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What People Are Saying
Just ordered another couple of amp covers. Wanted to say I've been using your covers for the last 7/8 years and they are still looking perfect after relentless gigging. And they have protected my amps wonderfully well. My 57 Tweed Deluxe still looks like new! Cheers
Stephen B., United Kingdom
I could not have imagined the case fitting this perfect. You nailed it! Like a glove! And the quality and design far surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much. I feel great taking this on the road now.
Jason S., Asbury Park NJ
Received the cover earlier today, it fits perfectly and looks great!! I'll be ordering again soon for my other amps
Geoffrey G., Yonkers NY
I received the slip cover for my Marshall Bluesbreaker last week. This is the 3rd cover you've made for me, and your workmanship is outstanding. I'm glad Ben Fargen turned me on to your slips, and I'll be ordering more in the near future.
Mike D., Grass Valley, CA
Just received the cover and I wish my gloves fit my hands as well as the cover fits my amp. Another great job. Thanks much!!
Al C., San Francisco CA