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What People Are Saying
The covers for the Vox AC15 and Marshall Vintage Modern arrived today. They both fit perfectly, as I knew they would from my previous orders. Good work. And the pocket on the Vox AC15 cover is larger than I expected. I can fit a lot more than the footswitch in there. That could come in handy.
Robert R., Denver, CO
I have just received the cover for my peavey data bass amp, fits perfect. Thank you very much.
Jim R., Great Britain
The clam shell is awesome! Fits perfect and great quality!
Jeff F., Ashburn VA
the cover for my collins tweed tone arrived today - a treat, perfect fit, a little work of art... it is nice to have a friend you can count on in this industry
Peter P., Brookline, MA
I received the amp cover today and was very pleasantly surprised! The material was much tougher than I thought it would be from the pictures and the foam was nice and thick, as well. It fit absolutely perfectly and everything lined up where it should. If only you made clothes! Thanks for the great job and my amp thanks you, too...
John H., Hampstead, MD