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What People Are Saying
The bag fits perfectly, and I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship and protection in a lightweight case. Ideal for my portable organ pedals.
~Michael B., Cape Elizabeth ME
Thanx all good perfect fit , great job !
~Colin H., Great Britain
The briefcase gig bag arrived today. It is absolutely perfect! Thank you!!!
~Andrew S., Conklin, NY
I just wanted to say thanks for the amp fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks again for your craftsmanship, customer service, and outstanding product!
~Dave P., Imperial Beach, CA
Got the package today - it's PERFECT!! Fits like a glove.
~Gregg G., Frisco TX
I cannot say enough good things about your products and their quality. It gives me a lot of assurance knowing that my gear is protected off stage. Without being vein, I also appreciate the fact that your covers look great and make my gear look equally as professional packed as it is on stage!.
~Tom L., Dayton, OH
I got the amp covers today and I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and the fit. These are great and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you.
~Kevin A., San Francisco CA
Received it today and it was a perfect fit thank you again.
~Terrence F., Long Beach NY
Just wanted to let you know the cover fits my Mesa Boogie Nomad combo perfectly. I put in an order for my Mesa Boogie DC-5 combo a few minutes. Impressed with the fit and the communication. I will definitely recommend you !!!
~J. Edgar G., San Lorenzo, P.R.
Great surprise with that Milkman Badge on the cover!! Nice cover, too, as always!! I saw one of your covers on Ebay or Reverb with a Milkman badge and wondered where the heck did they get that.........Now I know. A really cool touch, for sure.
~Richard H., Jacksonville IL
Hey Susan! I realized I never had the opportunity last year to thank you for the pedal board bag and the amp cover! They're both wonderful and have held up well during the past couple tours. I love how well they're made, obviously you guys pay close attention to detail!
~John S., Los Angeles, CA
Hi Susan, just got the cover today and I'm very impressed with the quality ! Thanks again!
~Alan K. B., Ellicott City, MD
I received the amp cover today. It was a perfect fit. It is even better that I expected and look forward to ordering a few more down the road for my other amp purchases. Thanks for everything, it is better than the Kangaroo cover I got used on ebay. I could have gotten yours new for the price of the used one.
~Al M
Thank you Susan and staff! Just received the clamshell bag and it's a perfect fit!
~Eric F., Hatboro PA
I received my pedal board bag today - GREAT JOB! Fits Perfectly! Very quick turn-around, you will be recommended highly to all my musician friends!!
~Jim C., Stevensville MD
Great job on the cover guys. This is for my Valvetech "Hayseed" 15,... it fits like a glove! Don't think you've made this particular size before... any way, the measurements I sent you worked just fine!
~Geoff H., Sugarland, TX
I have just received the bag. Everything is perfect – many thanks!
~Stefan M., Zurich, Switzerland
Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Received my cover on Monday, gigged it that evening. I'd been hesitant to shell out $100 for "just a case," but it was an expensive amp, so I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, I'd heard a LOT of great reviews of the covers on the Z forum. I kept hoping to coincide when I had cash for when you ran the sales, but it never seemed to mesh. Finally I just ordered it (it was my Father's Day present). Anyway, when I opened the box and started putting it on the amp, I was a bit nervous - the case seemed slightly too small. But after some slight adjustments, I got it in, and the case fit like glove. More than that, though, was that the case was stunning. I never thought I'd say a case was beautiful, but the sheer quality of it was amazing - the materials, the fit, the finish. My wife, who's a quilter, was really impressed, too, with how good it is. Long story short, I'm blown away. You've got a customer for life. Now I just need to save some scratch together to get cases for my Fender Pro Reverb and Dr Z 2 x 12 cab.
~David M., Centennial, CO
I got it this week. It fits great and looks great. Thanks!
~Daniel F., Sausalito CA
Hello Susan, I just received the cover in the mail. It fits my amp perfectly! Thank you for the expert correspondence and quick turnaround.
~Kevin S., Seattle, WA
Thanks for the quick shipment! Once again, the cover fits like a glove. I'll highly recommend you to others when a well-made cover is wanted.
~Gary L., San Diego, CA
I bought a Mesa boogie Mark V 25W which will be sended to a friend of mine who will be in Seattle. He will pick up it and will bring it to me here in Chile. However, it is very important for its transport a gig bag like you make. I was calculating in your page, according my preferences, a nice briefcase style gig bag.
~Eduardo M., Seattle WA
Thank you I received the covers ... They fit and are great many thanks
~Richard C., Talent OR
I wanted to let you know that my clamshell case arrived earlier this week and despite some of the back and forth, the case fit my Aguilar SL112 perfectly. Also, for your future reference the Aguilar TH500 bass amp head fits in the largest version of the standard front pocket. Thanks to both of you for your help and the great product. I’ll be ordering another clamshell for my guitar amps; no weird orientations or requests I promise. :-)
~Alexander B., Canada
I just received my new cover today. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of your product, fits and looks great and it was shipped to me quickly.I just wanted to say thanks and I will definately refer Studio Slips to others.
~Dan F
Just a quick email to say thanks for the Clamshell gigbag and dust covers I ordered recently, they arrived safe 'n sound and are a perfect fit :) Very happy, the quality of your work is impeccable! Incidentally, I work for Pro Audio Supplies in Australia, national distributor for Mesa/Boogie down here. I discovered your company from a very old Dual Rectifier slip cover with your logo on it that I found in our inventory a little while back, how 'bout that! I have recommended your company to some friends (and customers) so I hope you see some orders coming your way from our neck of the woods :) I'll likely be ordering more from you too.
~Rowan S., Fyshwick, AUSTRALIA
I only wanted to let you know that the four clamshell gig bags and dust covers arrived yesterday. They’re absolutely fantastic, look great and their fit is perfect. I only regret not buying them years ago and I’ll be sure to recommend them to anyone I come across, looking for serious quality covers - thank you so much. :)
~Matthías B., Iceland
Got the new dust cover yesterday. Fits perfectly. Thanks again!
~Michael F., San Francisco, CA
Got the cover. Just what I was hoping for. PERFECT. Thanks again.
~Michael D., Greenwich NY
FYI, i had a full waterbottle of ice tea empty into the front pocket of my slip cover while at a gig, with my brand new Swart amp inside...not only did the padding and material in the pocket protect my amp from ANY water damage, i stuck a towel in there and everything was soaked up and dry in minutes. You saved my amp!!!
~Ross D., Wilton, CT
My cover just showed up! Great fit, great workmanship (workwomanship?), looks wonderful. I'm very pleased; thanks.
~Scott G
As a gigging musician in NYC working almost every night in a different place, lugging around gear can be a bit of a challenge. Studio Slips bags are not only light-weight and well padded, but each one I have was custom ordered to fit specific measurements and they're all perfect! I'm still using the same first bag I ordered 6 years ago and it's in amazing shape! You guys are the best!
~Mitch F., Woodside NY
Alrighty then !!! I got my next set of covers, and like before.....PERFECT !!! Thanks again Susan..I'll be in touch. I've got all kinds of things that need covers !!
~Bob L., Newcastle, WA
The amp cover is beautiful - true justice for an awesome amp thanks!
~Joel R., Hartford SD
I received my canvas gig bag. It's perfect! Thank you so much!
~Brian W., Indianapolis IN
Hi Susan and crew at Studio Slips, Thanks for a perfect fitting, well sewn cover! Turn around time was immediate; many thanks for that, too. All the best always,
~Bob H., Christoval, TX
Got the cover you guys made for my amp today. It really IS beautiful - way beyond my expectations. Right on! I'll likely be getting back to you guys in the future.
~Adrian K., CANADA
Got 'em. Nice work team.
~Michael G., Castro Valley CA
I received the clamshell bag today and it is absolutely wonderful and perfect in every way. Thank you so much!
~Pete S., Delavan WI
Hey Susan, Got my speaker covers today (QSC K10 Active Loud Speaker)! Perfect fit! Could not be better! THANK YOU!
~Hall Bradley V., Centreville VA
Hello from Nashville... The slips are holding up great. We have been on the road for about 3 weeks. We have been to Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and of course here in Tennessee. I have not had a single problem. What an outstanding product and a great American Company. We are going to be entering the studio to record a full length CD. When it is done I will send you one.
~Johnny B
To whom it may concern: The covers arrived and fit perfectly. Thank you very much
~Bob T., El Cajon CA
The gig bags arrived yesterday, and I am very happy with how they turned out. The design is excellent and the construction is top notch! Looking forward to protecting more of my gear with your great products.
~Brandon G., East Aurora NY
Just a quick note to say my order arrived today and both covers fit very well. Thanks!
~Jeff H., Boyertown, PA
I have received the package with the padded slip cover you sent. I must say that it is very high quality and fits beautifully my Dr Z. KT-45. I would like to thank you for your outstanding service and a superb product!
~Johny B., Haifa, ISRAEL.
The cover you made for my vintage Gibson amp is perfect. The fit is exact and the look is better than expected. Thanks so much for a great job. Attached are a couple photos of the amp and cover. Thanks for a great job.
~Scott B
Hey just got the slip over and everything looks AWESOME! I've had other covers but these are the best! Fantastic service and an amazing product!
~DC B., Brentwood TN
Received my cover the other day, & it fits perfectly (as I knew it would). Thanks again, excellent product & service!
~Dainis K., Salem, MA
Both clamshell bags ('64 Deluxe Reverb and '62 Deluxe) fit perfectly. Thank you again (I now have four) and always impressed with your superb quality and attention to details !
~Toshiya A., Japan
Awesome, awesome cover. I've had different kinds of padded covers and yours is clearly the best.
~Jim M., Moundsville, WV