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What People Are Saying
I received case today! That's great and cute! Just fitted my AMP. Thank you so much!!
~Hiroki A., Tokyo, Japan
I just received the package, today. It's perfect and looks great! Thank you so much,
~Ed M., Sammamish WA
I just received the brown padded slip cover for my Vox AC-30 today. It looks fantastic and fits perfectly.I just placed an order for two more slip covers...
~Mike M., Plymouth, MN
You did an awesome work as always, it fits like a glove for my little head amp. Great quality and service. Thanks you so much to you and your staff !
~David F., Prades le Lez FRANCE
When I was a little boy (a loooooong time ago) my dear mother taught me, "Make sure you always say 'Thank you' at least as loudly as you say 'Please.'" I'm writing to thank you folks for great stuff backed by great service and communication. Having gotten one of your covers for my Groundswell board, I already knew what kind of work you did when I ordered a cover for my new Carr Impala. The Impala was a big investment for me and – between my age and the sweet tone it produces – most likely the last amp I'll ever own. (Hopefully, that still represents a lot of notes and miles and years …) I didn't bother to check out any other sites; you were my go-to. Life's been pretty busy and I'd actually had the amp cover for a good week or more before I even took it out of the shipping box. I spread the clamshell out, set the Impala on it … and immediately thought, "Oh, man – this is too small. It's never gonna fit." And then proceeded to grin like a fool as I slowly zipped the cover up around the Carr – and proved myself wrong. What a fit! In an age of "Close enough" and "Good enough" and "Yeah – whatever," your covers are a mix of precision and soul. It's obvious you care about what you do and the folks who use your products. Thanks so much. Know that you make me smile every time I have to lug my gear … and that's a good thing.
~Brian R., Nobleboro ME
I recieved the studio slip covers for my Dr Z stuff and they are excellent. Just like a big winter coat for all my equipment. Thats important up here in Canada.
~Terry F., CANADA
Thank you Susan and staff! Just received the clamshell bag and it's a perfect fit!
~Eric F., Hatboro PA
Just want to say that I just received my Studio Slips covers and they fit perfectly. Thanks again for your wonderful help and an amazing product.
~Frank K., Toronto, Canada
I would like to thank you for the speedy service in sending my order. It was a present for my Husband and he is delighted with it.
~Catherine R., GREAT BRITIAN
Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the custom slipcover that I received! God bless! Have a wonderful holiday!
~Ron S., Lititz, PA
I got the amp cover and I love it. Thanks!!
~Brent B., Kobe City, JAPAN
I just wanted to let you know I received the gig bag for the CPS Spacestation this morning. I’m really glad we double checked and increased the length; it’s an exact fit. Thank you for the excellent work, and I’ll make sure others hear about Studio Slips!
~Rod S., Canada
love the cover! thanks Susan…
~David L., Sherman Oaks CA
Hi Susan, You're way more...."than a bit of alright" !!!! You do it it should be done....and then some !!!
~Dennis S., Roseville, CA
Open-mouth smile Hi Susan, Just got the clamshell for my MKII today. I'm so glad as I have a festival to do sunday and really didn't want to subject my new head cab to any abuse if possible. Worked out great. thank you so much and tell Mike thanks as well.
~(the other Jeff Watson) No Ranger here.
It was delivered yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks the part. Thank you.
~Dave N. Helden Netherlands
Slip arrived....looks good. Fits perfectly. Thanks.
~William K., Alexandria, VA
I received the slip cover yesterday, and it was just as adorable as expected! (I have purchased one earlier from you, so I knew what to expect).
~Morten H., Norway
I just received my new cover in the mail. It looks and fits....great! Thanks so much for your wonderful product and service. The double padding should do a fine job protecting my beloved hardwood Mesa Boogie Mark II-B from the world's hard knocks.
~Rick T
Wow! What classy covers. Truly fantastic and everything fits real well. Totally worth it. Now I have to get more amps and speaker cabs just so I can pamper them with your groovy stuff... A very satisfied customer,
~Jerry M., New York, NY
i finally received your bag. I paid a total of 173,10 €, which is just a few € less than a flight case in best quality costs. So I must say, your products are quite expensive here, after shipping costs and european taxes. But.... but... what a quality!! The bag fits just perfect! It seams to protect my amp very well, even the briefcase looks and feels very sturdy. Thanks a lot for your work! I will recommend your products anywhere without a doubt. You should open a second factory here in europe. You would have no competitors at all, really. Best wishes for the new year, and thanks again,
~Luis T., Erlangen, GERMANY
Fits like a silk glove on a chickens beak. Thank you very much for the exellent amp cover and service.............................
~Bill B., Powell River BC CANADA
Received and it's perfect!
~Tim M. New Middletown, OH
You've done it again! FANTASTIC!!!! Studio Slips are at every gig I play. I don't have to worry about my gear anymore. With Studio Slips I truly am covered!!!! Rock On!!!!
~James H. Weatherford, TX
I have the cover... just perfect!!!! thanks a lot.
~Eduardo M., BA, Argentina
I received my studio slips and everything fit perfectly! These are the best covers I have ever used for my gear. Now I won't have to worry about my Morgan RCA35 Head and Cab getting banged around in transport. Thanks again!!
~Teresa W., Santa Cruz CA
Just wanted to let you know the case came today. What a great case! And again, thanks so much for the awesome customer service!
~Casey S., Rhinelander, WI
Just a word of thanks for the nice work you did on the briefcase gig bag for my Behringer x32 Compact mixer. The bag fits perfectly, and the work-woman-ship is stellar. You also got it out in record time. I didn't expect to be using it barely two weeks after I placed the order.
~Bob L., Colorado Springs CO
Perfect! Thank you – the slip matches perfectly.
~David T., Portsmouth, NH
Received it today and it was a perfect fit thank you again.
~Terrence F., Long Beach NY
I received the amp cover today and it fits beautifully and looks terrific. Thank you for doing such fine work!
~Stefan S., Trumansburg NY
that is some super fast shipping. Never before have I actually received a shipment from the USA within three days. To the extent that you can help this: thanks! The bag is just perfect.
~Matthijs D., Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I just received the slip cover and gig bag for my David Eden cab and head and they fit and look GREAT! I will recommend Studio Slips to ALL my playing peers.
~Jason S., Clearfield, PA.
Susan- the cover arrived today. It looks great, and fits PERFECTLY! Thanks so much for a great product.
~Adam B., Washington DC
The Studio Slips case for my little Atmars amp head arrived and, as usual, it fits great!! Thanks again for the awesome service and product! Won't be long before I place an order with you again. Until that time---all the best to you.
~Peter Z., Los Angeles, CA
Got my cover today. It's fantastic! Thank you and everyone at Studio Slips! I'll be sure to spread the word.
~Steve L., Metairie LA
Hi Cole, I have received them and they're great. I couldn't be more pleased with these covers. They're a perfect fit and great workmanship. Thanks to all at Studio Slips. I'll be recommending y'all to everyone. Thanks again
~Chet O., Wimberley, TX
Thanks Susan - another perfect fit!
~Tom P., East Lansing, M
Got the slips—and they work perfectly.
~David K., Austin, TX.
Hello You guys at Studio Slips..Just received my cover for the Mesa Heartbreaker Combo, and I am blown away by the look and fit. You really do what you say. Expect me back for my other cabs!
~Dan S., Wisconsin Dells, WI
Just got my studio slip. It fits so perfectly I was afraid for a minute that it wouldn't fit. There's no extra space in there (which is what you want from a case). FITS LIKE A GLOVE. thanks Studio Slips. was a total pleasure ordering from you.
~Jake B. Brooklyn, NY
I received my cover today and I just wanted to thank you personally for doing such a great job. The cover fits perfectly and looks great, and I have no doubt that it will last a lifetime.
~Dennis G., Tampico, IL
I've been using your clamshell cover ( the Maz18 head cover is mine, and the Route 66 cover went to my friend ) and I'm loving it! Great product! I've been recommending you to my friends, I think one friend might be ordering a cover from you soon for his Aiken amp head. Thanks for your excellent service. Kind regards ( from downunder )
~Al, Australia
Finally today Belgian customs ?released? the beautiful manufactured amp-cover. Just in time before the winter starts :-).
~Hans T., Tongeren, BELGIUM
I received the cover today and it fits like a glove! (Glaswerks Zingaro)
~Jeffy D., San Diego, CA
I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I am really happy with my slip covers. You do great work!
~Phil W., Toluca Lake CA
Received my cover for tweed Super Amp, fits like a glove!
~Bill F., Ventura CA
I received my order, and the covers fit perfectly. Thanks for making a great product.
~Robert B., Saratoga, CA
Last night I slipped the cover on the speaker when I got home. The fit is nice and tight. Professional look. Now we'll see how it holds up to constant use! I will recommend your gear to anyone who asks. I'm guessing you must rely on word of mouth alot! I was impressed with the time you took to double check measurements, etc.......good stuff.
~Michael L., Garfield Heights, OH
I want to personally thank you on behalf of Gloria Speck, & Cass Broadview, for building me the clamshell case for my new Milkman Half & Half Amplifier Head. I received your clamshell case as a gift, that is why I am writing on their behalf. It fits just fantastic. I have never owned one of your products before, and how the ladies heard of you, I'm not sure. But anyways, just a fantastic fit, and workmanship is second to none. Again, thank you for building this fine product. Here is a link to the forum write up about my amplifier, and photos of your wonderful case.
~George Redmon, Gloria Speck Cass Broadview