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What People Are Saying
Susan; The Cover for the Carvin BRX212 bass amp arrived today! Wow! Fantastic Craftsmanship!! & it fits like a glove! A Perfect Fit!! Thanks alot for the great work and if you ever need a referance on your covers you can count on me!
~Mike W., Lincoln, NE
I just wanted to say thanks for the amp fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks again for your craftsmanship, customer service, and outstanding product!
~Dave P., Imperial Beach, CA
The gig bag for my Moog made it here today and it looks and fits great! WowÖÖ just in the nick of time. Iíve got it packed up and ready to go. Thank you so much for everything. Your products will be highly recommended by me.
~Dennis L., Keizer, OR
I just received my new slip cover today and it fits perfectly! Thanks again for the quality product and the fast shipping!!!!!!!!
~James H. Weatherford, TX
Hi Susan, I picked up the cover yesterday and am very pleased with the quality work(personship). This thing fits like a glove in every way! My wife was extremely pleased...bonus. Thank you and your staff.
~Jim McC., Odessa, ON, CANADA
I just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail that you applied to my custom project. My pedal board fits so perfectly I canít believe it. The heavy duty canvas, double padding and webbed handles are great features, but the quality zipper makes all the difference in the world when packing and un-packing your equipment night after night. Added to that your fair prices and quick turn-around time make your product by far the very best Iíve seen. I WILL be giving you more business in the future. Thank you so very much for a TOP NOTCH case!
~Jim K., Independence, OH
...All of the covers that I have ordered previously (four to date, I think) have fit like gloves..I love the protection and quality of your products.
~Tom T., Woodstock, GA
my gig bag fits like a glove. Thanks!
~Jan L., Germany
Aloha Susan~ I received my bag today. I love it!!!!! The material and workmanship is awesome... I highly recommend you product! Mahalo
~Steven F., somewhere safe!
Got the order. everything looks great.
~Justin T., Huron, OH
The fit is perfect and the quality is out of this world. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
~Dana G., Liberty, NY
Thanks again for rushing out the covers for my Dr Z amps! They got here Friday just in time for my weekend work. The new one is really nice and the strips on the bottoms are really a nice feature! Good idea on that one.
~Dan P
As a working musician who owns many amps and likes to rotate them all on gigs in the New York area, I am steadily acquiring Studio Slips for each one -- they are the only such beautifully designed and perfectly fitting accessories I would trust to protect my valuable boutique amplifiers. The fact that each cover is custom-tailored yet turned around from measurements to finished product in such short order is truly remarkable and makes Studio Slips one of the greatest values in musical equipment ever. -- Jack Roland
~Jack R., Maplewood, NJ
"Regardless of the gender of my amps, they ALL wear Studio Slips"....:)
~Tom T., Woodstock, GA
Great to meet you today! My cover fits like a glove. Many thanks for such a fine quality product!
~Sal M., Petaluma CA
Hi there Susan, Just got the covers in, they all fit great! thanks again for another perfect batch!
~Travis B, Freedom Sound, CANADA
I received my case for my Marshall Bluesbreaker. It's awesome! I am very impressed with the fit and the quality. I know where to go for all things cases now!
~Ned C., Barrington RI
I received my Clamshell Gig Bag today for my Peavey JSX Mini Colossal. It looks and fits perfectly! I look forward to using it this week while teaching. I'll order again soon. Thank you for such fast and helpful service. I'll recommend Studio Slips to my friends and colleagues.
~Roxy D., Olmsted Falls, OH
I received the gong bags today - they look great! thanks so much...
~Taylor K., Brooklyn, NY
The cover arrived a day early much to my surprise and delight. It fits perfectly and is premium quality to be sure. This won?t be the last time I order from you. I had some experience with your competitors in the past and there is simply no comparison, yours is a superior product. I?ll make sure everybody that checks out the Brown Sugar also checks out the cover.
~Ted D
I received my Studio Slips yesterday and they are exceptional, especially the Clam Shell. They are very well made, a great fit, look great and look to have years of use in them. I shall certainly be placing further orders when the need arises.
~Jason P., Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Great Britain
Just received the cover and it fits perfectly. I?m really impressed with the workmanship?it looks great.
~Scott B., Toronto, CANADA
The cover arrived today for my JMP Marshall 2187 and it fits like an Armani suit. Not that Iíd actually know what thatís like as Iím more flannel and Levis, but I know the brandís reputation. Many thanks to you and your staff and Happy Thanksgiving!
~John B., Seattle WA
Just received everything and it all fit perfectly. Super pleased with the quality and working with all of you. I added a topic to Surf Guitar 101, which is where all the surf guitar crowd resides.
~Paul W., Seal Beach CA
The covers came in today. The fit great. The notched backs worked for clearing the plugged in speaker cables. One lies perfectly flat and the other sticks out a little by the power plug. I hope the notches did not add a lot of work. I'd bet there are other amp owners that would entertain some sort of cut out to facilitate hooked up / plugged in equipment.
~Tim H., Wake Forest, NC
Cover arrived and fits beautifully! Now I can relax when I take out this piece of gear! You continue to produce a wonderful product!
~Don C., Raleigh, NC
Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the custom slipcover that I received! God bless! Have a wonderful holiday!
~Ron S., Lititz, PA
Got my amp cover today and its is Awesome. Very well constructed and fits like A Glove. Now I owe you a margarita Thanks again and Iím sure youíll be getting my recommendation to others as well on your product well done
~Mike M., Baldwin Harbor, NY
I received the amp cover today. It's perfection, as usual. No one does it better than you ! You are a stone groooooooove ! I'll be baaaaaaack !!!
~Dennis S., Antelope, CA
This bag looks fantastic and you got it to me very quickly! It looks like it will fit the bill just fine. Just wanted to say thank you!
~Abram T., Auburn ME
Today, Bag arrived. Very nice! Perfect fit! I respect your work.
~Yamada S., Tokyo, JAPAN
I received case today! That's great and cute! Just fitted my AMP. Thank you so much!!
~Hiroki A., Tokyo, Japan
The Cover fits like a glove on both of them and I actually like that the Cover for the 1X12 cabinet is really snug as it won't slide or slip off when I lay it down in the back of my SUV! :-) Thanks for all of your positive and upbeat customer service you shared with me when purchasing my Studio Slips for my head and cabinet!
~Mac B., Tuscaloosa AL
Received both covers today. Perfect fit & quality x2. Fine products.
~Chad W., La Verne, CA
Looks great! Thanks!
Fits like a glove, looks perfect with the other slips I have. Thank you again for your efforts to get things done in a timely fashion. Everyone who sees these slips are "blown away " with the quality.
~Jim M., Odessa, Canada
Got the second clamshell today. Perfect & would have been surprised otherwise. Thank you both for everything to date, all of the clamshells are getting a good workout & had have done their job well.
~Barnett C., Sturbridge MA
Just to let you know the cover is awesome ! THANKS !
~Kurt S., Fair Lawn, NJ
I just picked up the clamshell gig bag from the post office. When I first set the amp in the open bag I thought, 'It's too small!' Then I realized that it was actually snugly perfect. I really couldn't ask for a better fit. Good job.
~Ray H
As is your style Ė the cover is perfect. The shipping glitch is no biggie at all! You already had a customer for life. Have wonderful, peaceful, and blessed Holidays!
~Freeburg, IL
I received my slip yesterday, fits great! Thank you!!
~Joel C., Winnipeg MB
I wanted to let you know I received the custom gig bag you made for my Nord Stage 88 yesterday afternoon. I anxiously opened the box and raced down stairs to see if it was going to fit and 'Yah Babyí,Ö like a glove! Albeit one that isnít so tight it cuts off the circulation. I am very pleased. The pocket holds the music stand as well as a three ring binder of music with ease and the whole thing adds next to nothing to the weight of the piano by itself. I can now easily move the instrument from home to where ever! The end handles are perfectly positioned for two person lifting when/if I have a partner to share the load. Thanks for the great bag and your delightfully personal service. Iíll be telling other keyboard players I know to seek out your company. Why buy a 'one size fits many but none perfectly gig bag' when you can get one that is custom sized just for your instrument. It's no brainer, far as Iím concerned. Itís a bit more expensive but so is a taylor made suit.
~Rick O., Slippery Rock PA
I just wanted to let you know I got my case and I am extremely happy with it. It fits better and is more padded and protective than I thought it was going to be. Thank you, your company is really great. A lot of people have commented on my case and I will be giving you guys some recommendations.
~Nick D., Brooklyn NY
By the way, I also realized that I never wrote to thank you for the case for my Xits.... the case, as always, fits supremely well.... what a treat it is to get cases from you! They are always perfect.... you are really helping working musicians care for their prized instruments, and I'm really glad I found you....
~Michael L., Beacon, NY
Hey Cole, I just got home from my trip (to the Bay Area) and opened my new Studio Slips. They are beautiful and fit perfectly! Thanks so much. I'm now a customer for life.
~David L., San Diego, CA
Just want to thank you for one of the best products I have ever purchased. My Clamshell bag has been flawless; sturdy, quick to unpack and pack and I just love it. I have several road cases that are now likely to sit in storage due to the great convenience your product delivers. Thank you again.
~Grant M.,
I currently own a studio slips cover for my Vintage Sound amp and it is beautiful. I have owned other studio slips covers in the past and have owned Tuki, D2f and others.... The Studio Slips is , by far , the best.
~Tino G.,
Thank you Susan! The Carr logo was a first class touch, and totally unexpected!
~Stuart G., Monroe GA
I just got my amp cover and pedal train case. As always, your work is amazing. Thank you so much!
~David T., Santa Cruz CA
I must tell you how extremely pleased I am with the clamshell amp case I just received from you. Perfect fit, superb seam work, stout zipper, thick black leather runners ó just pure excellence for my Carr Rambler. This is the best custom case work Iíve ever seen. Letís do this again sometime soon!
~Dave M., Nampa, ID