Measure Exact (within 1/8” or .3 cm). We have our formula that we add to exact dimensions for the perfect fit.

Be sure to study the “Handle Chart of Most Common Handles” to see the best way to measure your handle.

Graphic Illustration of How to Measure Handle
Even if your handle type is not shown, hopefully this chart will help you to understand the best way to measure your handle for the most protection of your cabinet.

The “depth”, “width” and “height” of a handle is determined by the direction it is going in regards to the cabinet. So, if you are measuring the handle in the direction of the depth of the cabinet, we call that the “depth” of the handle, whether the handle is on the top or on the side.

Be sure to include corner protectors when measuring. You can hold a flat object (like a CD case) against the corners to get a straight edge. If your corner protectors stick out more than 1/8” you’ll want to add their distance from the cabinet edge when measuring side or top handle placement.

Why measure the “feet” separately? We don’t include the feet when we make a cover. We do include a portion of the height of the feet for the Clamshell or Briefcase Gig Bags. Please include the “feet” measurements even if you’re ordering a cover. This way they are there if someone else wants a gig bag in the future.

Board dimensions; Mixing Boards: Why not include knobs and sliders on mixing boards? The nature of fabric is to lay over anything within the edge of the frame. Let us know if you have anything that sticks up more than ¾” (2 cm). We will also look at an online photo of your model and determine if we need to add to the dimensions of the frame.

Board dimensions; Pedalboards: Be sure to include the pedals when measuring. You can use a flat object (like a CD case or record) to get your dimensions.

Odd shaped models: Please send us links to photos or manuals. We can usually use a technical drawing found in a manual, but may need your help with handle placement. It’s a good idea to double check that the drawing in the manual matches what you have in regards to measurements and handle type and location.

If there are no technical drawings, we can either walk you through measuring over the phone, or we’ll need you to draw a paper template and either send it to us by mail, or take a photo of it and email it to us.