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What People Are Saying
Got the studio slips covers today and they fit perfectly - thanks so much for taking the time and hopefully you now have some accurate measurements for the cabinets! They feel very strong, durable and well made.
Cooke H., Landenberg, PA
The cover arrived yesterday and it fits nicely and perfectly. I am very pleased. Thanks a lot. Greetings from sunny Bonn, Germany.
Hans R., Bonn, GERMANY
"Regardless of the gender of my amps, they ALL wear Studio Slips"....:)
Tom T., Woodstock, GA
I just received the cases for my Traynor TVM50 and MaxiMouse amps today. They all fit perfectly! I really appreciate the time and expertise put into double checking the design to ensure a perfect fit. You can now add these amps to the list of covers that you have made.
Monty A., Evanston IL
Hi I just received my order from you. The covers are perfect, and I couldn't be happier with them. Thanks much for your fine work!
John P., Minneapolis MN