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What People Are Saying
Hey, y'all: I've unfortunately neglected to write you for various reasons - life takes a hold of you sometimes... But, I feel bad about it, frankly, because I wanted to let you know as soon as I received the Clamshell Gig Bag for my PRS Sonzera 20 how pleased I was with it. Now, I've taken it to various situations across town, and I have only grown more satisfied. Part of my motivation in picking one up was not just to protect the amp from the inevitable bruises of travelling but also to consolidate most of my gear in one package. The pocket you were able to provide holds more than I expected. I can fit both of my footswitches, all of my cables, my compact guitar stand, and any sheet music, strings, power strips, etc. that I may need on a given day. Add in that the thing fits like a glove and looks so nice - I really can't overstate how well-made it is - and you have a case that I can't see anyone turning down. It's something that most musicians I encounter compliment straightaway. (The brown option is a classy touch.) I don't say this frivolously: After researching soft cases and having built my own road box for another amp, I honestly can't see why anyone would go with another option for lightweight travel. I'm able to gig 90% of the time with a one-trip carry - my guitar in one hand and basically everything else in the other. (Now, that's because I've chosen a very portable amp, but the fact remains: y'all make the best case I've seen.) I just want to give real credit where it's due because it's increasingly rare that there exists a small shop of super responsive folks doing great work to solve practical problems for the professional musician. And it's actually affordable. I'm nearly laughing as I write this because it almost sounds canned. Things just rarely are this good. If I have anything negative to say about it, it'd just be that the padding strikes me as a little thinner than I expected for "double" padding. I wouldn't really consider single padding an option if I was looking for impact protection. I mean, neither 1x or 2x is going to stop major impacts, but I still wouldn't want much less than 2x. This is a small concern, though, since I got 2x and am satisfied with how it performs. If I took this on the road more, I'd probably ask for more, though, especially for a trailer situation. But let's not leave it on a negative: I really appreciate the work you do. I wish I had more amps that needed cases, but this PRS combo is all I'm working with at the moment. I'll send folks your way if I ever can. Thanks so much,
~David G., Atlanta, GA
Just received them, they fit perfectly. Thanks for your good service.
~Guy M., Quebec, Canada
Forgive the latency of my reply, but I wanted to make sure and let you guys know that I received the covers a few weeks back - and couldn't be happier with your product! Superb quality, aesthetically appealing, and durable. Thanks again for your great customer service, and your outstanding merchandise!
~Manny C., Miami, FL
I received the covers yesterday. They look great and fit perfectly. Thanks for your fast service! Aloha.
~Mike M
Got my slip cover for the Top Hat Club Royal (11.25" deep) - fits great!! Perfect fit and is very high quality. Thanks so much for your help and I'll be in touch if I need any other covers in the future!
~Elliot H
The cover for the SWR big Bertha came today and fits like a glove! Excellent workmanship. Couldnít have hoped for more. Perfect! You Rock!!
~Tommy P., Cedar Rapids IA
I received the cover on Friday and it's absolutely perfect. Thanks,
~Joan B., Kensington, MD
The Dumble cover is a perfect fit! Thanks for your diligence & patience in the multiple measurement updates. Next up for consideration is a Leslie model 145 cover.
~David D., King, NC
My clam shell covers came today for my Port City Pearl and my 1x12 OS Wave cab. They fit like a glove! Awesome, thanks!!! Well worth the wait.
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received my cover and itís fantastic! Thank you for the excellent product and customer service.
~Douglas W., Winthroop, WA
Just a quick note/update: the two covers I ordered from you are fantastic -- super- sturdy and nice looking! Now I need to upgrade all my other covers! I've been telling my friends about your products, too.
~Dr. Marc Y., CA
I purchased a Studio Slip cover for my Swart AST 6 months ago. From the day I received the cover, I have admired the quality and attention to detail that was put into creating this. It fits perfectly, has a gorgeous inner lining, and provides complete protection including a flap underneath the handle. I also own a Fender 65 DRRI, Buddha SuperDrive, and Mesa Mini Rectifier, that have their own covers, and none remotely compare to this. I will only purchase a Studio Slip cover for my future boutique amplifiers.
~Harley T.
The slip arrived today, looks great and fits snugly. Thanks so much, will do business again!
~Mike P., Shady Grove, PA
The bag for my harmonium arrived last Friday, literally ten minutes before I was taking it to a gig! It fits perfectly, and is really what I was looking for. Well made, makes the harmonium easier to carry than that bulky, ripped up one I was using. Terrific!...
~R. Davis, Boston, MA
I just want to say thank you for making a fantastic cover for my Lerxst Chi. It fits like a glove. Perfect! This wasn't my first order from you and I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again soon. Cheers!
~Andrew S., Conklin NY
wouldn't you know I walked out to garage last night and it was there...fits great, looks I can afford to haul the amp out with me!...
~ William K., Alexandria, VA
Hey Susan! I realized I never had the opportunity last year to thank you for the pedal board bag and the amp cover! They're both wonderful and have held up well during the past couple tours. I love how well they're made, obviously you guys pay close attention to detail!
~John S., Los Angeles, CA
Hey Susan, great job on the cover for my Swart SST-30 head and cab. I have so many cabs and amps if you could ever make a red color as well as the brown and black that would be great!!!
~Kevin L., San Lorenzo, CA
Got the cover, and my Princeton Reverb is now snug as a bug in a rug. Thanks again and enjoy the Spring!
~Rob B., Farmingham, Mass.
Thanks so much the perfect job on the cover. Fits like a glove. You're the Best!!
~Eric H., Trinidad, CA
Greetings Susan and Crew, Well, I received the clamshells for my Deluxe amps. Wow!!!!!! I am so pleased. Better than I expected and my expectations were high. I'm so glad I got the brown too. They fit perfectly. Can't thank you enough. Now I want bags for all my amps!!!!! :)
~Tony F., Columbus, MS
The Studio Slips Clamshell and dust cover were major selling points and the reason for getting the best price possible when I sold my older Atomics. I had them on Craig's List for only 3 hours before they were sold. The buyer was impressed with the care put into having covers like that and figured the gear was probably well taken care of as well so he had no issue paying the original asking price. One of the easiest sales I've ever had. :-)
~Scotty B. NewRichmond, WI
The cover arrived and it looks great, just like it says on your website. I'll be getting another amp in September and hopefully you can make me a cover for that one.
~Jay L., El Mirage, AZ
...They fit perfectly, as usual you did a marvelous job. Thanks you so much!...
~Jonny B., Haifa, Israel
The package arrived at my house in Alameda today. It fits the amp perfectly! The case is padded enough for protection, but still light enough to carry. There's enough room to put a little bit of bubble wrap to protect it during my travels. Thanks again! I will be sure to recommend you to people I know.
~Melquis N. Alameda, CA
The cover arrived a day early much to my surprise and delight. It fits perfectly and is premium quality to be sure. This won?t be the last time I order from you. I had some experience with your competitors in the past and there is simply no comparison, yours is a superior product. I?ll make sure everybody that checks out the Brown Sugar also checks out the cover.
~Ted D
Susan, beautiful job on the B-3 cover. Fits perfectly. Looks great! Thanks, I know it was a lot of trouble.
~John K., Scotts Valley, CA
I received the Studio Slips for the London and the 2x12 Cab today, the only thing that looks better than the amps in those covers, is the amps out of those covers (what can I say? They're 65 Amps). They fit perfectly and I am totally pleased. Thank you again for your good services.
~Matthew G., Woodinville, WA
The amp cover arrived today and it fits! I'm a happy camper....thanks for your help. Take the rest of the day off. 👍
~Darwin S., West Union IA
The bag fits perfectly, thanks!
~Tor Egil B., OSLO, Norway
Wanted to let you know, once again, what a fantastic job you did with my custom bag!!!! Everything fits perfectly, and your craft remains best-of-the-best!!! I?m really thankful you are out there working as you do!! Look forward to needing something else in the future?.
~Michael L., Denver, CO
The amp cover arrived, it fits perfectly. It's awesome.
~Carlo R., Nebbiuno, ITALY
The Bludotone Ported 1x12 Cabinet #3781 fits perfectly. I wanted to make sure since it's a new cover #. Love it.
~David G., Freeburg, IL
Got the cover today and it is fantastic! Thanks very much for all of your assistance.
~Jonathan K., Union, NJ
Thank you for your help and attention to detail! The 3 Studio Slips arrived today and all three fit perfectly. :)
~Scott P., Bay Village, OH.
Hello from Nashville... The slips are holding up great. We have been on the road for about 3 weeks. We have been to Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and of course here in Tennessee. I have not had a single problem. What an outstanding product and a great American Company. We are going to be entering the studio to record a full length CD. When it is done I will send you one.
~Johnny B
The covers fit perfectly and look great! Thanks for the fair price, also :)
~David T., Winthrop MA
My friends have received their bass clarinet case covers. We three all perform with the Plano Clarinet Choir here in north Dallas. Well, they both are completely convinced that the case cover you made for me is only the beginning of what SS can do. You have two more customers for life. It's my pleasure to tell people about your company. Keep on keepin' on. You'll be receiving lots more orders from me and my music friends.
~Warren R., Plano TX
I received the bag today & it fits perfect! Thanks for the super-fast service & excellent quality product!
~George C., New Castle, DE
I must tell you how extremely pleased I am with the clamshell amp case I just received from you. Perfect fit, superb seam work, stout zipper, thick black leather runners ó just pure excellence for my Carr Rambler. This is the best custom case work Iíve ever seen. Letís do this again sometime soon!
~Dave M., Nampa, ID
Hello Susan and all at Studio Slips, I just received the clamshell cover for the Bogner Goldfinger 45 combo and as usual, it was a slam dunk fit. Thanks and best wishes,
~Peter A., Chicago, IL
I just wanted to let you know that everything about them is PERFECT!! They fit better than I could have ever expected. Thank you for your product. I will be telling all my musician friends about your covers. I am very pleased and thank you again for all your help and attention in the detail of your product.
~Byron K., Cambridge City, IN
Just received the cover for my Bad Cat 15 and it fits like a glove! Excellent cover and great craftmanship! I will be ordering covers for my other amps as well!
~Mike M., Parker, CO
Just wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job on my amp cover. It looks good and I feel like its really protected now.
~Mem S., LA
I just received my amp cover and it is beautiful! Thank you.
~Richard B., Duluth MN
It arrived today and, like everything else you have ever sold me, itís perfect.
~Andrew D., Corte Madera, CA
Perfect fit! Man, can I measure or what? Oh, you did a nice job too.
~Rolf T., Rockford, Ill.
I received all of the clamshells today. They look great! Iím really happy with the way they turned out.
~Patrick S., Saginaw TX
Fits perfectly. Looks great!
~Dave C., San Francisco CA
I *LOVE* the cover you made for my DR. Z Maz 18. It fits *PERFECTLY*!! The only downside is that I didnít find you soon enough and Iím now going to have to have my amp re-tolexed (it got pretty chewed up over the years). The good news is with that cover Iíll never have to worry about it again!! Great job; thank you *SO* much!!
~John P., Cave Creek AZ