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What People Are Saying
Hi Susan, I received my Venus3 amp cover yesterday and just wanted to say thanks, both for the beautiful cover and the quick delivery. The fit was perfect and it seems I could hear the amplifier purring contentedly when I tried it on! I guess I can put the oversize bath towel I had been using back into the linen closet. BTW, I found out about your business through Billy Penn's 300 Guitars Web Site. I plan to thank him also for steering me in your direction.
Greg W. Orleans, CA
Cover received and fits perfectly. Thanks
Greg S. Warrenton, VA
Received my covers today...awesome job as usual...they fit perfect...I think I'm up to 12 of your covers now...all still going strong.
John F., Chicago, IL
Great clamshells- if you put all the other cover manufacture's and a sewing machine in a box and rattled them around for 50 years it wouldn't come out this good! Great fit! Thank you-Pics enclosed of custom sized rig.
Dan H., Concord, CA
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the briefcase cover I got for my Dr Z Carmen Ghia Combo. I fits like a glove and is very well made.Your delivery time was exceptional. I?ve already told others about your line of covers and I won?t hesitate to be a return customer.
Dave M., Houston TX