Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. While we too are impacted, and our production is limited, we continue to receive orders and wish to help others less fortunate.

We are giving a 10% refund on every order received at this time which can be used by the customer, or can be added to a fund and donated to a musician in need.

We’re working with pandemicoflove.com (Pandemic of Love). These fine people are matching folks in need with folks who can help. Once we receive your order, we’ll ask you if you’d like the refund for yourself, or would you like your refund to be compiled with a weekly donation to one specific musician in need. If you are in need, or can help, please click on their help page.

Donations thus far:  $1,411.45 to #pandemicoflove and $654.75 direct to our customers

Please be safe and be well.
Susan & Cole Bendinelli