• Do you make bags and covers for custom sizes?
    Yes, and unless the pattern is complicated and time consuming, we don't even charge extra!
  • How do I measure my equipment?
    We have created a variety of measurement charts that will work with the majority of shapes available. We have also made a detailed video that will show you how to measure your gear.
  • What if my gear has an unusual shape?
    When you're inquiring about an unusually shaped model, it's always helpful if you can give us a link to an online drawing. Very often, manufacturers have drawings in the owner's manual and you can e-mail a link to us. If there is no online link, please send photos so we have an idea of what you've got. We can walk you through which photos we need, and once we have them, you can help us with the dimensions. We can give you a quote based on the dimensions, handle openings and amount of time needed to make your bag or cover.
  • Why do I have to reply to the confirmation letter?
    We do not put your order into production until you reply to the confirmation letter. You would be surprised how often customers order the wrong model, or change their minds, or the dimensions that we have don’t match their cabinet, or they decide that they’d rather have a clamshell than a cover, or… It goes on and on. We send the confirmation letter with the dimensions because we want to cut it out and do it right THE FIRST TIME! It’s very expensive to correct a mistake after the bag or cover is made. Measure twice, cut once. GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! If we don't hear back from you within 3 weeks we may cancel and refund your order, or we may proceed if it’s a common item but cannot be held responsible if the cover or bag does not fit.
  • What if my cover or bag doesn't fit or there's a problem with it?
    Once we receive your order, we email the dimensions that we have for your gear to you so that you can double check them against your actual cabinet. If our dimensions differ from yours, we'll correct our pattern to fit your gear. If we make a mistake on verified dimensions or if there is a problem with the materials or options, we will quickly remake your corrected order and cover all of the shipping costs. If your bag or cover is made to the specs that you verified, but it doesn’t fit, we are not responsible, but we will help you and will remake your bag or cover at cost. The customer pays for shipping costs for these types of remakes or repairs.
  • Should I order single or double padding?
    We get asked this a lot and it’s a difficult question to answer. The padding we use is a polyester fiber fill, similar to what you’d find inside a sleeping bag or quilt. The padding is quilted to a tough but soft nylon lining. The standard padding is about 3/8" thick and the double is closer to 3/4" thick. We make double padded bags and covers for customers because they; 1) are hard on their gear, 2) they want the best protection for their gear, 3) someone else is handling their gear. Single padding works great. Double works better. Double padding has twice the fiber fill that single pad has. It’s not something you can easily see (the double pads aren’t puffy), but you can feel the difference. More fiber is more shock absorbance.
  • Do I need the Leather Strips?
    Leather strips are extra protection on the bottom of the bag usually under the "feet". You may want them if you are sliding your gear in and out of a vehicle, or if you want the best protection we can offer. The fabric that we use (1000 denier nylon Cordura) is extremely tough. Leather strips might not be necessary.
  • Do I need a Web Strap on the bottom for my cover?
    We make our covers to fit snug. We recommend the strap if you lay your gear down on its back and slide it in and out of a vehicle. The strap prevents the cover from riding up. If your gear is always on its feet, you may not need the strap.
  • Can I wash my Studio Slips?
    Our bags and covers are made with 100% man made materials and we recommend machine washing in cold water and hanging to dry. If your bag or cover is too big for the home washing machine, please use a large commercial machine so there is no damage from overload done to your washing machine.
  • Are Studio Slips waterproof?
    The materials we use are waterproof, but we cannot call our covers and bags waterproof because we put tiny needle holes in them when we sew them together. We strive to make the handle openings as tight as possible for the best protection and we depend on you to check handle size for the best fit. Strap type handle openings are made with a flap that fits under the handle for extra protection.
  • Lead time is 1 – 3 weeks, sometimes 4 weeks during high volume times. Why so long?
    Everything is made to order. We do not have "stock" items. The faster you confirm your dimensions, the faster your order will be shipped. We cut batches during the week. First we cut black single pad, then brown single pad, then black doubles and dust covers, then brown doubles and dust covers. A lot of the lead time depends on what we’re cutting when you reply to the confirmation letter.
  • Guarantee
    We guarantee all materials for 5 years of normal wear, but your bag or cover should last much longer than that with normal use and light abuse. Bags and covers are guaranteed to arrive as ordered. If they do not arrive as ordered, we will repair, replace or refund at no cost to you. We use tough, durable fabrics, zippers, hardware and thread and your bag or cover should last for many, many years- possibly longer than you! We will attempt to repair your bag or cover beyond the 5 years at cost with the customer paying shipping costs to and from our shop. Our zippers should handle road use with no problem. If your bag is slammed in the van door, or somehow crushed by force and it won’t glide, this is not considered normal wear and is not covered by our warranty.
  • How do you ship?
    We ship via FedEx or Priority Mail for domestic orders. Foreign orders have the option of Priority Mail or Express Mail or FedEx. Please note on International orders: There may be additional customs duty and/or VAT (Value Added Tax) charges upon receipt of your order. We do not know the requirements of each country. Please contact your Postal Office for information.
  • Do you give dealer discounts or offer OEM?
    Yes!  Please contact us to discuss.
  • How do I begin?

    Look for your model in our List Of Thousands. From here, you can choose different cover or gig bag types and add or remove options to see prices. If you like what you see, you can order online using out secure shopping cart, or give us a call. If you do not wish to enter a credit card online, we appreciate if you still use the online cart and select "Please Phone for Credit Card" as the payment option. This saves us a lot of time that we can spend making your cover or bag instead!

  • If your model is not listed or if you have a custom order

    You can get an estimate by clicking on the Instant Estimate. If you wish to order, please fill out and submit the Measurement Chart to send us your dimensions. If the shape of your model does not resemble one of our measurement charts, please send us photos or a link to a web page with a description of the type of cover or bag you are interested in and we will communicate with you until we are satisfied that we can make you what you want. We will email you to let you know that your model has been added to The List of Thousands so you can order online or you can give us a call to order by phone. Once we receive your order, we always send you a confirmation letter with dimensions to double check to make sure we entered everything correctly. Measure twice – cut once!

  • How do I order?
    We prefer that you order online as it keeps us better organized, but you are welcome to call in your order. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and PayPal. We use Elevon (through Costco) for our secure credit card transactions. Orders paid by check are not started until we receive your check.
What People Are Saying
I received my Studio Slips padded cover for my combo amp today. It fits perfectly and looks like it will protect my amp for a long time. The measurement confirmation is a great idea because some of my measurements were smaller than the given measurements and it would not have fitted as nicely if it was made larger. Thank you for the great cover.
Mike V., Bend OR
It arrived today. Perfect fit! Thanks!
C. Webb, Chicago, IL
Howdy gang I received my clamshell cover for my Gibson ga45 and it fits both ways!! Many thanks
Peter M., Stonington CT
Received the two slip covers yesterday. They're a "PERFECT" fit! I can't believe how well the cover for my Line 6 Spider combo amp with slanted front fits. You guys are awesome! and you make a 1st class product.
Mark L., Maryville TN
The covers fit perfectly and look great. Thanks for the excellent service & product.
Justin B., Auckland, NEW ZEALAND