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What People Are Saying
It arrived today. Perfect fit! Thanks!
~C. Webb, Chicago, IL
I just wanted to let you know that my studio slips are “in da house”. They’re a perfect fit, look great and I know they’re going to last. Thanks so much for a great transaction!
~Alan A., Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Thanks for the great cover. Really like the black, makes that old hammerhead happy.
~Bruce J., Manor, TX
I received my clamshell for my Carr Viceroy and just wanted to say thank you so much! It fits like a glove and instantly took my worry out of accidentally bumping my $2,800 amp up against something.
~Pat M., Ventura, CA
Thank you so much for the QSC KSUB slip. The slip fits perfectly, excellent “craftspersonship”, and looks great. Hope all is well in Santa Rosa. Give me a call if you ever come to AZ, I’ll buy you a dinner or drinks or whatever….
~Steven DeV - customer of a lifetime, AZ
The slip cover arrived today. Beautiful work and it fits perfectly. Thank you.
~Don K., Capistrano Beach, CA
I wanted to let you and the rest of the team know that I absolutely love the cover for my amp. It fits perfectly. It protects and looks great. Everyone who sees it loves it.
~Craig F., El Granada, CA
Thanks Susan. The slip arrived and is great as always.
~David H., Portland, OR
Just got my Studio Slips cover. All is good, it fits perfect. You guys ever think of filling the padding with helium? Rock-n-Roll and a back past the half century mark aren't working out like I planned! HA!
~Dave D., Ozark MO
Received the new dust covers for my homestudio, they are great. Good quality, fit perfectly and look good too. No dust on my keyboard, mixer and floor board anymore. Keep up the good work!
~Mike N. Vienna, Austria
I just wanted to let you know that my new "Studio Slip" cover arrived yesterday (10/30). It's perfect.
~Chris B., Taoyuan City, TAIWAN
Susan, just received the slipcase for my shiva right as I was walking out the door with my amp for a gig tonight. Fits perfectly, great build quality. Thank you very much. I will definitely be ordering up another case for a cab very soon.
~Rosh R., West Hollywood CA
I received my Studio Slip today, for my TC Electronic G System. It fits like a glove. Great quality too. Thank you from Ashley (Adelaide, South Australia). No more heavy road case required. I will be ordering more Studio Slips for my 65amps Lil' Elvis soon.
~Ashley B., Australia
As a gigging musician in NYC working almost every night in a different place, lugging around gear can be a bit of a challenge. Studio Slips bags are not only light-weight and well padded, but each one I have was custom ordered to fit specific measurements and they're all perfect! I'm still using the same first bag I ordered 6 years ago and it's in amazing shape! You guys are the best!
~Mitch F., Woodside NY
Thanks Susan. The cover fits perfectly!
~Joe B., Mercer Island, WA
Hi all, let me start by saying how great the 'clamshell' cover is working for my DR. Z - Z plus. It fits great and offers great protection. Just did an outdoor gig (large covered stage) and took the Z Plus a s a back up. It rained a bit before load in, but was clear for our set. I had the Z Plus on a dolly under the stage and as I pulled it out after our set a gust of wind came up and raised the stage roof dumping a bunch of water that had collected right on the dolly and the Dr. Z! I grabbed the amp and moved it to safety, dried off the clamshell cover and then removed the amp ... it was dry as a bone, thanks to the your case. Thanks for making such great products!
~Cal C., Breckenridge, CO
I just opened the box with my new cover in it. I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! The cover fits my amp, an SWR Workingman’s 15 Combo, like a glove. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. You even put a little flap under the opening for the handle. It’s just beautiful. Again, I want to compliment you for your superior customer service and attention to detail. As I mentioned, I’ve NEVER bought any custom items directly online before, but your website and communications made me feel confident enough to go ahead. And I’ve made a point of suggesting your company on our band Facebook page - bass player for The Curbs
~Sher K., Portland OR
I received the cover today. It fits perfectly and really couldn’t be any better !
~Bernd W., Germany
I received the cover - it fits like a glove. Thanks for a great job and a great product.
~Lee P., Moses Lake, WA
I saw the package on my doorstep yesterday, and I wanted to thank you all for taking care of me- Again- As usual- I thank you, and look forward to buying new gear so you can protect it!
~Ed N., Buffalo Grove IL
Thanks so much for getting my covers to me really fast!!! I ordered the two covers for the Yamaha DXR-10s...They fit great !!
~Todd A., Indio, CA
~Scott F. North Babylon, NY
For info I received the seven Clamshell Gig Bag´s I ordered from you at Studio Slips. I just wanted to say thank you so much! The bags are in perfect shape and in perfect condition. I am impressed by the quality and I am also greatful for the super service you provided. Thank you so much again!
~Leif S., Norway
I received the cover on Friday and it's absolutely perfect. Thanks,
~Joan B., Kensington, MD
Wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the clamshell gig bag for my Victoria amp. It fits like a glove, is easy to get on and off (very smart design) and looks great. I've owned and used quite a few different amp covers in my career. I have to say that the clamshell is absolutely the best I've ever had.
~Ed D., Burlington, NC
Susan, got the bag for my pedal board . . . well made and looks terrific. Thanks for your help.
~James K. Missouri City, TX
The dust cover arrived today. It fits perfectly! Thank you!
~John M., Los Angeles, CA
Cover arrived last Wednesday - thanks! In sum: simply STUNNING! A perfect fit for an unusual request.
~Charles D., Ludington MI
Absolutely perfect ! Thank you for a perfect fitting cover for my Whitney TCW50 head , excellent craftsmanship .
~David T., Monroe LA
Today I received my cover for the new Carr Mercury V - perfect fit as always, faster delivery than expected as always, and that sexy logo was just perfect!!!! Thanks so much to all of you - you are one of the best reasons to keep trying new amps :):):):)
~Mark W., Broussard LA
Just wanted to let you know I received my Studio Slip cabinet cover and am really impressed with its overall quality and fit. In addition its been a pleasure dealing with real people at Studio Slips - in every sense of the word - during the ordering process. You have my future business and recommendations.
~Bob E., Ashland, OR
I just received my new cover for the Bassbreaker 15 amp. It’s perfect!
~Bradley T., Redland CA
I love the Slips.
~Chris C., Houston, TX
The covers are both superb and an excellent fit, so thanks very much for a great product!
~Robert Sheils, Witney, Oxfordshire GREAT BRITAIN
Susan, I received my cab cover today. It was beautiful, and my cabinet was so grateful. We had a lot of fun tonight and made many people happy. It DOES take a community, doesn't it. Thanks for pushing this along and for the beautiful work.
~Michael F., Canton NY
As a working musician who owns many amps and likes to rotate them all on gigs in the New York area, I am steadily acquiring Studio Slips for each one -- they are the only such beautifully designed and perfectly fitting accessories I would trust to protect my valuable boutique amplifiers. The fact that each cover is custom-tailored yet turned around from measurements to finished product in such short order is truly remarkable and makes Studio Slips one of the greatest values in musical equipment ever. -- Jack Roland
~Jack R., Maplewood, NJ
It was delivered yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks the part. Thank you.
~Dave N. Helden Netherlands
Congratulations on the 300 Guitars spotlight. It is always just a pleasure to know about a super quality product . A person might say, “Well, this is just a commodity.” However, the pursuit of excellence in any human endeavor is evolutionary. My deciding factor in purchasing my Fender cover from Studio Slips was exactly as you said, the notion that foam would be rigid. And, good to see that YOU and Studio Slips got the recognition!
~Dave B., St. Louis, MO
Received my slip cover today for my Bugera V% and it fits perfectly! I am both pleased and impressed with the quality. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that will help protect my amp on the buses and subways of Boston when I go to practice and gigs.
~Dan P., Watertown, MA
I took advantage of your 'three-fer' offer, and the covers are perfect in all aspects. Now these 3 little studio amps (a Vox, a Marshall, and a mini-Fender) will stay clean and protected until they're needed, and I can recycle those plastic bags. Almost wish I had ordered one for the '65 Deluxe Reverb; your cover is way better than the one from Fender. Everything is - as Harry Morgan/Bill Gannon would've said - right. Thanks for an excellent product. I'll be back. And I plan on telling my friend (who owns Ithaca Guitar Works, Ithaca NY) about you.
~Steve S., Interlaken, NY
The pedal board covers were perfect, just what I was after. Many thanks
~Keith G., Philadelphia PA
I just received my guitar case you made and it is beautiful. Fits perfectly, I'm very happy with it.
~Joseph G., Islandia, NY
Cover just arrived - fits like a glove and looks great! Many thanks.
~Eric L., Boise, ID
Thank you Susan! The Carr logo was a first class touch, and totally unexpected!
~Stuart G., Monroe GA
The clamshell fits like a glove !! Thanks so much for the fast service. My Dr Z is now ready for the Canadian winter !!
~Michael L., CANADA
yo susan, just wanted to let you know that those dust covesr you made (dr.bass 210 and 112),well they fit perfect.thanks to my superb and precise measurements. do i get a royalty? ha haaaaaaaa.thanks again.
~Don S., Cinncinati, OH
I just wanted to let you know that everything about them is PERFECT!! They fit better than I could have ever expected. Thank you for your product. I will be telling all my musician friends about your covers. I am very pleased and thank you again for all your help and attention in the detail of your product.
~Byron K., Cambridge City, IN
Got the covers yesterday (Jenkins Hwy 61 and Fishman Loudbox) and they are both perfect! Don't hesitate to market the Loudbox cover based on those dimensions because it fits exactly right.
~Tom P
Just wanted to tell you thanks for the awesome covers! I meant to email you earlier just got swallowed up by life. Anyway, not trying to Arnold you but "I'll be back!"
~Paul D., Lookout Mountain, TN
I received the custom bag for my pedal board's great, just perfect...the board fits like a glove - snug but not too tight... plus, I rounded off the sharp corners of board to make it even easier to pack & unpack without snagging or tearing bag... when the box arrived from UPS it was so light and compact I wasn't sure what was in there ...thought the bag would be bigger & heavier but it's amazing how light and sturdy it is... outstanding product & quality workmanship...
~Larry A., Ashland, OR