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What People Are Saying
Amazing cover! You guys rock! Thank you! Cheers
~Almer I., Pasadena, CA
Got the cover Monday - very nice! But then, I expected that after learning my Milkman covers were made by you. Thanks, Susan!
~Daniel M., Westlake OH
Just wanted to let you know I received my Studio Slips Maz 8 cover and have been using it regularly. It fits perfectly. It shows NO signs of wear in the 4 months I've been using it. The quality is outstanding.
~Dick C., La Habra CA
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I received the cover for the Peavey Classic 30 amp today. I have never ordered anything from overseas before and was therefore a bit apprehensive but as we are unable to buy anything like this in NZ I had no choice. My husband is very very happy with his cover and we are both very impressed with both your service and the quality of the goods supplied, so from both of us thank you very much for your excellent service. My husband is involved with music clubs here so who knows people may start asking him where he got his cover from.
~Adrienne B., New Zealand
Just thought i'd let you guys know that I received my studio slip, it fits the Moog Taurus 3 perfectly, I've posted photos and your company name to the Moog music forum for anyone else who's interested :)
~Craig G., Inman Valley, Australia
Just got my Vox cover and as usual fits like a glove. I love your product which is why it is my 4th cover. Function,form and good looks you guys are A+++. It's fun dealing with a company that puts quality and customer satisfaction at the top of their list.
~Greg L., Lisle, IL
Susan, I LOVE your amp covers!!! They are by far the best in the business!!! I try to spread the word as much as possible out there on the musician forums!
~Myles S. Beach Park, IL
I received my Clamshell for my Matchless Lightning yesterday. It fits perfectly and is very classy looking. I have two more covers left to order so I will be contacting you soon.
~Chris V., Broussard, LA
Hi Susan! I got my new clamshell cover today for my Mesa Boogie 1/12 Thiele Cab and it looks and fits great! Thanks again for all your help and I'll see if I can drive some business your way. Your work is truly quality all the way!
~Gary B
The new cover arrived today. It's fabulous! I can't imagine a safer way to get the (Mesa Boogie 2x15) Powerhouse to and from gigs! Thanks for all the extra effort!
~Greg B., Tacoma, WA
Fits like a glove - an all-around beautiful experience. Thank you very much for speed-of-light specialized service.
~Paul H. Beverly Hills, CA
The cover for my Alto Black 15 Sub arrived today. Perfect fit as usual. I will probably be ordering again sometime soon.
~Dan W., Sumas WA
Hi Susan, well, who needs express mail anyway! Cover arrived today, probably the fastest delivery yet I have had from the 'States. The cover fits the little Nomad fits like a glove and is excellent quality. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for a superb service. Next time I need an amp or cabinet cover I will come straight to you (if you do not mind!).
~Richard J., Midi Pyrenees FRANCE
Well, I finally got home to England yesterday after endless problems. And today I tried out the new bag... perfect! Love it! I've attached a few pics for you to see what a great job you did. Many thanks. I'll post a pic or two to the website for other Qv2 users to enjoy.
~David L., Amble ENGLAND
I received my pedal board cover yesterday. It fits perfectly. Thanks again for turning it around so quickly.
~Michael P., Oakland, CA
I received the case yesterday and I'm very impressed with the excellent workmanship. It fits like a glove and I'm going to suggest to the folks at EA that they refer any requests for cases and covers to be routed to you. Thanks again for an excellent product!
~Ed G., Roseville, CA
Forgive the latency of my reply, but I wanted to make sure and let you guys know that I received the covers a few weeks back - and couldn't be happier with your product! Superb quality, aesthetically appealing, and durable. Thanks again for your great customer service, and your outstanding merchandise!
~Manny C., Miami, FL
Received the cover today. It fits perfect, looks great, and will definitely protect my beloved amp.
~Alexander B., Richboro PA
Got the cover yesterday. Fits perfectly, like the others I have from you. The "Carr" brand patch is a nice touch too.
~Mike W., Van Alstyne TX
It arrived today. Perfect fit! Thanks!
~C. Webb, Chicago, IL
The cover arrived here today. Perfect fit and top-quality work as always. Thanks a lot.
~Mark W., Philadelphia, PA
I just received my new cover in the mail. It looks and fits....great! Thanks so much for your wonderful product and service. The double padding should do a fine job protecting my beloved hardwood Mesa Boogie Mark II-B from the world's hard knocks.
~Rick T
I wanted to thank you for making THE finest covers I've ever seen! Back in 1994 you made a slip cover for my Boogie. Used it for 10 years on the road and my amo looked brand new. I ordered a clamshell cover for my Alessandro Rotwieller Working Dog amp back in 2003 and that amp still looks brand new after almost 10 years on the road. I cannot recommend your covers enough, especially the clamshell! What an awesome cover! There are not enough words in the English language to adequately describe my satisfaction with your amazing products!
~Johnny M., Chula Vista, CA
Just a quick note to say, thanks for the beautiful cover! Incredibly well made, attractive, and it fits like a glove!!
~Peter B., Folsom CA
I just received the amp cover on Friday. Thank you! It's sooo nice! I'm glad i ordered it from you. It fits perfectly. Aloha,
~Roanne K
Received the cover yesterday. It's 100% PERFECT! Thank you so much - very high quality, a lot of attention to detail, not a stitch out of place and the taper of the cover fits the taper of the amp perfectly. I only wish everything I bought was so finely crafted and the product of of such dedication! I'm now thinking that my bass amp needs a cover =)
~David Z., Chicago, IL
Just got the Reason Grande head briefcase gig bag.... LOVE IT!! I'm getting another one for my Jackson Britain head. This is fantastic!! Be expecting another order in early Feb!
~Eric K., Jackson, MS
Hi Karen an Susan, just to confirm my covers just arrived and are perfect as usual. Thanks a lot!
~Mario T., Catania, Sicilia Italy
Just received the covers yesterday (Alto Elvis 10A). They fit perfectly. Thanks so much for your help. You're the best!!
~Eric H.,
The covers arrived on the weekend. They all fit perfectly and I am very happy. Thanks for doing a great job.
~Simon L., Fitzroy North, AUSTRALIA
I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for my recent order. I thoroughly am impressed with my new studio slips.
~Tim S., Nashville, TN
Fits like a glove, looks perfect with the other slips I have. Thank you again for your efforts to get things done in a timely fashion. Everyone who sees these slips are "blown away " with the quality.
~Jim M., Odessa, Canada
got the cover today and it fit's perfectly. thank you
~Martin G., Cleveland,, OH
My new cover fits PERFECTLY. Nice to meet you yesterday. Thanks so much, you guys are the best.
~Dave S., Tall Toad Music, Petaluma, CA
I got my bag for my speaker cabinet today. It's perfect!!
~Alex M., Astoria, NY
Perfect fit ! Thx so much!
~Jim S., Topanga CA
The slip cover arrived today. Beautiful work and it fits perfectly. Thank you.
~Don K., Capistrano Beach, CA
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new Traynor K4 keyboard amp cover. The quality of materials and impeccable workmanship are amazing.
~Michael C., Glendale, CA
The covers fit PERFECT. Thank you so much for the amazing customer service. I'll be ordering more soon. Truly a great company.
~Stephen M., Kenmore NY
The latest covers arrived today and everything fits perfectly - and just in time too as apparently our 9 month old son finds his dad's old amps irresistible! (wait 'til he finds my old motorcycle in the garage - lookout!) It's been a pleasure to deal you with and thanks for your patience in dealing with my measuring errors, etc. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season, and that you get a nice break from work too!
~Andrew H., CANADA
Cover arrived today and it fits like a glove. Very nice product. Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly!
~Ryan C., Durham, NC
Just a quick note: The slip covers are perfect... Thanks so much for the quality work... We will call again in the future.
~Todd M., New York, NY
This is our 2nd Studio Slip. You guys are 2 for 2. This cover fits like a well tailored suit. Thanks for your patience and superb craftsmanship!
~David B., Longbeach, CA
The covers arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. The Two Rock & the Princeton covers fit like a glove. Thanks for your patience in getting the measurements right and the quick turnaround on my order! Appreciate it very much!
~Mark W
By the way, I also realized that I never wrote to thank you for the case for my Xits.... the case, as always, fits supremely well.... what a treat it is to get cases from you! They are always perfect.... you are really helping working musicians care for their prized instruments, and I'm really glad I found you....
~Michael L., Beacon, NY
I received the cover on Friday and it's absolutely perfect. Thanks,
~Joan B., Kensington, MD
I just received your Studio Slips dust covers for my two Schroeder bass cabinets and they fit perfectly! (Not that I expected any different. Thanks to you and your team for a great product (made in the USA) with great customer service!
~Jon D., Temperance, MI
The slip covers arrived today, and both fit snug! They should provide much needed protection to my combo amp and extension cabinet from the other gear in my band's van. Thank you very much!
~Tom E., Falls Church, VA
Susan....received the amp cover today and it fits perfectly and looks great !! I've got a Mesa Boogie Mark IIB that needs the same style cover, but I'll have to wait a month or two to order that one.....Thanks for the great job...
~Mitch M., Brooksville FL
Just a note to let you know that the 4 Vox Continental organ slip covers arrived & fit perfectly. They look terrific! Thanks so much for your real-time assistance with taking the measurements on these odd angle organ cabinets.
~Dave D., King, N.C.