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What People Are Saying
The bag you made for my SR Technologies Jam 150 arrived yesterday. The fit is perfect and it is just what I had in mind! Excellent work! Thank you very much!
~Pete S., Centennial, CO
Just a quick note to tell you I received my covers for my Fuchs today and everything fit like a glove! They exceeded my expectations!! Thanks again for the quality product and the quick turnaround time.
~Tony N., Amarillo, TX
I picked the clamshell cover up today, and I just wanted to thank you for a perfectly fitting and nicely made product. I have to say it was way more expensive than if I had bought a cover here in the UK, but it's a better product, and postal charges, duty and customs charges are definitely beyond your control!
~Michael S., United Kingdom
I received the gig bag the other day and I just wanted to thank you again for your dedication to quality and customer service. It’s perfect - what I’ve come to expect from you and your company. I also really appreciate being able to talk directly with you; it’s so much easier sometimes and a rarity these days. Plus I enjoy our conversations!
~Joe T., Burbank CA
I´ve been on holiday so I just can answer right now. But what can I say - everything´s perfect as always...!
~Ralf O., Raesfeld, Germany
Received the cover today. It fits perfect, looks great, and will definitely protect my beloved amp.
~Alexander B., Richboro PA
I swear I had a 15% impulse to weep whenever I whenever I opened the package. A 500 foot homer – better than I’d envisioned.
~Lusgardo C., Lubbock, TX
It's bin a while ago but I was on a Holliday. I want to thank you for your superior craftsmanship and I'm not overreacting here. The vibebag you made fits like a glove and is well protected to. Even the keyboard X-stand fits in the compartment! And the back-straps for carrying are fine as well.
~Niels J., Dordrecht, HOLLAND
I have the best dressed gear anywhere thanks to the perfect fit and fair price of Studio Slips. Proprietor Susan B. is the best at her craft and always goes the extra mile to ensure a customer smile. I'm about to order very hard-to-find covers for a pair of Tapco 6925 speaker columns. I'm impressed that SS already has the measurements in their data base, so all have to do is order. I'm now in the Austin, Texas area, so my gear gets much more use. But, it never ages thanks to the quality and form fit of Studio Slips. As long as I can hold a guitar and sing a note, my stuff will never see a naked day with Studio Slips. Fred M., Deep in the Heart of Texas
~Fred M., Cedar Park, TX
I'm sorry I forgot to email you earlier that I received the keyboard bag on Sat.! It's very nice and I'm very pleased with it. Mahalo! (thank you) Aloha,
~Roanne K., Hilo, HI
Today, I received Padded Slip Cover that I had ordered. Thank you very much for your prompt deal.
~Katsuoshi, Kobe, Japan
Just received the cover. The cover has exceeded my expectations GREATLY! I will be ordering another Cabinet in a few months and I will definitely order another cover.
~Paul C., Beaumont TX
I received the cover today. It fits perfectly and really couldn’t be any better !
~Bernd W., Germany
The case works wonderfully and is making my life much easier! Thank you.
~John L., Nashville, TX
My slip got here today. Boy howdy, that's a nice piece of work! Like a second skin on that amp... Thanks for such a speedy turnaround. You will be hearing from me again in the near future.
~Mike P., Port Angeles, WA
I got the Pro Reverb slip yesterday-of course, I was getting scared as it seemed so snug-but once I placed everything correctly, like a glove! Thanks so much- I'll definitely be ordering one for my Tweed Deluxe
~John K., Newton, MA
Wow! What classy covers. Truly fantastic and everything fits real well. Totally worth it. Now I have to get more amps and speaker cabs just so I can pamper them with your groovy stuff... A very satisfied customer,
~Jerry M., New York, NY
I got the covers. They are fantastic! I love them. Bogner got me into Tuki covers 20 years ago and I never bothered to venture out. I wished I had ventured out sooner as you are the best! Thank you very much. All the best
~Maestro G., Studio City CA
Hi dear Susan just a short Feedback concern your fantastic Claimshell Bags. I really like them and they are high-level-made, fantastic quality and a very good protection for my "Marshall Baby's"!!!Thanks a lot for your good work and until the next order....
~Mandy O., Steiermark AUSTRIA
I just wanted to let you know that I got home from a trip the other day and the clamshell gig bag for my Orange Tiny Terror combo amp (with the handle on the side--as we discussed on the phone, you basically made the right/handle side the top of the bag, which makes sense, since I obviously lift and carry the amp by the handle) had arrived. It's a perfect fit, and the quality of the materials and the workmanship are abundantly evident. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Well done and thanks so much!
~Rodd Z. Chicago, IL
Got both the covers today. I am amazed, these are fantastic and fit like a glove! You guys do excellent work and I am totally satisfied.
~Ron P., Wheat Ridge, CO
Cover arrived yesterday and fits like a glove. The back pocket is bigger than I envisioned and is gonna work great for "small ball"... Thanks so much.
~Thom W., Salem, OR
Got the cover you guys made for my amp today. It really IS beautiful - way beyond my expectations. Right on! I'll likely be getting back to you guys in the future.
~Adrian K., CANADA
just got my custom amp cover, I was worried about finding something to fit my home built amp, but your clamshell gigbag fits it perfectly!! The workmanship is top-notch, and I couldn't be happier!! Thanks so much for the fast processing of my order, I'll be looking you up again for future covers.
~Kurt S.,
Received the dust cover. Fits perfect. Thanks!
~Michael F., San Francisco, CA
Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Received my cover on Monday, gigged it that evening. I'd been hesitant to shell out $100 for "just a case," but it was an expensive amp, so I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, I'd heard a LOT of great reviews of the covers on the Z forum. I kept hoping to coincide when I had cash for when you ran the sales, but it never seemed to mesh. Finally I just ordered it (it was my Father's Day present). Anyway, when I opened the box and started putting it on the amp, I was a bit nervous - the case seemed slightly too small. But after some slight adjustments, I got it in, and the case fit like glove. More than that, though, was that the case was stunning. I never thought I'd say a case was beautiful, but the sheer quality of it was amazing - the materials, the fit, the finish. My wife, who's a quilter, was really impressed, too, with how good it is. Long story short, I'm blown away. You've got a customer for life. Now I just need to save some scratch together to get cases for my Fender Pro Reverb and Dr Z 2 x 12 cab.
~David M., Centennial, CO
I have just received the cover for my peavey data bass amp, fits perfect. Thank you very much.
~Jim R., Great Britain
Just a quick note to inform you that I received the cover for my Matchless DC-30 today. Well made, perfect fit. Good work.
~Stefanos, Greece
The cover for my Alto Black 15 Sub arrived today. Perfect fit as usual. I will probably be ordering again sometime soon.
~Dan W., Sumas WA
love the cover! thanks Susan…
~David L., Sherman Oaks CA
I received the slip cover for my Loudbox Mini today and just wanted to let you know that it fits perfect!
~Steve O., Pittsburgh, PA
Many thanks for a fast delivery of an excellent product that fits perfectly on my Mesa Boogie.
~Goran H., Skärholmen, Sweden
It's beautiful! And it fits perfectly! Thank you so much.
~b0b L., Cloverdale, CA
The bag fits perfectly, and I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship and protection in a lightweight case. Ideal for my portable organ pedals.
~Michael B., Cape Elizabeth ME
Fantastic! Exactly what I wanted. I'll be ordering all my covers from you guys from now on.
~Daniel C., Nashville TN
They came Monday when I was out sick, so I didn’t get them home until last night. WOW!!! I sure am glad that I ordered these two from you!!! What great work you do! They both fit exactly and are an amazing job of sewing! ... ...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AN EXCELLENT JOB! I could not be more happy with your product!
~Jay C., Bountiful UT
Thanks Susan - another perfect fit!
~Tom P., East Lansing, M
Thank you for your help and attention to detail! The 3 Studio Slips arrived today and all three fit perfectly. :)
~Scott P., Bay Village, OH.
Have recently received my order of a Clamshell bag for my Swart AST mkII head. Just wanted to say that the bag fits perfectly and really looks the business. A quality product. Many thanks. I would definitely recommend your products to anyone looking for stylish soft cover protection for their equipment.
~Stephen P., Great Britain
Karen -- cover received and it fits great !! Thanks so much for such outstanding customer service.
~Bob B., Rockville, MD
so many thanks for the wonderful VHT 212-Cover ! PERFECT SIZE and really suuuuuper work Susan ! All the best for you and until the next order !
~Mandy O., Austria
Thanks for the great customer support. One of the reasons I keep coming back!!
~Robert K. Leonardtown, M
Thanks Susan- I just received it and am totally pleased. You make a great product!
~Skot J., Bryan, TX
The cover for the SWR big Bertha came today and fits like a glove! Excellent workmanship. Couldn’t have hoped for more. Perfect! You Rock!!
~Tommy P., Cedar Rapids IA
Just got the custom clamshell case for my head. It is simply amazing. Beautiful craftsmanship and it fits like a glove. Thank you so much for producing such a high quality soft case simply based on measurements.
~Reza R., Midland, MI
Just wanted to tell you thanks for the awesome covers! I meant to email you earlier just got swallowed up by life. Anyway, not trying to Arnold you but "I'll be back!"
~Paul D., Lookout Mountain, TN
My Marshall cover came today, just in time for my gig tomorrow. As usual, it looks awesome and fits nicely. I can put the footswitch and power cord in the front pocket. Very cool... Anyway, thanks again and if I get any more gear, my wife will shoot me. No, I mean I'll be contacting you for more covers (if she doesn't shoot me first!)
~Rob B
Studio Slips gang... ...just received "bag" for Gallien Krueger RB400 bass head... it's perfect... just what I needed... nice job one and all, once again...!
~Larry A., Ashland OR
The Gig Bag for my Lap Steel arrived yesterday. The guitar fits perfectly and the bag is beautiful!! If I know of someone in need of a bag or cover I will surely send them your way. Thank you so much..................
~Roy P., Eden Prairie, MN
The pedal board covers were perfect, just what I was after. Many thanks
~Keith G., Philadelphia PA