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What People Are Saying
just wanted to let you know that the slip cover fits perfect!!! thanks for the attention to detail.
Greg G., San Rafael, CA
As usual, everything is amazing. Cover received in time for my tour and it fits perfectly.
Gregg G., Frisco TX
Package received and it fits perfectly ! Thank you so much for your great product and fast service .
Kilian A., Willagee, AUSTRALIA
AGAIN, I am so happy that I purchased a StudioSlips cover. It fits perfectly and I know that they last and do their job well.
Stan B., Twin Oaks, PA
My amp cover arrived on Thursday and it fits perfectly. Love the Carr patch as well. Thanks again for everything 🙂
Michael P., El Cerrito CA
sweet! it's so rare to purchase a product that EXCEEDS expectations. Made it easy to write a great testimonial. I hope all is well out there.
Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
The Studio Slips Clamshell and dust cover were major selling points and the reason for getting the best price possible when I sold my older Atomics. I had them on Craig's List for only 3 hours before they were sold. The buyer was impressed with the care put into having covers like that and figured the gear was probably well taken care of as well so he had no issue paying the original asking price. One of the easiest sales I've ever had. 🙂
Scotty B. NewRichmond, WI
Hello I got the cover and it is perfect, Thank you
William N., Jefferson City MO
Hi Susan - received the case. Really beautiful. Wonderful job on it. Do you make instrument (guitar) cases? I'm very impressed.
David E., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
I received the amp cover today. It looks great and fits like a glove. Nicely done!
Doug P., Portsmouth, OH
I received the covers for the DAS Avant 15A and I must say, I am VERY IMPRESSED. They could not possibly fit better. Every dimension is absolutely perfect and they fit like a glove -- snug, but not too tight -- just perfect. Thank you so much and I wish you the happiest holiday season ever.
Dan C., Murfreesboro TN
Got it! It’s a thing of beauty! Fits perfect!
Tom E., Dublin, CA
The cover for my Phil Jones Bass (PJB) Briefcase amp arrived today. The fit is perfect! The padding and pocket make this far superior to the cheap dust cover sold by the manufacturer. I should tell them about your product.
Robert H., Las Cruces,NM
I just picked up the Clamshell Gig Bag for my Fender Head from the post office. What a beautiful product, so well made and easy to use. I am extremely pleased to have found Studio Slips on the Internet. Excellent service and your quick turn-around meant I didn't have too long a wait for delivery.
Doug G., Ontario, Canada
I received the cover for my GK 112 MBX last week. I looks great and is a perfect fit. Excellent service and delivery time. I'll definitely recommend Studio Slips to my friends.
John W., Ithaca, NY
Got it, Sue! Fits like a glove as always!
Rick O., Menasha, WI
Paul A., HIGHLAND California
Cover arrived last Wednesday - thanks! In sum: simply STUNNING! A perfect fit for an unusual request.
Charles D., Ludington MI
Just a word of thanks for the nice work you did on the briefcase gig bag for my Behringer x32 Compact mixer. The bag fits perfectly, and the work-woman-ship is stellar. You also got it out in record time. I didn't expect to be using it barely two weeks after I placed the order.
Bob L., Colorado Springs CO
My 3 brown clamshell gig bags with leather strips on the bottom Are GREAT! Thank you for the quality work. The Studio Slips exceeded my expectations in beauty, fit and design, they are like custom sleeping bags for my JD Newell Fender Style amp and speaker cabinets. You should make Studio Slips Jackets so we humans can enjoy wearing such cool looking threads. I really appreciate my purchase.
Tony C., Sausalito, CA
Karen -- cover received and it fits great !! Thanks so much for such outstanding customer service.
Bob B., Rockville, MD
Was on my way out to work and received the cover so of course I stopped and put it on my amp. No words. I could not be happier! What an amazing product and superior support! Thanks again for everything
Donald C., Madison AL
I just wanted to let you know the amp cover and Pedaltrain Nano cover arrived today and they both fit absolutely perfectly! I now own four studio slips covers, and you guys nail it every time!
Timothy S., Mississauga, Canada
I recieved the studio slip covers for my Dr Z stuff and they are excellent. Just like a big winter coat for all my equipment. Thats important up here in Canada.
Terry F., CANADA
Got It!!!!!!! And once again Thank You Ms. Susan it is just perfect.
Johnny R., Belfair, WA
The instrument case cover turned out perfect. And the handle was a terrific recommendation. Thank you.
John P., Toledo OH
Hey Susan! I realized I never had the opportunity last year to thank you for the pedal board bag and the amp cover! They're both wonderful and have held up well during the past couple tours. I love how well they're made, obviously you guys pay close attention to detail!
John S., Los Angeles, CA
I received the bag today and it fits my amp perfectly. Handles are reliable and material is VERY strong. Shape and color are beautiful. I really like this bag!
The covers arrived today in fine condition. Best of all, they all fit excellently! So your new pattern numbers 8653 and 8654 are accurate and your older number 7100 works just as well. The quality is excellent, too. Thanks for the custom pockets, quick response time, and all around great products. I'll be glad to recommend you to my musician acquaintances and friends, and I'll be back for more as my needs dictate.
Ray F., Bakersfield, CA
Hello Susan--I got my studio slip for the jbl eon and it fits like a glove. Thanks a million--I appreciate it very much and love your covers.
Jester J., Texhoma, OK
Received my clamshell gig bag yesterday. I'm really impressed, it fits perfectly and is really high quality. Thanks for everything, and congrats on a job well done!
Kyle D., Arnprior ON
Got the cover today and as expected it's a perfect fit!. Thanks a million keep well and will be in touch in the future.
Turlough M., Galway IRELAND
Many thanks for a fast delivery of an excellent product that fits perfectly on my Mesa Boogie.
Goran H., Skärholmen, Sweden
My Studio Slips cover arrived yesterday it fits perfectly! I love the quality & workmanship of the materials/product… thanks so much. I will be recommending your covers to anyone needing one…
Michael B., Nashville, TN
I just received my black Carr Rambler cover. I love it!!! I also like the Carr logo. Nice touch.
John R., Naples FL
It was delivered yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks the part. Thank you.
Dave N. Helden Netherlands
The dust covers arrived safe and sound, fit perfectly and look great. Thanks again!
Jackson A., Los Angeles, CA
I received my order yesterday. The covers are just perfect! I have another amp that came with a factory made cover and these are much nicer. Just what I needed. I'm very happy!
Michael Z., Long Beach CA
I got the bag yesterday, and it fits perfectly! The front pocket has room for the charger and more. Thank you very much for your diligence. It's a great bag, and will serve me well for years to come.
Craig R., Mount Vernon NY
Thank-you Susan: the cover has just arrived and it's great. Perfect fit, great looking and the price and service excellent. I will recommend you to anyone who asks where it came from.
Andrew R., Glebe, AUSTRALIA
Received the bag today and it's pretty much perfect. Great job. Thanks!
Brett B., Solana Beach, CA
Susan--I received the dust covers today and they are a great fit--I really like them--great product--thanks so much
Jester J., Texhoma, OK
Susan I love the new amp cover you made for my Markbass combo, it fits perfectly. Thanks, Keith Sons of Thunder Band
Ft. Worth, Texas
Thanks for a great slip! The craftsmanship and build quality are top notch and the fit is perfect.
Blaine T., San Francisco CA
Got my case today. Ruching it out was so nice of you. Thanks again perfect fit! saved my 74 vibrolux.
Dru A., Lafayette, Indiana
Thank you very much for your handling & response to my concerns. It looks like 100% Customer Service is alive & well at Studio Slips as usual!!
Robert B., Sumas WA
bags arrived today - thanks a lot ! Fantastic Quality as usual !! Great work !
Armand O., Austria
Thank you for an awesome custom-fitted cover for my precious Soldano! It fits great!!
Marc B., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
It's a perfect fit! Love it ! Thanks again.
Nick K., Frisco, TX
Got the bag today and it was perfect 😊🙏🏻
Eskil E., Norway