What People Are Saying
thank you, the slip covers look and fit really nice!
Brian R., East Longmeadow MA
Hey Susan! I realized I never had the opportunity last year to thank you for the pedal board bag and the amp cover! They're both wonderful and have held up well during the past couple tours. I love how well they're made, obviously you guys pay close attention to detail!
John S., Los Angeles, CA
Just wanted to thank you for the amp covers. They arrived today, fit perfectly and the workmanship is stunning! Very much appreciated. Will be ordering from you again as soon as I work out what I need covers for.
~Steve M., Naples, FL
I am sure you hear this every day but this cover is perfect! Thanks for building such a quality product. I especially like the pocket you put on the side. (Just wish I had ordered 2 pockets!)
Doug Y. Vancouver, WA
just wanted to say how happy I am with my two slipcovers (double padded in brown). The dimensions for the Bergantino HD212 worked perfectly on my HDN212. I've got an uncovered 2 x 15" cab which is wanting it's own cover now 🙂
Chris H., Monona WI