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What People Are Saying
Nice job looks great!
~Kent S., Surprise AZ
Thank you for the beautiful cover. You make a very fine Two Rock will wear it proudly!
~Michael S., Placentia CA
Just a quick note to let you know I received the amp covers and both are perfect.
~Jack M. Naperville, IL
You folks are the best! I meant to e-mail late Monday, thatís when I got the corrected covers. Iím so happy you took care of my mistake so quickly! You donít notice the seams unless you know that they are there! (Thatís just you and me!) Thanks again! Iíll have to buy something else so that I can get a great cover from you again, and Iím telling my friends to use your stuff!
~Ed N., Buffalo Grove IL
Thank you for your Custom Leo 212/115 cabinet covers. They fit great, I have already passed on info to the store that converted my Mark I from a combo to a head for me. He liked the idea of the Boogie cover being padded. Hope he sends some business your way. After I received the covers, I waited to get my Boogie back just to make sure everything fit, even though I knew they would. I just placed an order for for my Ampeg BA-112. I will keep passing your info along as often as possible. It is a great product.
~Tommy H., Woodridge, IL
The Studio Slips case for my little Atmars amp head arrived and, as usual, it fits great!! Thanks again for the awesome service and product! Won't be long before I place an order with you again. Until that time---all the best to you.
~Peter Z., Los Angeles, CA
The bag that you sent to Paris arrived and Philip reports it works perfect. It arrived just one day before he leaves Paris for 2 gigs down south in the Pyrenees. Thanks!
~David A., Falls Church, VA
The clamshell gig bag--back pocket and all--for the Fishman amp arrived in good order today and fits beautifully. Thank you.
~Tony M. Palo Alto, CA
The clamshell fits like a glove !! Thanks so much for the fast service. My Dr Z is now ready for the Canadian winter !!
~Michael L., CANADA
I received my Clamshell for my Matchless Lightning yesterday. It fits perfectly and is very classy looking. I have two more covers left to order so I will be contacting you soon.
~Chris V., Broussard, LA
I just received the cover for my Dr Z amp, and I must say that I am one happy customer once again! It arrived here in Australia quicker than you quoted me, and it is a perfect fit. It?s on the amp right now and it looks so good I almost don?t want to remove it to play the amp! I?ll be back for more.
~Al R., New South Wales, Australia
I got the cover and it worked out great. thanks again!
~Danny S., Austin TX
My Maverick 112 slip cover arrived the other day. It fits snug and I'm happy with the options. The strap pulled the cover tightly down and the pocket is just the right size for a chord and songbooks. I hope not to hit doorframes too often but the double paddling is good insurance. I'm also glad that the brown is a different shade from many of the less expensive ones. It looks and feels top shelf. Thanks for the great customer service.
~Marty G., Virginia Beach, VA
Sorry I didn't get to thank you. The cover you made is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Thank-You so much for a beautiful product.
~Robert O., Valley Stream, NY
The amp cover fits and looks great, the side pocket was a very good idea. Thank you. My Dr Z amp is well taken care of.
Greetings Susan and Crew, Well, I received the clamshells for my Deluxe amps. Wow!!!!!! I am so pleased. Better than I expected and my expectations were high. I'm so glad I got the brown too. They fit perfectly. Can't thank you enough. Now I want bags for all my amps!!!!! :)
~Tony F., Columbus, MS
I just received my Milkmamn Half and Half cover and I couldn't be more pleased. The looks and the fit are superb and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks so much for such a quality product
~Clark D., Lone Jack MO
I got the covers yesterday -- AMAZING QUALITY!!! I am blown away -- both items were perfect, snug fits. I am VERY pleased with your product!! :) Thanks for dealing with the UPS issue -- you got that resolved fast! :) I'll definitely be recommending you guys to my friends -- great work!
~Bryan J., Oklahoma City, OK
Just received my clamshell case for my Tone King amp and it fits perfectly! What a great piece of gear. I am extremely happy.
~Kevin K., Des Moines IA
I received the cover for my Morgan DAG15 Combo yesterday and the amp was just delivered today. i put on the cover and it's a perfect fit. I really like the cover, it looks very durable and i love the rear pocket.
~Eric G., West Seneca, NY
The padded cover for my Fargen 49x54 came today and the experience of putting it on the amp was pure bliss. It couldn't fit any better if I had brought the amp to Santa Rosa and left it with you. Your fitting is magic and the workmanship (workwomanship) is beyond compare. Thanks so much!! I waited a long time to find the Fargen and now it has a cover that matches its fine quality.
~Gary P., Berkeley, CA
Hi Susan, I picked up the cover yesterday and am very pleased with the quality work(personship). This thing fits like a glove in every way! My wife was extremely pleased...bonus. Thank you and your staff.
~Jim McC., Odessa, ON, CANADA
Just a note to say thanks for another great amp cover. The Xits X10 clam shell arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly.
~Ed D., Burlington NC
I received my slip cover and it fits perfect. Many thanks to all it took to make and ship it to me.
~Charles A., Westlake Village CA
G'day Susan, The cover for my speaker box has arrived and it's a perfect fit. Thank you for the excellent work and extremely fast turn around. The cover arrived on Tuesday last week, which I would have been happy with from any Australian store. Considering you're on the other side of the planet, this is VERY impressive customer service. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
~Reece D., Warners Bay, AUSTRALIA
Just wanted to let you know the cover arrived. It looks very well made, fits perfectly, and I'm very pleased with it. Many thanks.
~Tony H, Bermuda
wouldn't you know I walked out to garage last night and it was there...fits great, looks I can afford to haul the amp out with me!...
~ William K., Alexandria, VA
Susan -- the cover arrived yesterday -- great fit, perfect, actually. Thanks very much!
~Keith T
I just received my new Studio Slip for my Vox AV 60 amplifier and it is awesome. The fit is perfect and the quality is excellent. I could not be happier. Thank you very much!
~Michael W., Tucson AZ
The bag for my harmonium arrived last Friday, literally ten minutes before I was taking it to a gig! It fits perfectly, and is really what I was looking for. Well made, makes the harmonium easier to carry than that bulky, ripped up one I was using. Terrific!...
~R. Davis, Boston, MA
Got it today, and had no problem slipping it over and around the monster amp. The fit is amazingly perfect! The coolest part is seeing the handle 2/3 of the way up the amp, and when I pick it up it balances PERFECTLY. Dude, this case is AWESOME! Thank you so much for working so hard to make this JUST RIGHT and for being so great to do business with! I'll definitely be sending other customers your way!
~Morgan B., Aledo TX
Just got the Reason Grande head briefcase gig bag.... LOVE IT!! I'm getting another one for my Jackson Britain head. This is fantastic!! Be expecting another order in early Feb!
~Eric K., Jackson, MS
I got my Blues Jr. gig bag this week. I wanted to let you know that It fits perfectly and looks really cool with the Fender amp logo patches you put on it for me. As always, you did a great job.
~Steve M., Rockville, MD
i received the clamshell for my mazerati gt head today. it fits great, with room for the cord in the back. thanks so much for the great (expedited) work and customer service. i'll recommend you to anyone interested.
~John S., Oak Park, MI
Wonderful! Looks great next to my SS encased Space tone!
~Richard M., MN
Thanks Susan- I just received it and am totally pleased. You make a great product!
~Skot J., Bryan, TX
Susan, I received my case cover today and I am more than pleased. It is a perfect fit with the superb quality as well. I have taken the liberty to post on about your company and manufacturing custom case covers. I am sure you will be receiving additional orders. Thanks again.
~Bob M., Las Vegas, NV
Received the cover, it is perfect! Thank you so much, I will be ordering the cabinet cover soon! Thanks again,
~Jason R., Duffield, VA
Dear Ms. B, If the phrase "perfect fit" were in the dictionary, a picture of one of your covers would be next to it. By golly, I think you've got this sewing thing figured out. I have the best dressed amplifiers in Mississippi, and that's because of you. 😄🎶 Thanks as always, Clint
~Clint J., Taylor, Miss.
the cover is just perfect. great quality, thanks again suzan
~Nicolas F. France
We've completed the 100th episode and seven seasons of "Creepy KOFY Movietime" and we are proud that Studio Slips has been in almost every single one of them! -
~James, The Deadlies., Napa, CA
I received the clamshell gig bags for the Two Rock TS-1 and 2-12" cabinet today. They're perfect!! Of course, I guess I should have expected that. You're the best!
~Steve F., Roanoke, VA
I picked up the padded cover at UPS today and it fits perfect as usual. Great job once again. Thanks................
~Brian C., Waterford CT
I just wanted to let you know that I received my new Padded Slip Cover for my Carr Mercury. It fits great and I am really enjoying being able to protect my investment.
~Aaron B., St. Peter, MN
Thanks for a great slip! The craftsmanship and build quality are top notch and the fit is perfect.
~Blaine T., San Francisco CA
got it: very nice. thnx much!
~James T., Piedmont, CA
Just in time - yesterday - I received the fantastic Cover for my second LT112 Cabinet - famous workmanship as usual Susan !!! Thanks a lot !!! Today I have a big Gig and Iīm happy to know well covered both cabinets !!!
~Armand O., Austria
It's a perfect fit, looks great. I'll use it this weekend, it should mean less worry about loading and unloading my equipment, (especially when I am tired at the end of the evening) I think the pocket will be very useful.
~Richard J., Los Gatos CA
The cover for my amp arrived this week. It fits perfectly snug and the quality of materials and construction is everything I had hoped. Now I know Studio Slips is legendary for a reasonÖ Thank you for a great product!
~Steve R., Los Angeles, CA
Perfect ...perfect... perfect fit !!!! Received your case today and it's , again, An excellent product ! Nice doing business with you !
~Douglas C., Coventry RI