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What People Are Saying
I received my pedal board bag today - GREAT JOB! Fits Perfectly! Very quick turn-around, you will be recommended highly to all my musician friends!!
Jim C., Stevensville MD
Hello, My Tone King Metropolitan slip fits perfect. Just wanted to let you know so that you can rely on those measurements for future orders from customers with the same amp.
Mike M. Tucson, AZ
I picked the covers up last night and both fit perfectly. Thanks!
Kingsley D. Dover, NH
I am so impressed with the quality and workmanship of my previous order that I'm going to cover the rest of my babies. Thanks a lot,
SPAM, Humble, TX
Just wanted to thank you for the amp covers. They arrived today, fit perfectly and the workmanship is stunning! Very much appreciated. Will be ordering from you again as soon as I work out what I need covers for.
~Steve M., Naples, FL