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What People Are Saying
The dimensions of the custom cover fit my 2015 Korg Kronos well. Instead of resting on the keys, the cover is supported by the top of the keyboard, and rests atop a series of dials on the left and right panel above the keyboard. I believe there is little to no pressure on the keys. Highly recommended.
~Peter W., Roseville, MN
Just a short (and somewhat belated) note to say how VERY pleased I am with the gig bag you made for my GK ML250 amp! Your personal service, so rare these days, and the overall quality of the workmanship have confirmed my decision to have you make further cases for two vintage Gibson amps I just acquired. I make my living as a quality management system auditor and consultant, and it is always a pleasure to encounter another company that is paying attention to the details that ensure high quality of product and consistent customer satisfaction. Thanks again for an excellent product. I will be contacting you soon to discuss details of my next order! Please feel free to use my endorsement in any way that may serve you. I will happily recommend your products to anyone wishing a superior quality case or gig bag.
~Tom M., Fairfield, CA
Just emailing you to let you know that the clamshell cover for the RedPlate BlackVerb got here and fits like a glove, just like my other two covers. Thanks a lot and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
~David F., Coos Bay, OR
I just wanted to thank you for the new cover, and how quickly you got it made and sent to me. I love it! It fits perfectly... just like the previous cover you made for me. Please don't ever retire :-)... I don't know where I'd turn to for such a quality product, made by such a nice person, that filled my need so completely the next time I need a cover. It's always a pleasure doing business with you and Studio Slips.
~Ricky B., Lexington, KY
got my covers today...WOW, you guys are awesome! Perfect fit and great quality, I couldn't be more pleased.
~George F., McKinny, TX
Thank you so much for my custom conductor podium case. After putting in hours of work to build and finish this elegant cherry wood podium, it needed protection when it is moved to different venues. The custom case fits perfectly and your recommendation for the handle is a keeper.
~Monty A., Evanston IL
The bag for my Fender Harvard arrived today. It fits perfectly and is really well made. Thanks & best wishes
~Matt F., London, England
To all, Just received my order and I have to write and tell you how wonderfully pleased I am with your work. The covers fit PERFECTLY! The pockets are on the front as I requested and are huge! I wanted them to store the power cords for each unit, as well as 2 xlr cables to connect the subs to the mains. Plenty of extra room if needed. Very nice workmanship, and they look amazing! Keep these measurements for future use for other Bose customers, because they are right on!. Thanks to all, great value for the product. Would easily recommend you to anyone looking for custom covers for their gear. Thanks!
~George K., Houston, TX
The covers fit PERFECT. Thank you so much for the amazing customer service. I'll be ordering more soon. Truly a great company.
~Stephen M., Kenmore NY
I forgot to tell you I received my dust cover and it's great! It fits perfectly and looks nice.
~Matt G., Traverse City MI
The amp cover for my Roland Cube 60 arrived today ? it fits like the proverbial glove. Absolutely perfect!! Looks great, too!! The side pocket is just right for the foot pedals and connecting cables for that amp, too. Can't wait to get it out on the road.
~Jim G
Today the cover finally arrived! It fits snugly. I do especially like the way the handle area is covered with the small part of fabric going underneath the handle. :D So thanks for the great service!
~Jacco O., The Netherlands
Got the cover yesterday Susan ! Thank you ever so much. It fits great. I need to order another amp cover too , so I'll be in touch soon.
~Kilian A., Perth, Australia
Just want to let you know that my covers came in and fit perfectly! I gave you some measurements for the handle cutouts that were different than what you had supplied for the Fender Rumble 410 and 115 cabs. The measures and your output are dead on. I included a photo of the handle cutout's fit on the 115. The 410 looks just as good. I showed my band mates your slip covers and they were quite impressed with the fit, quality and padding. So glad I invested in your Studio Slips.
~Loy F., Portland OR
I got the two Budda covers yesterday and they both fit like a glove. Please keep the 2 x 12 cab measurements if possible, because I will probably add another one to my stage setup in the coming weeks. I will contact you to order another cover when I get the cab.
~Jon B., Porterville, CA
I received the covers yesterday. They look great and fit perfectly. Thanks for your fast service! Aloha.
~Mike M
Wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the clamshell gig bag for my Victoria amp. It fits like a glove, is easy to get on and off (very smart design) and looks great. I've owned and used quite a few different amp covers in my career. I have to say that the clamshell is absolutely the best I've ever had.
~Ed D., Burlington, NC
I received the amp cover today. It's perfection, as usual. No one does it better than you ! You are a stone groooooooove ! I'll be baaaaaaack !!!
~Dennis S., Antelope, CA
The custom cover you made for my Smith Audio (odd shaped cabinet) is a welcome addition. Due to the position of the handles, it is now quite easy to load and unload. I also like the way you did the zippers. As I expected, leaving the majority of the choices up to you worked out best. GREAT JOB, EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION, VERY GOOD PRICING
~Bill H., Wantagh, NY
received the cover yesterday. It fits like a glove and looks great. Thank you!
~Frank A., Germany
Bought my first slips from you about 4 years ago. When I bought this new cab - there was no doubt in my mind that I would buy your slips for this cab. It is just great to deal with you - great quality and great customer service.
~Frank T., Selden, NY
Just wanted to let you know that the amp cover arrived and it fits perfectly.
~Christine F., Mastic, NY
Perfect fit. Thanks
~Kjetil S., Akershus, Norway
Just received the cover. The cover has exceeded my expectations GREATLY! I will be ordering another Cabinet in a few months and I will definitely order another cover.
~Paul C., Beaumont TX
The cover arrived today and it fit perfectly. For the record my stand alone reverb unit is clone from Weber (in case anyone asks you if yours fits a Weber). Also the pocket in the back is perfect for the foot switch and a couple of cords.
~Dave K., Richmond, VA
i received my cover yesterday, and itís awesome. very well made. the fabric is sturdy, and the color is beautiful ( glad i got the brown) iím also glad i decided to get the zippered pocket on the back. itís perfect for my power cord, exrtra cables, etcetera. very nice touch! thanks so much, iím glad i found you!
~Richard L., Birmingham AL
My cover for my 65 Amps London Pro 1x12 Combo fits beautifully and looks great! Great work!
~Ken C., Midlothian, TX
Greetings Susan! The slips have arrived and they both fits perfect!! Thank you so much for excellent service! I?ll be glad to recommend you to all my musician friends! Thanks for now!!
~H?kon E.L., Norway
Thank you Susan! The Carr logo was a first class touch, and totally unexpected!
~Stuart G., Monroe GA
I just want you to know how much I love the cover you made for my new Rittenberry SD-10 pedal steel guitar. It fits perfectly, looks great, and the quality is outstanding!
~Gary P., Richardson, TX
I just wanted to write and thank you for the keyboard cover for my Roland. It works great!
~David N
Hello Susan - I just received the cover for my 1x12 Tone King Imperial. Perfect fit once again. Thanks for doing such consistently good work. Best wishes to you and your staff
~Peter A., Chicago, IL
Got the bag, seems like a great fit! Really appreciate you guys making it so quickly! I'll make sure to recommend you to my musician friends...
~Jean B., Redwood City, CA
Holy crap, Susan! The covers came today. Such fast service and I couldn't be happier with the product! Two BIG thumbs up from me.
~Paul D., Anchorage AK
The slip arrived today, and fits good. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right. Good job.
~Robert R., Denver CO
Just wanted to let you know I received the amp cover for my Swart. The quality is outstanding and it fits like a glove. I'm very happy with it! It was a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again!
~Bruce C., CA
Just wanted to say thanks! I received the slip today, fits like a glove. Great work! I'll pass on the recommendations.
~Ed E., Walnut Creek, CA
My covers are here safe n sound and I love them, the fit is perfect. You guys did a great job. Here's some pics I took, if you want to use them on your website or whatever, feel free to do so. I also did a little review of your covers on the Fender Frontline Forum with some pics.
~Grant O., Canberra AUSTRALIA
Just a quick heads up to let you know the - Slips for my Route66 head and 2x10" cab arrived today. Perfect fit - thanks a lot. Glad you took the time to give me these instructions below: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz >> It is VERY IMPORTANT that you >> double check these measurements. ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Cheers: Max!
~Max W., Sweden
Just wanted to let you know I received my Fuchs SLX 1x12 50 watt amp earlier today. I tried the padded cover and it fits perfectly. Thanks again for providing a quality product.
~Jerry L
The slip arrived today.....absolutely PERFECT. I've been purchasing covers from you for about 12 years now, and each one has been better than the one prior. Thank you so's so nice to be able to depend upon someone to deliver a quality product.
~David H., Portland, OR
Received the cover, it is perfect! Thank you so much, I will be ordering the cabinet cover soon! Thanks again,
~Jason R., Duffield, VA
Hi Karen an Susan, just to confirm my covers just arrived and are perfect as usual. Thanks a lot!
~Mario T., Catania, Sicilia Italy
Received the cover today for my Fender Blues Junior amp. This is the third amp cover that I've purchased from you folks, and it won't be the last. Everything about your company is spot on, from ordering and customer service to the excellent products that you produce. Kudos, and thanks!
~Ken F., Staten Island, NY
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my clamshell. It protects my Dr Z perfectly. I love the brown because it helps to stand out against all the other black bags in our bands pile of gear. Thanks again for the great product. I love it ,and it fits "like a glove".
~Mike U., Denton, TX
Hey, y'all: I've unfortunately neglected to write you for various reasons - life takes a hold of you sometimes... But, I feel bad about it, frankly, because I wanted to let you know as soon as I received the Clamshell Gig Bag for my PRS Sonzera 20 how pleased I was with it. Now, I've taken it to various situations across town, and I have only grown more satisfied. Part of my motivation in picking one up was not just to protect the amp from the inevitable bruises of travelling but also to consolidate most of my gear in one package. The pocket you were able to provide holds more than I expected. I can fit both of my footswitches, all of my cables, my compact guitar stand, and any sheet music, strings, power strips, etc. that I may need on a given day. Add in that the thing fits like a glove and looks so nice - I really can't overstate how well-made it is - and you have a case that I can't see anyone turning down. It's something that most musicians I encounter compliment straightaway. (The brown option is a classy touch.) I don't say this frivolously: After researching soft cases and having built my own road box for another amp, I honestly can't see why anyone would go with another option for lightweight travel. I'm able to gig 90% of the time with a one-trip carry - my guitar in one hand and basically everything else in the other. (Now, that's because I've chosen a very portable amp, but the fact remains: y'all make the best case I've seen.) I just want to give real credit where it's due because it's increasingly rare that there exists a small shop of super responsive folks doing great work to solve practical problems for the professional musician. And it's actually affordable. I'm nearly laughing as I write this because it almost sounds canned. Things just rarely are this good. If I have anything negative to say about it, it'd just be that the padding strikes me as a little thinner than I expected for "double" padding. I wouldn't really consider single padding an option if I was looking for impact protection. I mean, neither 1x or 2x is going to stop major impacts, but I still wouldn't want much less than 2x. This is a small concern, though, since I got 2x and am satisfied with how it performs. If I took this on the road more, I'd probably ask for more, though, especially for a trailer situation. But let's not leave it on a negative: I really appreciate the work you do. I wish I had more amps that needed cases, but this PRS combo is all I'm working with at the moment. I'll send folks your way if I ever can. Thanks so much,
~David G., Atlanta, GA
Dear Ms. B, You must get bored with hearing how perfect your work is. Allow me to bore you some more; this cover is just right! As always, thank you for tending to me and my amplifier habit.
~Clint J., Taylor, Miss.
Thanks for the great customer support. One of the reasons I keep coming back!!
~Robert K. Leonardtown, M
I got my bag for my speaker cabinet today. It's perfect!!
~Alex M., Astoria, NY
Perfect fit ! Thx so much!
~Jim S., Topanga CA