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What People Are Saying
I just received the Studio Slips!! Outstanding!! I have been playing professionally for 40yrs and these by far are the nicest, toughest, covers I have ever seen! The fit is unbelievable. Thank you so much! Your pride in what you do is so very apparent. Have a great day and wonderful holidays! God bless!
~Reggie B., San Jose CA
The amp cover arrived this afternoon. Spectacular workmanship! Perfect fit. Now I need one for the pedalboard.
~David C., Fort Myers FL
My amp arrived safely to my home in Seoul, South Korea yesterday, June 29th! It was a long wait, but I felt much more assured knowing it would be protected by your Clamshell Gig Bag flying from the other side of the world. Needless to say - my amp arrived in perfect condition. Not a scratch, dent, broken tube... Just wanted express my gratitude...
~Kun H.S., Seoul, S. Korea
I could not be more pleased, it fits like a glove, works great, looks great and most importantly looks like it will provide many years of protection. Thanks for making a great product, and right here in the USA!
~Steve K., Batavia, NY
Your padded covers arrived today and they fit **PERFECT** (Super Champ & Vox AC-15CC)!!! Thanks for being so patient with the mathematically challenged (in other words, a guy who can't measure his own amp) guitar player that I am. I'll be sure to let everyone I know about Studio Slips on all the guitar related message boards. Thanks for your patience, great service, and amp covers that are so good they should be illegal. Arigatou gozaimasu.
The cover for my Allen Sweet Spot arrived today. It is very well made and fits perfectly! Many years from now, it will still be protecting my amp. Thanks for producing a great product!
~Mark E., Bourbonnais, IL
everything fits perfectly :P
~Sylvain A., Canada
I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting me the covers before last weeks gig! Perfect timing, and the fit-n-finish were fantastic. Your solid pricing and tremendous customer service means that I'll be back at some point! Hopefully sooner rather than later!
~John S., Boonton, NJ
Just wanted to send a quick thank-you for the brown covers you sent for my Fender Deluxe Reverb and my Mesa Lonestar Special. They arrived sooner than expected,and the fit on both is perfect. I really appreciate the product, and all the time you spent on the phone with me.
~Jack R., Littleton, CO
Thank you Susan! The Carr logo was a first class touch, and totally unexpected!
~Stuart G., Monroe GA
Received my covers today...awesome job as usual...they fit perfect...I think I'm up to 12 of your covers now...all still going strong.
~John F., Chicago, IL
The cover looks very nice and fits well.
~Stephen M., Groton, MA
Just wanted you to know that I got the bag today and it is AWESOME!!!!! It is just what I've been looking for; not too bulky or heavy, but protects my stuff just fine. I will be letting eveybody I know what a quality product this is and how pleasant you were to deal with.
~Mic P
I received the cover today and itís a perfect fit! It looks great as usual. Thanks for the good work. Hope to do business again soon.
~Dan W., Canada
It figures that the cover would show up the day I e-mail you... IT IS PERFECT!!! Thanks so much. Perfect! I wish I had more amps so I could purchase more covers from you. :)
~David H
Hi Susan-Just want to let you know that I am very satisfied with my new Studioslip clamshell cover that you recently made for my EBS Proline 4x10 bass cabinet. It fits absolutely perfect and in my opinion, the quality far surpasses similar covers I've encountered. The leather reinforcements on the bottom are a great add-on feature as well. I'm confident this one will last for many years to come....
~Jonathan G., Gulf Breeze, FL
Thanks for everything Susan!!!! You are amazing. The cover is a PERFECT fit. I have attached a picture for you to see! This is probably the first Studio Slip to travel all the way to Oman!!! Congrats! Happy New Year
~Jared P., N Hollywood CA
Received the studio slips cover today, perfect fit! Thanks Again for a great product! Great doing business with you again.....
~Joe V., Lindenhurst, NY
Hiya Susan! Wow your covers are FAB! They are really good quality, thankyou soooooo much!
~Tim S., Fareham, GREAT BRITAIN
I just received my Studio Slips for three Dr Z amps - KT-45 (head), Maz Jr (head), and ZG-50 (head). The EZG-50 won't be here until next Monday, but the the other two covers fit the KT-45 and Maz Jr. just perfectly.
~Trent T., Berkeley, CA
Susan: I got the Budda cover today. As always, the fit was perfect and the quality outstanding. The covers look so good I wish I could use my stage rig without taking them off!!
~Jon B., Porterville, CA
Thanks again for rushing out the covers for my Dr Z amps! They got here Friday just in time for my weekend work. The new one is really nice and the strips on the bottoms are really a nice feature! Good idea on that one.
~Dan P
I just received my Clamshell Gig Bags, and I couldn't be happier! I had been searching for padded covers for my MarkBass Standard 104HF and Standard 151HF cabinets for quite some time. I emailed and called other companies, including one of the biggest names in the business. I was met with bewildering questions, slow response time, busy signals, and just poor customer service in general. After altering my web search, I came across Studio Slips, and have been delighted ever since. My phone conversations were extremely friendly, the turn around time was amazingly fast, and most importantly, the Gig Bags are fantastic! In fact, they've already passed their first gig test with flying colors.
~Randy C., Nederland, CO
I must tell you how extremely pleased I am with the clamshell amp case I just received from you. Perfect fit, superb seam work, stout zipper, thick black leather runners ó just pure excellence for my Carr Rambler. This is the best custom case work Iíve ever seen. Letís do this again sometime soon!
~Dave M., Nampa, ID
got the cover today and it fit's perfectly. thank you
~Martin G., Cleveland,, OH
Slips arrived, absolutely perfect....beautiful work and you can quote me on that! thanks and all good wishes,
~Dave G., Bremen, Germany
The bag arrived and everything is perfect!! Thank you gain for providing such a high quality product and superior service. I will keep you in mind for all my future "cover" needs.
~Robert C., Fremont, CA
Just wanted to let you know that the amp cover arrived and it fits perfectly.
~Christine F., Mastic, NY
I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for my recent order. I thoroughly am impressed with my new studio slips.
~Tim S., Nashville, TN
Got it - fits awesome! Thanks very much! Also - giving you a little exposure/love on the gear page Take care Susan!
~Chris K., Heath, OH
I just wanted to let you know that I got home from a trip the other day and the clamshell gig bag for my Orange Tiny Terror combo amp (with the handle on the side--as we discussed on the phone, you basically made the right/handle side the top of the bag, which makes sense, since I obviously lift and carry the amp by the handle) had arrived. It's a perfect fit, and the quality of the materials and the workmanship are abundantly evident. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Well done and thanks so much!
~Rodd Z. Chicago, IL
Susan, Just got back from Costs Rica - got the cases - they fit perfectly - thank you - I attached a picture - in case you were curious. Mike
~Michael A., Chicago, Illinois
I have received the Amp covers and they all fit snugly. Thank you
~Dave M., Crescent Head, AUSTRALIA
recieved my cover, just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround, & it fits like a glove, and is exactly what i was looking, I"ve actually had my amp a while and have been lugging it around in a blanket and duct tape because i wasn't so crazy about the other offerings out there, so thank you! gonna have to get one for my deluxe soon
~Dwight B., Kingston, NY
Received my slip cover today for my Bugera V% and it fits perfectly! I am both pleased and impressed with the quality. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that will help protect my amp on the buses and subways of Boston when I go to practice and gigs.
~Dan P., Watertown, MA
Received my clamshell gig bag yesterday. I'm really impressed, it fits perfectly and is really high quality. Thanks for everything, and congrats on a job well done!
~Kyle D., Arnprior ON
I wanted to confirm back to you that I received my cover. It fits great and I am sure it will keep my amp looking good for years to come.
~Fred B., Santa Clara, CA
The Dumble cover is a perfect fit! Thanks for your diligence & patience in the multiple measurement updates. Next up for consideration is a Leslie model 145 cover.
~David D., King, NC
Once again you have done it the cover for my Dr Z Amp fits perfect..Once again Thank You for making a great product !!!!
~Albert M., IN
the cover arrived yesterday and fits perfectly. Thanks for your help!
~Lawrence S., Rochester NY
I told you I was going to get back with you on how my clamshell gigbag is doing (Gibson Goldtone GA-30rvs). ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! I cannot believe how much easier it is to load in and out with the clamshell vs. an amp transporter (road case). Fit and finish is top notch. I have even received many compliments from other musicians about how cool it looks. This truly is a fine, hand-crafted piece of gear. As far as durability goes...I have put it through a lot of load ins and outs over the past few weeks without a single tear in material ... Again, accolades in crafting a truly fine product. I wish the very best for you and your company in the future and will be glad to have you make me another cover/clamshell in the future (when I get another amp). Please pass my thanks on to your employees.
~Michael H
Thanks for the great customer support. One of the reasons I keep coming back!!
~Robert K. Leonardtown, M
Perfect fit. Thanks
~Kjetil S., Akershus, Norway
I received the gig bag and it fits and works perfect. Thought youíd like to know! Thanks again for the professional work,
~Judy Ann C., Sequim, WA
Got my case today. Ruching it out was so nice of you. Thanks again perfect fit! saved my 74 vibrolux.
~Dru A., Lafayette, Indiana
The cover arrived Thurs. PM. It fits great and looks fantastic! A 43 year old amp needs a nice cozy place to rest . Thanks.
~Kent V., Lodi, CA
sweet! it's so rare to purchase a product that EXCEEDS expectations. Made it easy to write a great testimonial. I hope all is well out there.
~Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
Just wanted to let you know that I received my cover and it fits great. Thanks so much, I'm glad my precious Budda will be protected now!
~Justin P., Baltimore, MD
Just got my Vox cover and as usual fits like a glove. I love your product which is why it is my 4th cover. Function,form and good looks you guys are A+++. It's fun dealing with a company that puts quality and customer satisfaction at the top of their list.
~Greg L., Lisle, IL
Just wanted to say that the cover for my 610XLT fits like a glove. Beautiful fit and finish.
~Geir B. Norway