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What People Are Saying
The cover for my Dr.Z is perfect. Thank you for the great work and for being a pleasure to deal with. It is great to see a small American company. I hope you guys are doing well.
Rob D., Cherry Hill, NJ
Just received my clamshell bag and it is a PERFECT fit. Really nice, too! You made the back pocket the perfect size to fit the footswitch and cables. I am totally impressed with the work...
Karl H., Palmyra, VA
Susan, Got my cover today. It's perfect! Thanks so much for your quality work. You guys rock!
Ernie S., CO
Got them. They look fantastic. They fit like a glove. Thank you for providing a quality product.
Richard W., California City, CA
I received the custom Carvin cover that you made for me the other day. As usual it fit dead nuts, exact, right on the money (I have lost count on how many custom covers that you have made for me in the past) but every one fits perfect. Heavy duty, high quality etc. so I have to draw up another custom cover and send you the dimensions. Thanks again for another great job...
Brian C., Waterford, CT