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What People Are Saying
Bag arrived today, perfect fit! Looks great, look forward to gigging with it, should make life easier.
~Patrick K., Naperville IL
Received the clam shell bag for my Tone King. Absolutely fabulous. Can't beat it. Thanks again.
~Terry W., CANADA
The Amp cover arrived the other day. Nice Job, Fits like a Glove.
~Jim S
The bag came in today and fits great-looks sharp! Thanks so much!
~John H., Lexington, KY
Cover received, thanks! Looks like just what I needed to take care of this amp.
~Benjamin H., Washington, DC
Hi Susan, You're way more...."than a bit of alright" !!!! You do it it should be done....and then some !!!
~Dennis S., Roseville, CA
Fits like a glove, looks perfect with the other slips I have. Thank you again for your efforts to get things done in a timely fashion. Everyone who sees these slips are "blown away " with the quality.
~Jim M., Odessa, Canada
Just wanted to let you know I received the cover and it fits perfect! Couldn't be happier. So now you have the dimensions for that model Crate Limo 50.
~Kevyn D., Salt Lake City, UT
I got the new cases for my pedal steel and they are awesome, they fit perfectly.
~Earl F., Houston, TX
As you know, it's been a brutal winter especially here in the Midwest. Had a gig in Wisconsin this past Sunday, so I drove up from Chicago worried about what was predicted; 12-18" of snow! Well, as it turned out what happened weather-wise instead was just horrible sleeting rain/snow and it was a mess and I started getting nervous about taking out my groovy little red leather Boogie Maverick. Got to my Mom's where I'd left my amp, and lo and behold; your studio slips cover had arrived and truly saved the day! Much better even than I'd hoped for, nice, tight fit and great padded covering- how perfect for the Perfect Storm? Anyway, it was such a nice surprise and I am so pleased.
~Frank F., Chicago, IL
The cover arrived yesterday and it fits nicely and perfectly. I am very pleased. Thanks a lot. Greetings from sunny Bonn, Germany.
~Hans R., Bonn, GERMANY
Just wanted to let you know, the covers fit like a glove. I'll let Anthony at RME (Reason Amps) know abut the Heirloom 2X12 cab and the Smallbox JTM/ Plexi head. My clones are housed in these cabs and they are very accurate.
~Sammy C., Denver, CO
I received my cover for Hartke Bass speaker today and it fits fine. Thank you for your great products.
~Scott B., Bisbee AZ
Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the custom slipcover that I received! God bless! Have a wonderful holiday!
~Ron S., Lititz, PA
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my clamshell. It protects my Dr Z perfectly. I love the brown because it helps to stand out against all the other black bags in our bands pile of gear. Thanks again for the great product. I love it ,and it fits "like a glove".
~Mike U., Denton, TX
Yesterday I received the cover in good order... the cover fits perfectly, looks great and is of outstanding quality.
~Ivan d., Strijen, The Netherlands
Hi Susan; My 2 padded slipcovers arrived today - they look great and fit like the proverbial glove. Thanks again:)
~Greg S., CANADA
Just wanted to let you know that I received the bag today and everything looks good, including the fit. I will definitely recommend the bags to my customers who are looking for a carrying case for their amps. Thanks for filling a niche for us small builders!
~Kyle R., Retterer Cage Amps
When I was a little boy (a loooooong time ago) my dear mother taught me, "Make sure you always say 'Thank you' at least as loudly as you say 'Please.'" I'm writing to thank you folks for great stuff backed by great service and communication. Having gotten one of your covers for my Groundswell board, I already knew what kind of work you did when I ordered a cover for my new Carr Impala. The Impala was a big investment for me and – between my age and the sweet tone it produces – most likely the last amp I'll ever own. (Hopefully, that still represents a lot of notes and miles and years …) I didn't bother to check out any other sites; you were my go-to. Life's been pretty busy and I'd actually had the amp cover for a good week or more before I even took it out of the shipping box. I spread the clamshell out, set the Impala on it … and immediately thought, "Oh, man – this is too small. It's never gonna fit." And then proceeded to grin like a fool as I slowly zipped the cover up around the Carr – and proved myself wrong. What a fit! In an age of "Close enough" and "Good enough" and "Yeah – whatever," your covers are a mix of precision and soul. It's obvious you care about what you do and the folks who use your products. Thanks so much. Know that you make me smile every time I have to lug my gear … and that's a good thing.
~Brian R., Nobleboro ME
I saw the package on my doorstep yesterday, and I wanted to thank you all for taking care of me- Again- As usual- I thank you, and look forward to buying new gear so you can protect it!
~Ed N., Buffalo Grove IL
Got both the covers today. I am amazed, these are fantastic and fit like a glove! You guys do excellent work and I am totally satisfied.
~Ron P., Wheat Ridge, CO
I got my new clam shell for my Carr Mercury. Wow... the quality is fantastic. I really appreciate your personal and fast service. You are the BEST.
~Tommy M., South Bend IN
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cover and tried it on the amp. It fits perfect,as usual!! Now if I could only play my guitar half as good as your fit and finish....But that's another story :)
~Bob K., Oakland, CA
Susan, this is Dave E. from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I want to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I received my "Clamshell" for my Mesa Boogie Lonestar (about 3 weeks ago) and it is perfect, perfect, perfect! BTW, I don't stutter. It is THAT good. You have always delivered with an outstanding product as well as THE best customer service. As long as I keep buying amps, I will call on you to provide my cover's. Thanks again!
~Dave E., Eau Claire, WI
I got the bag today and it's perfect! Exactly what I had in mind. Totally awesome! Got a gig tomorrow night and can't wait to use it. And I'll recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thanks a bunch.
~Pat M. Chicago,IL
I'm sorry I forgot to email you earlier that I received the keyboard bag on Sat.! It's very nice and I'm very pleased with it. Mahalo! (thank you) Aloha,
~Roanne K., Hilo, HI
I got my bag today, and it's great! Thanks so much. I really appreciate it!
~Carlos C., New York, NY
I received the slip cover for my Loudbox Mini today and just wanted to let you know that it fits perfect!
~Steve O., Pittsburgh, PA
The covers arrived on the weekend. They all fit perfectly and I am very happy. Thanks for doing a great job.
~Simon L., Fitzroy North, AUSTRALIA
I received my bags today, and I'm sooooo impressed. I'm an engineer and appreciate attention to detail and quality, and your work is amazing! Both the bag for the amp head and the one for the cabinet fit perfectly! I'm now much more relieved taking my gear in and out of cars & buildings knowing that the little bumps and knocks aren't going to ding my equipment, plus the pockets are super handy and also provide extra outside protection! Thanks again for such fine craftsmanship! The prefect compliment to my gear!
~Jim J., Fridley MN
I wanted to thank you for the great covers for my Ampeg amp and cabinets. These are by far the best slip covers I have ever experienced in my 30+ years of playing and touring. The Gig Bag was just the ticket. I'll be recommending you to all musicians I come in touch with but your covers will speak for them selves when they see them!
~Tad L., Lexington, KY
I just received my new slip cover today and it fits perfectly! Thanks again for the quality product and the fast shipping!!!!!!!!
~James H. Weatherford, TX
Got it yesterday…fits like a glove! Thanks so much!
~Missy B, Fort Wayne, IN
Just got my Vox cover and as usual fits like a glove. I love your product which is why it is my 4th cover. Function,form and good looks you guys are A+++. It's fun dealing with a company that puts quality and customer satisfaction at the top of their list.
~Greg L., Lisle, IL
I couldn't be more pleased with the cover I recently received for my Hartke VX3500. Very high quality and it fits like a glove. I will surely be spreading the word among my fellow musicians.
~Brad H., Reedsville, WV
Bag received, it’s perfect in every way, Thank You!
~Bill H., Astoria OR
I received the cover. That fits my amp very well, perfect! Thanks so much.
~Toshiyuki O., Hyogo, Japan
My name is Justin and I play guitar in the band Ellery, out of Cincinnati. I ordered one of your clamshell gigbags (in brown!) last year for my mid-70s Fender Princeton Reverb, and have been touring with it ever since. I've always been meaning to write - oh my gosh do I love this bag for my amp. It fits perfectly (!), is very protective, and looks great (I love the brown!). It really is one of my favorite things - such a perfect combo of form and function. I tell everyone about it...Thanks for your great product, it's such a blessing for what we do.
~Justin G., Lakeside Park, KY
Received the bag and just wanted to comment on how pleased I am with it. Thank you for a great product.
~Rich S., Nelson NH
The dust cover came and is a perfect fit!!! Thank you so much! Sorry it was such a project to get the measurements correct but you hit it out of the park. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~Nicholas W., Menifee CA
The covers for the Vox AC15 and Marshall Vintage Modern arrived today. They both fit perfectly, as I knew they would from my previous orders. Good work. And the pocket on the Vox AC15 cover is larger than I expected. I can fit a lot more than the footswitch in there. That could come in handy.
~Robert R., Denver, CO
Thanks Susan- I just received it and am totally pleased. You make a great product!
~Skot J., Bryan, TX
I wanted to thank you for making THE finest covers I've ever seen! Back in 1994 you made a slip cover for my Boogie. Used it for 10 years on the road and my amo looked brand new. I ordered a clamshell cover for my Alessandro Rotwieller Working Dog amp back in 2003 and that amp still looks brand new after almost 10 years on the road. I cannot recommend your covers enough, especially the clamshell! What an awesome cover! There are not enough words in the English language to adequately describe my satisfaction with your amazing products!
~Johnny M., Chula Vista, CA
My clamshell arrived today and it fits my Swart AST Pro like a glove! I really love the new padded pocket option as I like to store several cables, a switch box and a few pricey pedals in there. It's a fantastic addition to an already amazing case. Thanks again for another great cover. My experience with you has always been great.
~Steven S., Mahomet, IL
I wouldn't keep coming back if you didn't make the best covers on the planet!
~Rob B., Framingham, MA
I just got the covers (Bose F1 812) and they are just terrible!! Just kidding... They are perfect! Great fit and the openings are right on. I can't imagine you would need to change anything.
~Larry N., Top Hat Entertainment, Broomfield, CO
Susan, I LOVE your amp covers!!! They are by far the best in the business!!! I try to spread the word as much as possible out there on the musician forums!
~Myles S. Beach Park, IL
The fit and finish are perfect! Thank you so much for making such a great product for making the ordering process so easy with the custom size of my amp! You have a customer for life!
~Chris M., Mission Viejo CA
The fit is perfect and the quality is out of this world. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
~Dana G., Liberty, NY
Slip cover with fancy “Z” logo arrived yesterday. Was promptly fitted onto the Dr. Z remedy head – snug, delightful.
~Les S., Atlantic Beach, FL