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What People Are Saying
Received and it's perfect!
Tim M. New Middletown, OH
I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I received the gig bag today. It's PERFECT! Not only does it look great but it's a perfect fit for my board!
Eric H., West Milford, NJ
Just got the double padded cover for the Kendrick K-Spot 15 amp. I didn't think you guys could do any better than you do, but ya' did!
Peter A., Chicago IL
I just received the amp cover and its perfect !!! Thank you for all your help and for making a great product.
Jeffrey R., Tucson AZ
The Polytone cover arrived last week and is perfect! Thanks again for doing a fantastic job. I will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for custom covers.
Peter T., Arlington, MA
I received the cover you made for my RCF NX12SMA monitor. It fits perfect and looks beautiful. Thanks very much for this fine product.
Ede W., Atlanta, GA
Just a quick note to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know my cover arrived today and the fit is perfect. Couldn’t be more pleased and now I’m thinking I need a clamshell for my other amp!
Chris B., Roslindale MA
I received the cover for my GK 112 MBX last week. I looks great and is a perfect fit. Excellent service and delivery time. I'll definitely recommend Studio Slips to my friends.
John W., Ithaca, NY
I just wanted to let you know I got my case and I am extremely happy with it. It fits better and is more padded and protective than I thought it was going to be. Thank you, your company is really great. A lot of people have commented on my case and I will be giving you guys some recommendations.
Nick D., Brooklyn NY
My covers arrived today, and they are KILLER!! I LOVE the Z on the front :-)) Cheers and thanks
Peter G., Surrey, Great Britain
The slipcover fit perfectly and of course looks great. Will be talking to you again if/when I buy another amp 🙂
Scott B., Toronto, CANADA
Thanks for the custom amp cover. I'm very pleased with it. You do great work.
Mike Z
I just received the Clamshell Gig Bag for my SDG Little Blondie and I am absolutely floored!!! I don't impress easily, but this amp cover is just gorgeous and is the perfect accessory for my cherished amp. The quality is beyond compare and it vastly exceeds any expectations I had. At first glance, you can just tell that this cover is ready for war. I'm glad to see that your company logo is stitched on the front as I look forward to spreading the word and making it known where I purchased such a fab product! Rest assured, I'll be back again, and again. Thanks a million, Studio Slips.
Matt P., London Ontario
I received the gig bag the other day and I just wanted to thank you again for your dedication to quality and customer service. It’s perfect - what I’ve come to expect from you and your company. I also really appreciate being able to talk directly with you; it’s so much easier sometimes and a rarity these days. Plus I enjoy our conversations!
Joe T., Burbank CA
Thanks for the quick shipment! Once again, the cover fits like a glove. I'll highly recommend you to others when a well-made cover is wanted.
Gary L., San Diego, CA
My amp and cab protections are perfected. I am very satisfied.
Jean-Luc B., Seine Maritime, France
my gig bag fits like a glove. Thanks!
Jan L., Germany
These are perfect thanks.
Bruce G., Longmeadow, MA
The latest two amp covers arrived yesterday. They both fit perfectly, are exceptionally well made (as usual) and look great. Thanks again for such excellent service!
Scott B., Bellevue, WA
My clamshell bag just arrived yesterday. I put my LSS right in and it's a perfect fit, and very attractive. I almost wish I had a bag for my bag, as it will live outside the bag most of the time! I'm sure I'll be calling again as I will probably need other bags for other amps.
Chuck M., Knoxville, TN
Thanks again! Your covers are by far the best I have ever come across.... Your covers are great!
Joseph M., Binghamton, NY
Thanks so much! The slip cover is perfect and of great quality. Nice job.
James G., The Woodlands, TX
Man (Woman), You don't mess around. Not only did it come today(quicker than I expected), but it fits like a glove. Couldn't fit any better! Thank you ever so much! Your faithful customer.
Ted M., Erie, CO
Just received cover. Fits great! Thank you once again.
Brandon H. Rossford, OH
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you the Clamshell cover for my Aiken Intruder 50 head & padded slip cover for the THD 2x12 box arrived today & they fit like a glove. Superb workmanship of the highest quality, i am very pleased & you can be sure I will be telling all my friends & will be purchasing from you again. Cheers & thank you very much
Brad, Sydney, Australia
I just received the brown padded slip cover for my Vox AC-30 today. It looks fantastic and fits perfectly.I just placed an order for two more slip covers...
Mike M., Plymouth, MN
I got the bag yesterday morning! Everything's perfect. Thanks for the excellent work!
Bernhard H., Bern, Switzerland
The cover arrived safely, it' a perfect fit including the length, many thanks.
Neil E., Perth, West Australia
Just got the custom clamshell case for my head. It is simply amazing. Beautiful craftsmanship and it fits like a glove. Thank you so much for producing such a high quality soft case simply based on measurements.
Reza R., Midland, MI
I just wanted to let you know that the slip cover for my Tone King Metropolitan came. It fits great and looks great!
David S., Saint Paul, MN
Absolutely great fit, better than I expected.
Henry U., Henderson, NV
Thank-you guys for the professional way in which you conduct business. The back-up measure check heightened my confidence in your company, and once the slip cover arrived, I was so happy to see the quality of your product. First class ! I will certainly recommend Studio Slips to others here on the East Coast (listening to waves as I type). I am certain you will continue to grow, and I wish you the best from our Coast to yours
Louis H
I just wanted to let you know that I got home from a trip the other day and the clamshell gig bag for my Orange Tiny Terror combo amp (with the handle on the side--as we discussed on the phone, you basically made the right/handle side the top of the bag, which makes sense, since I obviously lift and carry the amp by the handle) had arrived. It's a perfect fit, and the quality of the materials and the workmanship are abundantly evident. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Well done and thanks so much!
Rodd Z. Chicago, IL
Yes!!!! Great fit, great job!!! I love it!
James M., Martinez GA
Hi Cole, I have received them and they're great. I couldn't be more pleased with these covers. They're a perfect fit and great workmanship. Thanks to all at Studio Slips. I'll be recommending y'all to everyone. Thanks again
Chet O., Wimberley, TX
Just received my cover. Fits great! It exceeds my expectations, and my expectations were high. This is a perfect compromise between a studio cover and a road case. I'm not touring so $5000 of gear goes into my $1500 car to earn my $50 cut of the door ;-). This is perfect for protecting my amp when loaded into my car with the rest of my guitars, pedal board, etc. After band rehearsal it is nice to be able to keep the still hot tubes from being exposed to the sometimes below zero temps here in frozen tundra land. It's like a sleeping bag for my amp 😉 Also, want to thank you for making these for non-boogie amps. I always loved the covers for my Boogies. When I saw your ties to Boogie I was stoked (I gigged for years with a Lonestar). I will be ordering the same style cover for my Tweed Twin in the future. Keep up the good work.
David K., Menomonee Falls WI
I got the bag yesterday, and it fits perfectly! The front pocket has room for the charger and more. Thank you very much for your diligence. It's a great bag, and will serve me well for years to come.
Craig R., Mount Vernon NY
Just got my studio slip. It fits so perfectly I was afraid for a minute that it wouldn't fit. There's no extra space in there (which is what you want from a case). FITS LIKE A GLOVE. thanks Studio Slips. was a total pleasure ordering from you.
Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
The new clamshell cover is perfect - fits like a glove! And the custom pouches in the pocket function just as envisioned, keeping the pedals out of the cords in the bottom of the pocket……..perfect! Holds all I need to pack off to a gig.
Michael B., Houston TX
I can't thank you enough for the quick service. I did not expect to receive the covers so quickly. I love the clam shell design, and they truly do "fit like a glove." Thanks for a great product.
Chris T., Sugar Land, TX
I received my bags and I really want to thank you because they are just so awesome! The fit and quality is just incredible and all the details are so well-thought-out. This is real craftsmanship!
Gotz F., Freiburg, Germany
I just received my custom amp head clam shell cover. I can not believe how fast you made it & got it to me...amazing ! & like my 1rst order, for a Marshall hand wired 20 watt head,it fits perfectly. I am so glad I found you. I used to order from Tuki, & was very happy with their products. But it was quite a few years & when I was looking for their info to get a cover for my Marshall, I stumbled across your site. The clamshell design was what sold me. It is quite brilliant, a perfect design ! Anyway, enough ass kissing ! You have a loyal customer & I’ll be recommending you to all my musician friends. Again, great job & many thanks !
Steven L., Rochester NY
Very cool!! Thanks!! By the way, if you go to the attached site they have the dimensions for the Lindy Fralin combo amp (1x15). Someone took the time to measure everything out. How does this compare to your notes? The amp manufacture told me to go to "coveramp" to get my cover (as I mentioned to you on the phone) but I ultimately found their covers to be unattractive and canceled my order. I was happy to find the Fralin amps were also in your system because I really like Studio Slips the best!!
Robert K. Leonardtown, MD
Got 'em. Nice work team.
Michael G., Castro Valley CA
Fits like a glove, love it!
Bill A., Alachua, FL.
Received my amp cover exactly when it was suppose to be....the quality is impeccable ...thank you very much !
Gerald G., Grand Junction CO
Just got it today and it's perfect, thanks!
Douglas F., Middletown NJ
Received my slipcover this morning. It fits my little Orange Crush 10 amplifier perfectly & looks great! I'm sure it will help protect it for as long as I own it. Thank you for the great service & the high quality product.
John M
I received the covers today, and they are great! The padded one especially is just fantastic! Thanks for the great product to help protect my great amps.
Charlie J., Pasadena, CA
I just wrote something on Audiofanzine website about my briefcase Gigbag because it's practical and easy to use ! I am very satisfied with my purchase. http://fr.audiofanzine.com/autre-housse-sac/studio-slips/briefcase-gig-bag/avis/r.135194.html
Jean-Loup B., Seine Maritime, France