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What People Are Saying
WOW! Beautiful job....Fits like a glove.....I will recommend you to others.
~Gary D., Springfield, MO
Just received cover for Clubman Reverb. Snug as a bug in a rug. Thanks. I will order one for my Fuchs TDS.
~Stephen M., Livingston NJ
I got the clamshell gig bag cover for the Victoria 5112 and it fits perfectly. Thanks again.
~Orley A
They fit like a glove! You are the best, mwah! Thank you for providing this fantastic solution.
~Dan L., Hove, ENGLAND
I received my amp cover and it's great! It fits perfectly and looks fantastic. I love having the pocket in the back to carry an extra cable and the channel switching pedal for my Boogie. The brown canvas looks great with the cream colored vinyl and cocoa color grill.
~Chris R.,
Just wanted to confirm that the Clamshell Covers for my Dr Z Maz head & 2 x 10 cabinet arrived today and, as expected, both are a perfect fit!! Congratulations on a great product and excellent service. Thanks again & best regards from the UK. Alan M (a very happy customer).
~Alan M., Bedfordshire, UK
The bag that you sent to Paris arrived and Philip reports it works perfect. It arrived just one day before he leaves Paris for 2 gigs down south in the Pyrenees. Thanks!
~David A., Falls Church, VA
My dust cover has now arrived. It fits my amp perfectly! Thank you so much.
~Jean-Marie R.,, FRANCE
Just got my amp head bag last evening! I am completely amazed at the quality of the work and materials!!! The pocket works great! I love it!!!Thanks so much for all the hard work! You rock!
~Tom W., Bristol, WI
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your product. The quality is outstanding and it fits my keyboard like a glove. Below are pictures of your gig bag compared to another brand's version of a "61 key slim" gig bag. There is just no comparison.
~William H., Rockledge FL
I just wanted to say thanks for the amp fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks again for your craftsmanship, customer service, and outstanding product!
~Dave P., Imperial Beach, CA
I have just brought in of a journey of business in Congo, and thus have only just seen the covers which arrived during my journey. Always a great work as my very first order, faithful to the wished dimensions and the great quality. In the next, for my future order. Thank you
~Cedric K., Le Havre, France
The latest two amp covers arrived yesterday. They both fit perfectly, are exceptionally well made (as usual) and look great. Thanks again for such excellent service!
~Scott B., Bellevue, WA
I got the cover for my Ultrasound amp last week. It's very well made and it fits even better than expected. BTW, the timing was great. I'd had a few weeks off and it showed up just in time for one the busiest weeks I've had in a while. It's great to see people doing nice work and giving good service. Thanks!
~Dean S., Central City, PA
The covers arrived earlier this week. They fit like gloves and look great.
~Dave K., Rochester, NH
Thanks for making perfect fitting clamshell cases for my 60's Fender and Silvertone amps! I'll be taking these amps on the road over the next few weeks touring with Brett Harris on these upcoming tour dates and they'll make appearances in the house band of a popular weekly Flash Chorus event in Durham NC in the fall (among many other endeavors). I'll be directing friends your way for sure.
~Ross G., Durham NC
Got my brown Clamshell cover on 10/23/2009. Put it on the amp, zipped it up and worried no more about bumps and scratches during schlepping and non-schlepping/storage. I?m very glad I got the brown ? so easy to tell which of my 12 guitar amps it is! And also glad I got the double thick padding decreases my bump and scratch worry by a factor of 2! I can already tell the leather pads on the bottom were a good choice. I have Tuki covers for all my other amps. I didn?t hear about Studio Slips till I got my brand new Dr. Z amp ? from the link on his website. I prefer the zippers on your covers to the very loud ripping noises of the Tuki?s Velcro.
~Dave I., Goleta, CA
I received my Clamshell Gig Bag today for my Peavey JSX Mini Colossal. It looks and fits perfectly! I look forward to using it this week while teaching. I'll order again soon. Thank you for such fast and helpful service. I'll recommend Studio Slips to my friends and colleagues.
~Roxy D., Olmsted Falls, OH
I received the clamshell bag in the mail today. It looks great! The stitching, zipper, and leather strips look like very good quality. I appreciate all your help and for getting the bag to me very quickly. Thank you!
~Andrew T., El Cajon, CA
I must tell you how extremely pleased I am with the clamshell amp case I just received from you. Perfect fit, superb seam work, stout zipper, thick black leather runners ó just pure excellence for my Carr Rambler. This is the best custom case work Iíve ever seen. Letís do this again sometime soon!
~Dave M., Nampa, ID
My Studio Slips cover came yesterday. It's very cool.
~Ken W., Garland, TX
I received the slips for my Fender Blues Jr. and Risen Legacy today. They look great. As I have come to expect of Studio Slips, they fit great. The flap the goes under the amp handle is a very nice touch -- great attention to the little things!! Thanks for the quick turn around.
~Rick B., Liberty Township, OH
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new Traynor K4 keyboard amp cover. The quality of materials and impeccable workmanship are amazing.
~Michael C., Glendale, CA
Hi Susan and Cole, The clam shell cases for my two new Fender amps arrived and they're perfect. Thanks so much for your attention to detail and great service.
~Orley A., Milwaukie, OR
Once again Ė very impressive fit and finish. I am really pleased with the quality of your work. This case should perfectly protect my Kemper remote pedal.
~Gary G., Northville MI
I just want you to know how much I love the cover you made for my new Rittenberry SD-10 pedal steel guitar. It fits perfectly, looks great, and the quality is outstanding!
~Gary P., Richardson, TX
I got my clamshell cover for my fender blues jr early dec but I'm just writing you now. Great cover! perfect fit ..nice and snug. Well designed and I have a lot more piece of mind bringing my amp on gigs.
~Tom N., Poughkeepsie, NY
I received the cover for my Morgan DAG15 Combo yesterday and the amp was just delivered today. i put on the cover and it's a perfect fit. I really like the cover, it looks very durable and i love the rear pocket.
~Eric G., West Seneca, NY
Received my amp cover and itís beautiful and fits perfectly, thank you!! You guys do great work.
~Adam D., Los Angeles CA
Was on my way out to work and received the cover so of course I stopped and put it on my amp. No words. I could not be happier! What an amazing product and superior support! Thanks again for everything
~Donald C., Madison AL
...You won't be surprised to know that (my cover) fits very well on my Roland KC550. The workmanship is, also, very good. You have a new customer here. Thank you for the quick and excellent service.
~Warren R., Plano TX
I've received the cover. It fits perfectly! It also looks great! Thank you again for you wonderful customer service and the best covers!
~Jonny B., Israel
Thank-you Susan: the cover has just arrived and it's great. Perfect fit, great looking and the price and service excellent. I will recommend you to anyone who asks where it came from.
~Andrew R., Glebe, AUSTRALIA
got my covers today...WOW, you guys are awesome! Perfect fit and great quality, I couldn't be more pleased.
~George F., McKinny, TX
The five Slip Covers arrived today, itís fits perfect, better than expected! Thank you very much !
~JŁrg O., Switzerland
Very cool!! Thanks!! By the way, if you go to the attached site they have the dimensions for the Lindy Fralin combo amp (1x15). Someone took the time to measure everything out. How does this compare to your notes? The amp manufacture told me to go to "coveramp" to get my cover (as I mentioned to you on the phone) but I ultimately found their covers to be unattractive and canceled my order. I was happy to find the Fralin amps were also in your system because I really like Studio Slips the best!!
~Robert K. Leonardtown, MD
It just came in and it fits like a glove (not O.J.'s ) Thanks for getting this out. Just in time for a busy weekend!
~Gary H., Pittsburgh, PA
The cover arrived today - it slipped over the speaker perfectly!! This is my fourth cover that I have had you make. All of them, without exception, have been spot-on perfect in fit, in protection, and in just plain looking good! And, of the amps/speakers I have sold, not one buyer has said that he didnít want the cover. Thank you for your wonderful work.
~Jim. G., Walnut Creek, CA
The 410 Bassman Neo cover fits awesome. Studio Slip number 4 for me, very happy :-)
~Alan C., Palo Alto, CA
Thanks for the early Christmas present!!And as usual it fits perfect.It never ceases to amaze me that you can make the cover fit despite the fact that I have a problem measuring my equipment.Now if my guitar playing was as good as the fit,finish and quality of your covers......... Have a great Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.
~Bob K - Customer extraordinare , Oakland, CA
To all, Just received my order and I have to write and tell you how wonderfully pleased I am with your work. The covers fit PERFECTLY! The pockets are on the front as I requested and are huge! I wanted them to store the power cords for each unit, as well as 2 xlr cables to connect the subs to the mains. Plenty of extra room if needed. Very nice workmanship, and they look amazing! Keep these measurements for future use for other Bose customers, because they are right on!. Thanks to all, great value for the product. Would easily recommend you to anyone looking for custom covers for their gear. Thanks!
~George K., Houston, TX
Great Job As Always The clamshell cover for my MESA/Boogie amp is fantastic! The workmanship and build quality is excellent. The embroidery work on the front is 1st Class. Will be ordering again in the future. ☆☆☆☆☆
~George R., Muskegon, MI
Susan the cover arrived today ! The cover is the best thank you very much . I like the added leather bottom .. really appreciate it ..
~David G., New York NY
Cover received. Fits perfectly. Thanks a lot.
~Paul R., Ile-de-France, FRANCE
I got the bag today and it's perfect! Exactly what I had in mind. Totally awesome! Got a gig tomorrow night and can't wait to use it. And I'll recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thanks a bunch.
~Pat M. Chicago,IL
Thank you I received the covers ... They fit and are great many thanks
~Richard C., Talent OR
The covers arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. The Two Rock & the Princeton covers fit like a glove. Thanks for your patience in getting the measurements right and the quick turnaround on my order! Appreciate it very much!
~Mark W
Got the bag on Friday. Used the bag at a gig Saturday....... cab ( in the bag ) slid off the two wheeler.......but there was nary a scratch to be seem! Anyway it fits here on time......keep up the good work! After my next album goes triple platinum I will order matching bags for all my gear!
~Michael L., Garfield Heights, OH
I received my Studio Slip today, for my TC Electronic G System. It fits like a glove. Great quality too. Thank you from Ashley (Adelaide, South Australia). No more heavy road case required. I will be ordering more Studio Slips for my 65amps Lil' Elvis soon.
~Ashley B., Australia
~Nicholas N., Brick NJ