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What People Are Saying
They all fit very fine ! You have done a very good job ! Thank you very much.
~Philippe L., Waadt, Switzerland
I received the cover today. It is just a size. I use it for Redstone Audio RS-8 cabinet. I came to be able to carry it at ease. A big pocket is convenient. Thank you for wonderful cover.
~Takaki Y., JAPAN
Susan, I am impressed beyond belief. I just received my clamshell gig bag for my Peavey Classic 30, and it's perfect. Tight fit, sleek look, great protection. I will forever be a fan and a customer!
~Dan D., Riverside, CA
I told you I was going to get back with you on how my clamshell gigbag is doing (Gibson Goldtone GA-30rvs). ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! I cannot believe how much easier it is to load in and out with the clamshell vs. an amp transporter (road case). Fit and finish is top notch. I have even received many compliments from other musicians about how cool it looks. This truly is a fine, hand-crafted piece of gear. As far as durability goes...I have put it through a lot of load ins and outs over the past few weeks without a single tear in material ... Again, accolades in crafting a truly fine product. I wish the very best for you and your company in the future and will be glad to have you make me another cover/clamshell in the future (when I get another amp). Please pass my thanks on to your employees.
~Michael H
Just want to let you know that my covers came in and fit perfectly! I gave you some measurements for the handle cutouts that were different than what you had supplied for the Fender Rumble 410 and 115 cabs. The measures and your output are dead on. I included a photo of the handle cutout's fit on the 115. The 410 looks just as good. I showed my band mates your slip covers and they were quite impressed with the fit, quality and padding. So glad I invested in your Studio Slips.
~Loy F., Portland OR
Hi Susan, well I got your terrific gigback for my amp this afternoon and may I say wow, great workmanship and it fits like the proverbial glove. I am extremely happy so may I please thank you so much for the quick turnaround, your obvious superior talents and I think I have made a new friend in California, so have your guestroom on standby..LOL
~Steve L., Hamilton, Ont. CANADA
I received the covers yesterday. They look great and fit perfectly. Thanks for your fast service! Aloha.
~Mike M
My Maverick 112 slip cover arrived the other day. It fits snug and I'm happy with the options. The strap pulled the cover tightly down and the pocket is just the right size for a chord and songbooks. I hope not to hit doorframes too often but the double paddling is good insurance. I'm also glad that the brown is a different shade from many of the less expensive ones. It looks and feels top shelf. Thanks for the great customer service.
~Marty G., Virginia Beach, VA
I received my Mesa Boogie cover today. All OK, nice job, good looking, good quality, I appreciate your services, thanks a many, :-)
~Pierre-Andrť, Pully, Switzerland
Received the cover and as usual great work. Fits like a glove, and I'll be doing some gigs this weekend to show it off. Thanks again and great working with you.
~Al C. San Francisco, CA
Just got it today, and it fits well, and looks great. Thanks a bunch!
~Nichol R., Toronto, Canada
i received my cover yesterday, and itís awesome. very well made. the fabric is sturdy, and the color is beautiful ( glad i got the brown) iím also glad i decided to get the zippered pocket on the back. itís perfect for my power cord, exrtra cables, etcetera. very nice touch! thanks so much, iím glad i found you!
~Richard L., Birmingham AL
Received yesterday: all four covers fit and look great! Thanks and regards ...
~Tom W., Kingston, WA
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Studio Slip today for my Tone King Imperial MKII amp. The fit was excellent.
~Jerry L., Saco ME
You have played a blinder with me case. It fits like a glove and the strap is a big help. Just waiting on my princeton to be done then I will return. Thanks again for your great service. Even with the $60.00 duty it still can't be beaten and we always have a bit of a giggle too!!
~Andy N., United Kingdom
Hi Susan, just got the cover today and I'm very impressed with the quality ! Thanks again!
~Alan K. B., Ellicott City, MD
I really like the gig bag you made for my steel guitar. Thanks a lot. It makes life quite a bit easier.
~Mike N. Middlesex, NJ
Bag arrived today, perfect fit! Looks great, look forward to gigging with it, should make life easier.
~Patrick K., Naperville IL
the cover for my collins tweed tone arrived today - a treat, perfect fit, a little work of art... it is nice to have a friend you can count on in this industry
~Peter P., Brookline, MA
Cover for Blackstar amp arrived today & fits very well. Thank You for another great cover.
~Don K., Kiamesha Lake NY
Hey Susan the slip for the Swart arrived today. Fits perfectly. I love the logo patch. Now all my other (Studio) slips look bootleged. Thanks for keeping all my amps safe and sound. Till the next one,
~Thomas B., Charolettsville, VA
Hello Susan--I got my studio slip for the jbl eon and it fits like a glove. Thanks a million--I appreciate it very much and love your covers.
~Jester J., Texhoma, OK
I received the StudioSlip PA cover I purchased and just wanted to say " Thank You! " It houses my Mackie SRM 150 PA perfectly! I'm impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. The PA is so unbelievably comfortable to transport now. I will definitely keep you folks in mind in the near future when I purchase a Mackie mixer and Mackie mains.
~Gil E., San Francisco, CA
The bag fits perfectly, and I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship and protection in a lightweight case. Ideal for my portable organ pedals.
~Michael B., Cape Elizabeth ME
The gig bag is just what I was needing. Thanks for all you guys help and I will talk to you again down the road.
~Kenny R., Edwardsville, IL
Got the cover today. Thanks a ton. It's beautiful and fits perfectly
~Christopher M., Chicago IL
The cases arrived and are perfect!
~Sgt. Mark G., OCSD, Calif.
Santa in a brown suit (UPS guy) just delivered my briefcase! Wow, that was fast! Fitís the head perfectly, just like all of my other gig bagsÖ Thanks again!
~Kelly S., San Mateo CA
YES! I'M FAMOUS! All kidding aside, I'm glad you used my words as a testimonial. I am happy to (and always do) recommend you to any fellow gigging musician I talk to. I've literally used your covers in rain, sleet, and snow; and my stuff stays protected gig after gig after gig. Studio Slips is the best!
~Michael J., O'Fallon, MO
I received my clamshell cover for my Markbass combo this past Friday and I have to say that I am extremely pleased. The product combined with the fantastic customer experience that you provided me has convinced my that Studio Slips will be on my personal "first call" list whenever I (or my friends) need an amp cover. Well done!
~Robert H., New York, NY
You really do fantastic work and have a great company. The How To Measure video & that you confirm each order is excellent. This is my second order. My first cover is still working perfectly. It's durable and keeps my speaker protected nicely.
~Elmer J., Bronx, NY
I came home to such a pleasant surprise!! Completely blown away by the quality, perfect fit, AND the Milkman logo! Was not expecting the Milkman logo - so beautiful! I havenít geeked out this hard over an amp case. Thank you! Customer for life
~David F., San Francisco CA
My Studio Slip arrived today!!!!!! It fits my Roland KC 880 Amp perfectly. You are awsome!!!!!!!!!!! I will be contacting you shortly to fabricate a cover for my V-Drum Rack. So long for now & thank you very much!
~Johnny R., Belfair, WA
The clamshell case for my acoustasonic 150 arrived. Very nice quality!! Perfect fit. Color looks great ( brown one ).
~David D., Boise ID
Yes!!!! Great fit, great job!!! I love it!
~James M., Martinez GA
Received the second cover this morning. You produce a beautiful product. I would like to thank you for your quick and courteous response in this matter. Many companies that I deal with would not be so kind or quick to respond to a situation such as this. You are truly a first rate company.
~Dean D - Kalamazoo, MI
I just received my cover. It looks nice. Fit's like a glove! I will be ordering one for my cabinet soon.
~Aaron K., Flat Rock MI
I thought it would amuse you that my Studioslips covers have already paid for themselves. My jazz band was playing on an open air roof deck last night and part way through the heavens opened. Luckily I was able to quickly haul the covers over my equipment and it saved $6000 of organ equipment from getting drenched and possibly ruined.
~Wil S., Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Just received it and itís great (as I expected it would be)! Thanks so much once again.
~Joseph T., Burbank CA
Hello Susan, I just HAD to write and let you know how extremely happy I am with my amp covers. They arrived today and they are a real class act. They look beautiful and fit absolutely perfect. They go on and off so easily but look like they would stop a bullet. Thank you so much for the great job you did and for the excellent service! Fitting me in just before taking your vacation was very kind. I will most definitely tell my musician friends about your products and services. Your covers are an excellent value and I personally hope that I will be able to do more business with you in the future.
~Dan W., Sumas, WA
I've received the cover. It fits perfectly! It also looks great! Thank you again for you wonderful customer service and the best covers!
~Jonny B., Israel
The case for my Fender reverb looks great! Thanks so much! It's such a fragile little thing, I'm always nervous transporting it (in fact, I bought it only partially working at Guitar Center and had my dad change all the components inside to get it to work), now I don't have to worry about it so much! Thanks again!
~Aaron E., Fishers, IN
It arrived a couple of hours ago, perfect fit, great cover!! Now I can get it out of the house without scraping the walls. Many thanks for prompt service.
~Bob M
The cover for my Alto Black 15 Sub arrived today. Perfect fit as usual. I will probably be ordering again sometime soon.
~Dan W., Sumas WA
Hey Susan ? finally received the bag. It is wonderful! Great construction, perfectly fitting size, obviously much more durable and well padded than the stock case ? and lighter, to boot! It looks fantastic too and is extremely comfortable to carry by hand (the originals had rubber handles ? bad bad idea) and via the shoulder sling (well padded!). All in all I am very happy with this purchase. I?ll need to road test it a little bit, but I?m sure my initial favorable impressions will be proven true. Thank your team for me for the great work. I?ll be happy to recommend friends your way. Cheers!
Just received my latest combo cover. Again you have done a superb job! After One Gig Bag, Six Combo Covers (Different Models), and Two Speaker Cab Covers. Each one has been expertly crafted of excellent materials, and fit each piece impeccably! Thank you so much for your great work!
~Mark G., Spokane WA
The clamshell for my Tex CC Bernie arrived. It fits like a second skin. It now seems I have matching luggage for both my amps and pedal board. Thanks so much...again.
~Terry W., Richmond Hill, Ontario
Got the slipsóand they work perfectly.
~David K., Austin, TX.
Received the bag and just wanted to comment on how pleased I am with it. Thank you for a great product.
~Rich S., Nelson NH
The amp cover arrived today and fit perfectly... thank you for your attention to detail and the pleasure of your correspondence which 'fit' equally as well! Until we do it again...Love & Peace,
~Jeffrey M., New York, NY