What People Are Saying
I received my ClamShell cover for my PRS Sweet 16 1x12 Combo the other day. All I have is one word: "WOW"! The quality and fit are superb. I'm so glad I decided to go with StudioSlips instead of my old "stand-by" (XXXX). I couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship of this beautiful work of art!! Girl, you ROCK!!!!
John D., Batavia, IL
I just wanted to confirm that I've received the package. Both covers fit perfectly their respective amps, and quality is top notch! Thanks again.
Emmanuel G., St Cloud, France
Well done on great website, your database of measurements made Studio Slips the clear winner. Buying this kind of product local (Melbourne Australia) would have been ten times harder, I cant believe how easy this has been.
Aaron S., Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
It's beautiful !!!
Barrett L., Greensburg, PA
Cover (clamshell) is terrific...I really like having protection on the bottom because too often I have to set an amp down on a damp sidewalk or pavement as part of load in/out at a gig.
Michael G., Larchmont, NY