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What People Are Saying
I received the covers today for my '64 Ampeg and '08 Rivera guitar amps. They fit perfectly and the workmanship is excellent! I have one more amp that is in need of a cover and I'll be ordering it soon. Thank you again for your excellent service.
Steve G., Savannah, MO
Package received and it fits perfectly ! Thank you so much for your great product and fast service .
Kilian A., Willagee, AUSTRALIA
The Gig Bag for my Lap Steel arrived yesterday. The guitar fits perfectly and the bag is beautiful!! If I know of someone in need of a bag or cover I will surely send them your way. Thank you so much..................
Roy P., Eden Prairie, MN
wouldn't you know I walked out to garage last night and it was there...fits great, looks great...now I can afford to haul the amp out with me!...
William K., Alexandria, VA
The clamshell fits like a glove !! Thanks so much for the fast service. My Dr Z is now ready for the Canadian winter !!
Michael L., CANADA