfectly in the amp. I really appreciate all the attention you got on this order. I will recommend to my friends l. Thank you very much Susan
Euclides N., Las Vegas NV
Thanks again for the gig bag! It fits my A-800PRO perfectly!
Roger B
The cover fits great...nice work...Thanks...John
John F. Lomita, CA
I can't thank you enough for the quick service. I did not expect to receive the covers so quickly. I love the clam shell design, and they truly do "fit like a glove." Thanks for a great product.
Chris T., Sugar Land, TX
I received your amp cover for my Matchless DC-30. I used the cover last weekend going for the jam with my mates in the studio. I am very glad that I order this beautiful amp cover and I will value it for long time. Just wanted to say thank you and I planning to order another cover for my modified Fender Super Champ one day.
Eiichi I., Tokyo, JAPAN
Just got the bag for the Boss RC-300. The fit is absolutely perfect! Once again, a really great piece of workmanship....I love it. THANK YOU!
Steve S., Park City, UT
I just received my new Studio Slips cover for the Roland J C 120 amp. Love it !! You do a fantastic job ! I will contact you later this year regarding a few more covers.
Steve H., Carmichael, CA
I just got the cover yesterday. Perfect fit!! Nice job to you and your team.
The pedal board covers were perfect, just what I was after. Many thanks
Keith G., Philadelphia PA
The cover is perfect! Fits like a glove and looks great. Thanks!!!
Scott H., Placerville CA
Michael N., Bordentown NJ
They are here, and you nailed it!
Jonathan L., Ashton MD
I received the cover today, it looks, feels, and fits perfectly! Thank you so much for all your help and craftsmanship 🙂
Chris C., Union, NJ
My slip cover arrived today and it's perfect as usual!!! I tell every musician I know about your company, so I hope you get a lot of orders from Texas soon.
Don T
...got my latest clamshells yesterday...perfect fit...they both saw active service last night!
David G., Lincolnshire, GB
THANKS A LOT for your helpness your seriousness and kindness!! Be sure that if i have something else to protect i'll econtact you , because your job is perfect. I put each slip on the amp and cab , and let me tell you first---> that it so beautifull like that 😉 and then---> that the measurement was perfect.
Vincent T., Ste Clotilde, REUNION
I received my clamshell for my Carr Viceroy and just wanted to say thank you so much! It fits like a glove and instantly took my worry out of accidentally bumping my $2,800 amp up against something.
Pat M., Ventura, CA
I received the cover last night. Fits perfectly and is beautiful. Thank you so much.
J. Gregg F., Chula Vista
Just thought I'd let you know the cover arrived today and its absolutely brilliant just what I wanted to protect my new amp. Thank you very much for being a great company I will definitely be using you guys again and telling my fellow musicians about you.
Dan L, Sevenoaks, GREAT BRITAIN