Our customers love our products! We make custom bags in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of equipment. Check out these photos of custom bags we’ve made for our customers and get inspired to order your own custom Clamshell Gig Bags or Slip Covers!

What People Are Saying
Got it! Looks great and fits like a glove. You do great work!
Thomas B., Olympia, WA
The Clamshell for my Bogner Duende fit perfectly. Thank you so much for everything. I really, really truly appreciate all that you, Michael, and everyone at Studio slips has done for me, time and time again. Your most loyal customer,
Herb G., Petaluma, CA
Arrived on time, and both fit perfectly, as ever. Thanks very much!
Dave P., Houston, TX
It fits perfectly. Thank you!
Jeff B., Firestone, CO
My clamshell bag arrived today. All is well, fits perfect! Thank you so much once again for your really prompt service; one week from ordering it, to receipt in Germany; that must be a new record yes? So nice to have one of your great products protecting my investment.
Mike F., Niedersachsen Germany