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Peavey Classic 30 1x12 Combo Dust Cover

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This non padded, Black Slip Cover fits the Peavey Classic 30 1x12 Combo as well as the Lil' Dawg 1x12 Combo (with 6.5" handle)

  • Height: 16.25"
  • Top Depth: 10"
  • Bottom Depth 11.25
  • Width: 19.875"
  • Feet Height: .5"
  • Handle - 1" x 6" and 4.5" from the back of the amp to back of the handle (centered from left to right)

Always double check the dimensions BEFORE you place an order!

Selling to clear shelves at 30% off retail!

The photos above are generic images and serve just as representations of the described slip cover.

Made with tough Water Proof 1000 Denier Nylon Canvas. Strong and durable to protect your amp!

The Slip Cover fits like a glove, with a heavily reinforced handle opening and a sewn in handle flap to protect underneath the handle. These openings will never fray or come apart like the more commonly bound openings.

Handmade in the USA! 

Order yours now and we will ship between 1-3 business days.

Price: $45.00
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