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What People Are Saying
Received my cover for the Traynor. Fits perfectly....Thanks again!!
~Rob N., Chicago IL
I received 3 clamshell case in Hawaii a month ago. I came back yesterday and check the cases. 3 cases are perfect fit to my Matchless amps.
~Yoshihiro M., Kobe, JAPAN
I just received my black Carr Rambler cover. I love it!!! I also like the Carr logo. Nice touch.
~John R., Naples FL
The amp cover arrived today and fit perfectly... thank you for your attention to detail and the pleasure of your correspondence which 'fit' equally as well! Until we do it again...Love & Peace,
~Jeffrey M., New York, NY
Just wanted to let you know that I received my cover and it fits great. Thanks so much, I'm glad my precious Budda will be protected now!
~Justin P., Baltimore, MD
Hi. My cover arrived and fits perfectly. Great product. Thanks.
~John D., Allentown PA
I just got my cover and i must say I'm very pleased. great workmanship and fast service. Very top notch.
~Maui Mark
The bag you made for my SR Technologies Jam 150 arrived yesterday. The fit is perfect and it is just what I had in mind! Excellent work! Thank you very much!
~Pete S., Centennial, CO
When I was a little boy (a loooooong time ago) my dear mother taught me, "Make sure you always say 'Thank you' at least as loudly as you say 'Please.'" I'm writing to thank you folks for great stuff backed by great service and communication. Having gotten one of your covers for my Groundswell board, I already knew what kind of work you did when I ordered a cover for my new Carr Impala. The Impala was a big investment for me and – between my age and the sweet tone it produces – most likely the last amp I'll ever own. (Hopefully, that still represents a lot of notes and miles and years …) I didn't bother to check out any other sites; you were my go-to. Life's been pretty busy and I'd actually had the amp cover for a good week or more before I even took it out of the shipping box. I spread the clamshell out, set the Impala on it … and immediately thought, "Oh, man – this is too small. It's never gonna fit." And then proceeded to grin like a fool as I slowly zipped the cover up around the Carr – and proved myself wrong. What a fit! In an age of "Close enough" and "Good enough" and "Yeah – whatever," your covers are a mix of precision and soul. It's obvious you care about what you do and the folks who use your products. Thanks so much. Know that you make me smile every time I have to lug my gear … and that's a good thing.
~Brian R., Nobleboro ME
I got my cover today and it is sweet. Looks great and fits like a glove! I am very happy.
~Jim F., Belcamp, MD.
You made a set of cases for my Bogner Shiva head and 2x12 cabinet about 6 years ago. I just want to say thanks. I still have the amp, and the cases are great. They have always fit just right, the zippers are holding up perfectly, and all in all I can't imagine better cases for someone that has to "carry his own". I sprung for the extra padded cases with leather bottoms, and they are worth every cent. You do excellent work, and I will buy cases from you the next time I get a new amp.
~Jon K., Portland, OR
I received my cover yesterday afternoon. Fits and looks great. Thanks for the great customer service. Looking forward to doing business in the future.
~Rob A. Oneonta, NY
I got my new clam shell for my Carr Mercury. Wow... the quality is fantastic. I really appreciate your personal and fast service. You are the BEST.
~Tommy M., South Bend IN
The slip arrived today and fits perfectly, you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to buying one for my 4x12 flextone cab!!
~Derek P
I just got the bag from UPS, and it fits perfectly. I'm about to make a post on the Z forum (ztalk) about your outstanding product service and responsiveness.
~Thomas L., Columbia SC
The cover arrived today. It fits like the proverbial glove. Thank you so much for your help and punctiliousness. Gotta love standardized measurement. Every time a potential ding is thwarted by your fine cover, I will turn towards California and offer a heartfelt thank you
~Chilese, Peoria, AZ
Got my cover....great job! Fits perfect, nice material, looks great!
~Michael C., Putnam Valley NY
The dust cover came and is a perfect fit!!! Thank you so much! Sorry it was such a project to get the measurements correct but you hit it out of the park. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~Nicholas W., Menifee CA
I only wanted to let you know that the four clamshell gig bags and dust covers arrived yesterday. They’re absolutely fantastic, look great and their fit is perfect. I only regret not buying them years ago and I’ll be sure to recommend them to anyone I come across, looking for serious quality covers - thank you so much. :)
~Matthías B., Iceland
The covers arrived today in fine condition. Best of all, they all fit excellently! So your new pattern numbers 8653 and 8654 are accurate and your older number 7100 works just as well. The quality is excellent, too. Thanks for the custom pockets, quick response time, and all around great products. I'll be glad to recommend you to my musician acquaintances and friends, and I'll be back for more as my needs dictate.
~Ray F., Bakersfield, CA
I recently received the new brown Studio Slip cover for my Carr Rambler combo amp, and I just wanted to take a moment to say how truly pleased I am with it. It fits perfectly, looks fantastic, and with the added storage in the back, it has provided me with everything I could have ever wanted... So, thanks for your efforts in preparing it for us.
~Sherri G., Kailua, HI
The pedal board covers were perfect, just what I was after. Many thanks
~Keith G., Philadelphia PA
The Dumble cover is a perfect fit! Thanks for your diligence & patience in the multiple measurement updates. Next up for consideration is a Leslie model 145 cover.
~David D., King, NC
Sorry for the delay ? Received the cover. Wow! What a great job. Fits like a cover!! Cool Design.
~Rick D., Montclair, VA
Elation DMX-Operator 192 Ch DMX Controller (padded cover) - Hi, I received it today and it fits perfect, thanks again!
~Robert L., Georgetown, TX
I received my latest studio slip and my first clam shell style, and all I can say is "WOW!" Perfect fit - which is really a feat for an amp that is almost brand new to market! Thanks so much for making such a great product!
~Joe C., Loveland OH
Just to let you know I pickup the cover over the weekend and I am very pleased with it, the fit is perfect. (Roland VGA7)
I just received my cover. It looks nice. Fit's like a glove! I will be ordering one for my cabinet soon.
~Aaron K., Flat Rock MI
The cover came today! It's beautiful! And it fits perfectly!
~Andy A., Lawndale, CA
The Studio Slips case for my little Atmars amp head arrived and, as usual, it fits great!! Thanks again for the awesome service and product! Won't be long before I place an order with you again. Until that time---all the best to you.
~Peter Z., Los Angeles, CA
Many thanks for a fast delivery of an excellent product that fits perfectly on my Mesa Boogie.
~Goran H., Skärholmen, Sweden
Just received my second clamshell soft case. Absolutely perfect fit with my '55 Fender Deluxe in small cabinet and looks so great !! Thx so much !
~Toshiya A., Japan
These came out really great -- thanks again!
~Tom P.,
Hi. Just wanted to let you know I received the covers I ordered & they fit perfectly. Thank you.
~Marc D
The amp cover fits like a glove and looks great (Swart Amps ST-6V6se Tweed 1x8 combo). Thank you.
~Mike R., San Lorenzo, CA
I received my briefcase gig bag today, after a train derailment delayed the shipment, and I cannot be more pleased with the bag! My amplifier fits PERFECTLY and the workmanship is terrific!
~Greg R., Bolingbrook, IL
I wanted to let you know that I just received my two Clamshell Bags for my speaker cabinet and Twin Reverb head and they fit perfectly. Fantastic quality too! Bill Kirchen turned me on to your company and I'm glad he did. I'll have another order or two for you shortly!
~Fred W., Harmony, RI
I just received the covers that you made for my Acoustic amp head and speaker cab. I really love them! They fit like a glove, and I like the feature for the handles. The brown color is perfect, and I like the decals too. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job, and working so quickly as well. It would have been impossible for me to find an amp cover that would work for my amp. Thanks for the custom work that you do. Thanks also for not charging extra for the brown material. (Brown really is my color, rather than black :) ) Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything!
~Kate R., Greencastle, IN
The clamshell fits like a glove. Great product with top notch materials and construction.
~Paul G
Hello, received the slips. They are perfect. Excellent work! Thank you
~Grady P., Shakopee MN
Just a note to let you know that the slip case fits perfectly around my Lexicon effects unit!
~Craig M., Kendall Park NJ
The fit is perfect as usual.
~Bruce R. NY
I got the clamshell gig bag cover for the Victoria 5112 and it fits perfectly. Thanks again.
~Orley A
It arrived a couple of hours ago, perfect fit, great cover!! Now I can get it out of the house without scraping the walls. Many thanks for prompt service.
~Bob M
Thank you so much for the rush (and the brown!) on the Louis head slipcover -- it came today and I was very happy! You rock, as you always have!!!
~Bob M., Golden CO
... I received the gigbag for my Soldano Decatone head! What a great fit! I am very happy with it, and the bag looks rugged enough to protect my amp for quite some time!
Hello from Nashville... The slips are holding up great. We have been on the road for about 3 weeks. We have been to Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and of course here in Tennessee. I have not had a single problem. What an outstanding product and a great American Company. We are going to be entering the studio to record a full length CD. When it is done I will send you one.
~Johnny B
I just received my Studio Slips custom made cover for my mint condition vintage Roland Cube-60 Chorus. I couldn't be more pleased. At first I was concerned when I called Susan the owner because my model amp was not listed on their extensive list. She patiently walked me through the measuring process. To my surprise it not only fit perfectly, it arrived in New York two weeks earlier than expected. I choose the 3/4 inch padding, which was a wise choice. I own five guitar amps. I will continue using Studio Slips for my equipment and showing off my proud purchase.
~Brian B., Ronkonkoma NY
Hiya Susan! Wow your covers are FAB! They are really good quality, thankyou soooooo much!
~Tim S., Fareham, GREAT BRITAIN
I want to thank you and Susan for the great covers you made for me! The fit is perfect and they look really nice, too. :) The full leather bottoms are just what we need here in the snow belt. Thanks very much for the quick service.
~Jeffrey S., Cleveland Hts, OH.