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What People Are Saying
The slip arrived today.....absolutely PERFECT. I've been purchasing covers from you for about 12 years now, and each one has been better than the one prior. Thank you so's so nice to be able to depend upon someone to deliver a quality product.
~David H., Portland, OR
I just received the cover for my Swart amp Very nice looking, and it fits the amp perfectly I'll spread the word about your great work Thank you so much
~Jean-Do S., Paris, France
Your work is excellent. I received my cover and could not be more pleased with the fit and workmanship. Thank you for such a quality product. Hard to find these days. Hopefully I can send some more business your way.
~Glenn G., Sewell, New Jersey
The amp cover fits like a glove and looks great (Swart Amps ST-6V6se Tweed 1x8 combo). Thank you.
~Mike R., San Lorenzo, CA
I just wanted to let you know that I just got a chance to try the cover on my Boogie and it looks awesome and fits fantastic! The handle opening is perfect! I am very pleased with your work. I will not hesitate to drop your company name when people ask me about this cool cover. I love the zippers! Nice! I hope to do business in the future with you again! Thanks again for your great personal customer service!
~Gary B
Hi Susan! I received the amp head and combo covers today. Thank you so much for such quick production and great service. They look beautiful.
~Jennie H., Newberg, OR
I just received the Studio Slips!! Outstanding!! I have been playing professionally for 40yrs and these by far are the nicest, toughest, covers I have ever seen! The fit is unbelievable. Thank you so much! Your pride in what you do is so very apparent. Have a great day and wonderful holidays! God bless!
~Reggie B., San Jose CA
Just a word of thanks for the new dust cover. It fits perfect, dead nuts, right on the money as usual. You make great covers.
~Brian P. C., Waterford, CT
...It looks and fits great. I could not be more satisfied with the product. Thanks again for the great service as well. I will be sure to spread a good word where I can for you guys.
~Stephen F., Saskatoon, Canada
The clamshell for the Z-28 1x10 combo just got here. Looks great and fits like a glove. Thanks for getting it to me so fast.
~Lonny C., Dallas, TX
I received the Clamshell bag for my Bad Cat Mini Cat today, and it's great. Now I can use the amp outside of my bedroom, without stressing over it getting damaged whilst being moved around. If I spend that much on an amp I want to take care of it. Thanks for the fast international delivery too, I didn't expect to have the bag in under 2 weeks.
~Chris B., Great Britian
One extremely happy customer! Here's a couple pics, they fit perfect! A great addition for Foster Sound Studios. You will have repeat business!!
~Kevin H., Cypress, TX
It figures that the cover would show up the day I e-mail you... IT IS PERFECT!!! Thanks so much. Perfect! I wish I had more amps so I could purchase more covers from you. :)
~David H
Received the bag today…. Awesome! Perfect fit….
~John P., Carbondale PA
Received the cover today. Looks and fits great. Thank you so much for all the help. If I ever need another or a friend is interested in your product I will gladly forward your web address.
~Dave M. Hanover Park, IL
Just a quick note to thank you so much for the cover. It fits my Bludotone head like a glove! You are amazing!
~Frank P., San Jose, CA
Hi Susan, well I got your terrific gigback for my amp this afternoon and may I say wow, great workmanship and it fits like the proverbial glove. I am extremely happy so may I please thank you so much for the quick turnaround, your obvious superior talents and I think I have made a new friend in California, so have your guestroom on standby..LOL
~Steve L., Hamilton, Ont. CANADA
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service that we received from your company. Our slip covers are exactly what we expected. Your company was very responsive and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
~Debbie M., Calif.
My Marshall cover came today, just in time for my gig tomorrow. As usual, it looks awesome and fits nicely. I can put the footswitch and power cord in the front pocket. Very cool... Anyway, thanks again and if I get any more gear, my wife will shoot me. No, I mean I'll be contacting you for more covers (if she doesn't shoot me first!)
~Rob B
WOW...I received my Studio Slip yesterday. Great product! Thank you.... the hard work is much appreciated!
~Albert P., Sierra Vista AZ
Hello Susan, I just HAD to write and let you know how extremely happy I am with my amp covers. They arrived today and they are a real class act. They look beautiful and fit absolutely perfect. They go on and off so easily but look like they would stop a bullet. Thank you so much for the great job you did and for the excellent service! Fitting me in just before taking your vacation was very kind. I will most definitely tell my musician friends about your products and services. Your covers are an excellent value and I personally hope that I will be able to do more business with you in the future.
~Dan W., Sumas, WA
"Regardless of the gender of my amps, they ALL wear Studio Slips"....:)
~Tom T., Woodstock, GA
Covers received today. Awesome quality, both fit like a glove. Hopefully I can find some more reasons to buy more!
~Nate R., Germantown, MD
I received the clamshell cover today - it fits perfectly. Have a great weekend and thanks for a great product and great service.
~Greg L., Calgary, Canada
Alrighty then !!! I got my next set of covers, and like before.....PERFECT !!! Thanks again Susan..I'll be in touch. I've got all kinds of things that need covers !!
~Bob L., Newcastle, WA
I picked the covers up last night and both fit perfectly. Thanks!
~Kingsley D. Dover, NH
Nice job. You guys nailed it.
~Jon C., Berkeley, CA
Thank you very much, very impressed - perfect fit! I am very happy with the cover, the product is much better than I expected. Will recommend you guys to friends and colleagues.
~Geoffrey M., Canberra, AUSTRALIA
I bought a Mesa boogie Mark V 25W which will be sended to a friend of mine who will be in Seattle. He will pick up it and will bring it to me here in Chile. However, it is very important for its transport a gig bag like you make. I was calculating in your page, according my preferences, a nice briefcase style gig bag.
~Eduardo M., Seattle WA
Your company did a wonderful job with my pedalboard case. I will be referring many friends to your expertise.
~Alex S., Parker, CO
received the cover for the CLR, amazing fit and quality. very happy with my purchase
~Matt B., Stoney Creek ON
The Clamshell arrived and as always it's beautiful. Thanks much and I'll be in touch again soon!
~Peter Z., Los Angeles, CA
Just a quick note/update: the two covers I ordered from you are fantastic -- super- sturdy and nice looking! Now I need to upgrade all my other covers! I've been telling my friends about your products, too.
~Dr. Marc Y., CA
This is a beautiful and perfect job, total satisfaction. Thank you !
~Laurent A., France
Received the clamshell cover for my Tremolux head and it fits like a glove. Thanks again for the last minute shipping change and for continuing to make such great stuff!
~Jay B., Port Coquitlam BC Canada
I just got my new Studio Slip for my Ceriatone Overdrive Special amp. WOW !!!!! That is an exceptional cover. I have never seen anything like it before. You make the absolute best quality product out there. I am more than pleased and will recommend you to everyone I know who uses amp covers. Thank you for a great product at a very fair price. I feel like I received an exceptional value.
~Jim M. Middletown, IN
Susan - the cover for my Victoria 50212 arrived this week - wow ! another beautiful job - the color, material, fit, and workwomanship is stunning - thank you so very much - Appeciate you!
~Mark W., Lafayette, LA
Sorry I didn't get to thank you. The cover you made is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Thank-You so much for a beautiful product.
~Robert O., Valley Stream, NY
I just received the three covers you made for me and they're gorgeous. All three fit like a glove and the quality of the fabric and the sewing is far superior to the ones I have received from Fender, Marshall and Vox. It's amazing that you were able to make them for some obscure amps and cabinets I own but you came through for me. As you know dust and dirt are probably the worst things that can get into an amplifier and these covers, especially the Clamshell for the Peavey will protect them for years to come. A huge thank you to you and your staff for providing consumers with a superior and reasonably priced product. Now I know why Mesa-Boogie contracted with you to make their covers.
~Bruce C., Troy, NY
Speaker cover for the PF-112HLF just showed up. It’s Great!
~Kirk A., San Rafael CA
Many thanks! I got it last week but the cabinet didn't arrive till' this week. The cover is perfect. A great fit and looks terrific. Great job! Much obliged.
~Sean T., Henderson, NV
Both clamshell bags ('64 Deluxe Reverb and '62 Deluxe) fit perfectly. Thank you again (I now have four) and always impressed with your superb quality and attention to details !
~Toshiya A., Japan
Got my bag two days ago! It's great!!!!
~Marten S., Sweden
I received my slip yesterday, fits great! Thank you!!
~Joel C., Winnipeg MB
I recieved my Studio Slip cover for my amp yesterday. The cover fits like a glove, and your workmanship is first rate! I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely satisfied, and will soon be ordering two more covers from you for my other amps.
~Steve G
Just a short note to let you know that I have received the dust cover for my amp and it fits perfectly.The quality is first class, and I am really impressed. There are lots of manufacturers on the market these days that do not supply dust covers with their product, e.g. Behringer, ishman,etc.and it a hard job finding suppliers like ourself. Please keep up the good work and many thanks.
My amp arrived safely to my home in Seoul, South Korea yesterday, June 29th! It was a long wait, but I felt much more assured knowing it would be protected by your Clamshell Gig Bag flying from the other side of the world. Needless to say - my amp arrived in perfect condition. Not a scratch, dent, broken tube... Just wanted express my gratitude...
~Kun H.S., Seoul, S. Korea
Thank you for the quick handling of my order. I received the cover to days before needed, and it fitted perfectly!
~Yngve N., Norway
Great fit!!! Thank you so much.
~Mark T. North Andover, MA
Hi Susan! I wanted to let you know how much I love this cover! It fits perfectly. Thank you. Although now this has now opened a whole can of worms. Now I have to get more for my other amps!
~Jeff W., Salinas CA