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What People Are Saying
My cover arrived today, and I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work! It looks great and fits like a glove. Have a great weekend!
~Bill S., St. Petersburg, FL.
Jim & Susan, I performed the first gravity test of my VVT Fralin Model 2 - it rolled off the hand truck as I made a turn going up a ramp. It landed on the control knobs and completed a flip, ending up face down. I took it into the gig, looked it over and found not a scratch (great cover from Studio Slips), fired it up and it works fine - thanks to you and Susan!
~David G., Chesapeake Beach, MD
Well, I had intended to write to you sooner after receiving my clamshell bag for my Bruno Special 22 shortly before Christmas, but life intervened, and work demands, etc. ate my time before now. I have to say that before I received the bag, I was a little skeptical in ordering, as the Studio Slips bag was substantially more expensive than the Tuki and D2F bags I’ve ordered in the past, and both of the other manufacturers delivered good quality, serviceable products. After opening the box and putting my amp in the Studio Slips bag, all I can say is “Wow”! There really is a tangible difference in both quality and utility between the Studio Slips bag and the competitors. The others had lower prices, but are not as good of a value in the final analysis. The Studio Slips bag, from the fit, quality of stitching, and extra protection afforded by the clamshell design, is clearly a step above the competition. The pockets on the outside and the leather strips on the bottom are additional enhancements in regards to utility and durability. I’ll definitely be ordering again from you in the future when I need the best bag/cover available. Thanks again for delivering such a great product!
~Raymond G., Houston TX
Just wanted to let you know I received my Studio Slips Maz 8 cover and have been using it regularly. It fits perfectly. It shows NO signs of wear in the 4 months I've been using it. The quality is outstanding.
~Dick C., La Habra CA
The custom cover you made for my Smith Audio (odd shaped cabinet) is a welcome addition. Due to the position of the handles, it is now quite easy to load and unload. I also like the way you did the zippers. As I expected, leaving the majority of the choices up to you worked out best. GREAT JOB, EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION, VERY GOOD PRICING
~Bill H., Wantagh, NY
I received my covers for the Peavey 218 cabinets yesterday. They look nice and all fit great. Nice job. Thank you,
~Jeff B., Columbus Ohio
Just wanted to let you know I received the amp cover for my Swart. The quality is outstanding and it fits like a glove. I'm very happy with it! It was a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again!
~Bruce C., CA
Got my Clamshells! Absolutely LOVE them!
~Adolfo R. San Jose, CA
Susan, The slip is perfect! Very well done. Now I am saving up to order another slip from you for my Fender "Twin amp".
~Skyler S., Brooklyn NY
I just wanted to let you know that my studio slips are “in da house”. They’re a perfect fit, look great and I know they’re going to last. Thanks so much for a great transaction!
~Alan A., Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Received my covers today...awesome job as usual...they fit perfect...I think I'm up to 12 of your covers now...all still going strong.
~John F., Chicago, IL
Just received mt Clamshell and it is perfect. Fit, finish, function, absolutely perfect. It's being put to the test as we speak!
~Clay C., Venice CA
Nice job looks great!
~Kent S., Surprise AZ
Just received my latest combo cover. Again you have done a superb job! After One Gig Bag, Six Combo Covers (Different Models), and Two Speaker Cab Covers. Each one has been expertly crafted of excellent materials, and fit each piece impeccably! Thank you so much for your great work!
~Mark G., Spokane WA
Just wanted to say THANKS!!! for the sweet cover that fits oh so perfectly on my Ted 'O Connell special amp. Not only is it perfect, but DAMN you're fast!!!! And as soon as everyone sees this little badboy they're all going to be calling you ;-). I also dropped your name to Alan Rosen the Manager of Bananas at Large in San Rafael ( I teach there on occasion ). I look forward to doing business with you again and spreading 'the gospel' of your great craftsmanship (or craftswomanship shall we say). Take care =)
~Erik S., Sunnyvale, CA
As you know, it's been a brutal winter especially here in the Midwest. Had a gig in Wisconsin this past Sunday, so I drove up from Chicago worried about what was predicted; 12-18" of snow! Well, as it turned out what happened weather-wise instead was just horrible sleeting rain/snow and it was a mess and I started getting nervous about taking out my groovy little red leather Boogie Maverick. Got to my Mom's where I'd left my amp, and lo and behold; your studio slips cover had arrived and truly saved the day! Much better even than I'd hoped for, nice, tight fit and great padded covering- how perfect for the Perfect Storm? Anyway, it was such a nice surprise and I am so pleased.
~Frank F., Chicago, IL
I just received my new cover in the mail. It looks and fits....great! Thanks so much for your wonderful product and service. The double padding should do a fine job protecting my beloved hardwood Mesa Boogie Mark II-B from the world's hard knocks.
~Rick T
My clamshell bag just arrived yesterday. I put my LSS right in and it's a perfect fit, and very attractive. I almost wish I had a bag for my bag, as it will live outside the bag most of the time! I'm sure I'll be calling again as I will probably need other bags for other amps.
~Chuck M., Knoxville, TN
The latest covers arrived today and everything fits perfectly - and just in time too as apparently our 9 month old son finds his dad's old amps irresistible! (wait 'til he finds my old motorcycle in the garage - lookout!) It's been a pleasure to deal you with and thanks for your patience in dealing with my measuring errors, etc. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season, and that you get a nice break from work too!
~Andrew H., CANADA
Got my studio slip case for my Peavey Custom shop 212 cabinet today. Took it out of the box and put it on cabinet...and, as always, it fit like a glove!!! I cannot express my thanks and my appreciation for the quality job you do with your product. You are always my first suggestion to any on my musician friends who are looking for a slip for their equipment.
~John D. Carthage, M
I just wanted to let you know, the slip cover arrived today and it fits perfectly. Very quality product, I'm quite pleased. Thank you so much.
~Jason L., Newville PA
The clam shell is awesome! Fits perfect and great quality!
~Jeff F., Ashburn VA
Susan... wanted to let you know the amp covers arrived and look great and fit perfectly, despite my incompetent measuring. Am very pleased with the product and service, as always.
~John Z., Maplewood, NJ
To all, Just received my order and I have to write and tell you how wonderfully pleased I am with your work. The covers fit PERFECTLY! The pockets are on the front as I requested and are huge! I wanted them to store the power cords for each unit, as well as 2 xlr cables to connect the subs to the mains. Plenty of extra room if needed. Very nice workmanship, and they look amazing! Keep these measurements for future use for other Bose customers, because they are right on!. Thanks to all, great value for the product. Would easily recommend you to anyone looking for custom covers for their gear. Thanks!
~George K., Houston, TX
Received my slip cover today for my Bugera V% and it fits perfectly! I am both pleased and impressed with the quality. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that will help protect my amp on the buses and subways of Boston when I go to practice and gigs.
~Dan P., Watertown, MA
Just wanted to say that I got my padded slip covers for my Jackson head & cabinet – and they fit great! Thanks for a super product.
~Greg F., Sunnyvale, TX
My cover arrived today. It's great! High quality to say the least. I'm very impressed. It won't be my last.
~Doug L. New Hartford, NY
Just a quick note to thank you so much for the cover. It fits my Bludotone head like a glove! You are amazing!
~Frank P., San Jose, CA
Wow Susan! These cases are really great... you did it again. My wife was just laughing at me... "it's funny the things you get excited about," she said. But looking at my amp and cab in your perfect cases, how could I not be excited?
~Michael L., Staten Island, NY
I received and I'm already using the slip for my Mesa cabinet. I'm really happy with the product...Thank you very much.
~Babis T., Eleusis, GREECE
I received my Studio Slip today, for my TC Electronic G System. It fits like a glove. Great quality too. Thank you from Ashley (Adelaide, South Australia). No more heavy road case required. I will be ordering more Studio Slips for my 65amps Lil' Elvis soon.
~Ashley B., Australia
Just to let you know my covers arrived safely on Friday. I am really pleased with them, they fit perfectly and look great. The Bogner gear is quite expensive, so it makes sense to have the best covers possible to protect them and yours are certainly the best. Very many thanks for all your help.
~Alan H., CATERHAM Great Britian
nice still love it, great investment!
~Matt B., Canada
Dear Susan, I received the amp cover late this afternoon after talking to you today, & it's WONDERFUL! It fits absolutely perfectly, & seems like it has great padding for protection. You really did a great job,& we will definitely call you again for other covers in the future & recommend you to friends.
~Sharon, American Made Band
i receive my cover yesterday. many's perfect. great job !
~Nicolas F., France
Just wanted to let you know that the 3 covers fit perfectly. Thanks once again for working with my drawings, the handle holes are spot on!
~Justin M., Australia
Just a line to thank-you for my clamshell cover which arrived today, I'm delighted with it and can now carry my combo from the spare bedroom to the car without fear of scraping walls. I'm very surprised by how light the cover is and thanks again for the custom leatherette corners...Its been a pleasure to do business with you.
Just wanted to send a pic, ( sorry I'm not very good with a camera), say how much I LOVE my Studio Slip covers for my Mission Gemini Gear.
~Jonathan M., Alexandria, VA
I just received my amplifier cover today. You did a GREAT job! The fit and finish are just perfect. It is very professionally crafted. Thank you for a job well done.
~Gary G., Northville MI
I got the studio slips carrying case for the Matrix NL12 and it fits perfectly. Thank so much!!!
~Robert D., Gilbert AZ
Just wanted to let you all know my cover arrived today and, as always, it fits like a glove. Actually it fits like a speaker cab cover, which is even better. Thanks for another great Studio Slip.
~Hoby E., Poestenkill NY
thanks for getting me my cover so fast... it's perfect like the other 12 I've bought over the years... you're the best in the business... Much respect...
~John F., Lomita, CA
The dimensions are perfect. I'm a return customer who is very happy with the products that I've received from you.
~Gary K. Playa del Rey, CA
Got the case, love it! Its perfect.
~James C., Greenville, SC
The fit is perfect as usual.
~Bruce R. NY
sweet! it's so rare to purchase a product that EXCEEDS expectations. Made it easy to write a great testimonial. I hope all is well out there.
~Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
Just received cover. Fits great! Thank you once again.
~Brandon H. Rossford, OH
As usual, everything is amazing. Cover received in time for my tour and it fits perfectly.
~Gregg G., Frisco TX
I wanted to let you and the rest of the team know that I absolutely love the cover for my amp. It fits perfectly. It protects and looks great. Everyone who sees it loves it.
~Craig F., El Granada, CA
I received the Studio Slips for the London and the 2x12 Cab today, the only thing that looks better than the amps in those covers, is the amps out of those covers (what can I say? They're 65 Amps). They fit perfectly and I am totally pleased. Thank you again for your good services.
~Matthew G., Woodinville, WA