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What People Are Saying
My covers arrived today, and they are KILLER!! I LOVE the Z on the front :-)) Cheers and thanks
~Peter G., Surrey, Great Britain
Got both the cab and amp covers. Just wanted to say "thanks!" - they are beautiful, rugged, and fit perfectly! Thanks again for the great service.
~Erik E. Savage, MN
I received the Roland dust cover. It fits perfectly. Thanks for your help. Contact you when I need more items.
~Tom B
The Germino amp covers fit like a glove and look great.
~Paul N., Gulfport, MS
Just wanted to say, the bag arrived yesterday, and it fits PERFECTLY! Thanks again!
~Roger B., San Francisco CA
I received the clamshell bag today for my Fishman Loudbox Mini amp, and once again, it's a perfect fit. So glad I had the zippered pockets added on the front and back. I'll be in touch again when I need my next bag made!
~Gary L., Sand Diego, CA
Just a brief note to let you know I arrived home from Atlanta tonight, and the dust cover for the 'Reeves Custom 225' bass amp was here. The fit is absolutely flawless! Excellent attention to detail prevails throughout, and I am quite pleased. Your video tutorial helped to ensure that my measurements were properly taken with appropriate care. The finished product is the proof.
~Bob, Nashville, TN
Just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my amp cover. It's a perfect fit, and trem footswitch, guitar cords and Standback amp stand fit in the padded pocket with no problem at all. Plus, I got it just in time to take to the gig last night -- excellent!
~Grover K., Windsor Heights, IA
Got the covers, great stuff!! perfect fit. Enjoy them almost as much as chatting with you about Kauai.
~Lars H., Skovde, SWEDEN
Received the dust covers for my Dr.Z amps today. They look great and fit perfect. I am very satisfied with the quality and the fast service!
~Robert D., Tomball, TX
I received my cover yesterday and it is very, very nice. =)
~Will P., Fairfield, CA
Just to let you know, It has arrived and fits Perfect as always Take care happy new year
~Chris T. Petersborough, U.K.
Looks great! Thanks!
I got the cover today! I wanted to thank you for the nice job you did on it , It looks and fits perfect! Cheers from New Orleans!
~Mike C., New Orleans, LA
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my Suhr Corso Clamshell Bag yesterday and tried it out Ė amazing fit and exceptional quality! Thanks very much and keep up the great work! :)
~Brian K., Atlanta, GA
Susan, It Does fit! I am surprised and pleased. Thank You,
~Joe L., Anaheim, CA
Just wanted to let you know that the amp cover is awesome! PERFECT fit and the quality is excellent. Now I don't have to worry about my amp getting dinged up when my band goes on short tours. Thanks SO much for the quick turnaround and the friendly e-mails. I'll definitely recommend you to others and, once I have some extra money, will get covers for my other amps.
~Pete J
They arrived today and they are perfect as with everything I have ordered from you.
~Jay L., El Mirage, AZ
I got the cover and itís great. Itís perfect. Iím loving it. Really happy. What more can I say? ;-)
~Brendan M., Wakefield MA
I just got my Studio Slip and it fits perfectly. It is made better than I expected. Thank you for such a great product, I will be letting my friends know.
~Dan H., Benbrook TX
The instrument case cover turned out perfect. And the handle was a terrific recommendation. Thank you.
~John P., Toledo OH
I just received the Clamshell Gig Bag for my SDG Little Blondie and I am absolutely floored!!! I don't impress easily, but this amp cover is just gorgeous and is the perfect accessory for my cherished amp. The quality is beyond compare and it vastly exceeds any expectations I had. At first glance, you can just tell that this cover is ready for war. I'm glad to see that your company logo is stitched on the front as I look forward to spreading the word and making it known where I purchased such a fab product! Rest assured, I'll be back again, and again. Thanks a million, Studio Slips.
~Matt P., London Ontario
Hello from Texas, I recieved the padded slip today and all I can say is WOW! It fit perfect and looks great. Thanks again. Flawless workmanship. I love it. We finally cooled off here in the Panhandle even got a little rain.. Had a couple friends over and they like the slip better than my amp. What else can I say.
~Dwight J., Fritch, TX
Just a quick note to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know my cover arrived today and the fit is perfect. Couldnít be more pleased and now Iím thinking I need a clamshell for my other amp!
~Chris B., Roslindale MA
Hi from Scotland! Just wanted to thank you very much for the amp covers. Beautiful workmanship / design and I'm sure my amps will be much safer now.
I received my amp cover yesterday and it fits perfectly. As a professional engineer, I appreciate the precise design and accurate construction displayed in your covers. As a musician/artist, I appreciate the care and artisanship that goes into your final product. Even the understated Studio Slips logo adds to your amp cover?s good looks. Finally, it does my soul good to find there are still American companies that believe in the philosophy of a quality product coupled with outstanding customer service is the best way to do business. You?re my kind of philosopher!
~Kevin S., Fountain Valley, CA
I got my cover today and it fits perfectly! I wouldn't hesitate to order another one from you- or recommend you to others. The quality is superb!!
~Jim L., Vernon BC, CANADA
My Maverick 112 slip cover arrived the other day. It fits snug and I'm happy with the options. The strap pulled the cover tightly down and the pocket is just the right size for a chord and songbooks. I hope not to hit doorframes too often but the double paddling is good insurance. I'm also glad that the brown is a different shade from many of the less expensive ones. It looks and feels top shelf. Thanks for the great customer service.
~Marty G., Virginia Beach, VA
Thanks for the great fast service you always provide me with Susan! I appreciate it.
~Jerry T., Camillus, NY
The dust cover arrived yesterday. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
~Jim B., Richmond, VA
The bag for my Fender Harvard arrived today. It fits perfectly and is really well made. Thanks & best wishes
~Matt F., London, England
Hi Susan and crew at Studio Slips, Thanks for a perfect fitting, well sewn cover! Turn around time was immediate; many thanks for that, too. All the best always,
~Bob H., Christoval, TX
received covers. very nice. thanks.
~James H., Concord CA
I received the clamshell gig bags for the Two Rock TS-1 and 2-12" cabinet today. They're perfect!! Of course, I guess I should have expected that. You're the best!
~Steve F., Roanoke, VA
FYI, i had a full waterbottle of ice tea empty into the front pocket of my slip cover while at a gig, with my brand new Swart amp inside...not only did the padding and material in the pocket protect my amp from ANY water damage, i stuck a towel in there and everything was soaked up and dry in minutes. You saved my amp!!!
~Ross D., Wilton, CT
Just got my Vox cover and as usual fits like a glove. I love your product which is why it is my 4th cover. Function,form and good looks you guys are A+++. It's fun dealing with a company that puts quality and customer satisfaction at the top of their list.
~Greg L., Lisle, IL
Today the cover finally arrived! It fits snugly. I do especially like the way the handle area is covered with the small part of fabric going underneath the handle. :D So thanks for the great service!
~Jacco O., The Netherlands
I love the covers. They are great. I will order more from you when I collect some more gear. Take care...Musician, father, and believer in Studio Slips covers. - Show quoted text -
~Carey W., Soquel, CA
Thank you, my case arrived today and it fits perfectly and is well designed. I will recommend you folks to my colleagues.
~Lukas P., Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
I just wanted to thank you for the new cover, and how quickly you got it made and sent to me. I love it! It fits perfectly... just like the previous cover you made for me. Please don't ever retire :-)... I don't know where I'd turn to for such a quality product, made by such a nice person, that filled my need so completely the next time I need a cover. It's always a pleasure doing business with you and Studio Slips.
~Ricky B., Lexington, KY
Just got the covers, thanks, they are great! Especially the brown ones really match the tweed deluxes perfectly! Thanks again for all your great help and service
Received the StudioSlip yesterday, fits and looks great!!!
~Mike D., Murrieta, CA
This is our 2nd Studio Slip. You guys are 2 for 2. This cover fits like a well tailored suit. Thanks for your patience and superb craftsmanship!
~David B., Longbeach, CA
Just arrived. Perfect fit. Thanks for the great service.
~Sam P., Georgetown, KY
Susan....received the amp cover today and it fits perfectly and looks great !! I've got a Mesa Boogie Mark IIB that needs the same style cover, but I'll have to wait a month or two to order that one.....Thanks for the great job...
~Mitch M., Brooksville FL
Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you about my custom cover. I received it on time last week and I am REALLY impressed with the job y'all did! The hauling handles work perfectly. Now, all I have to do is zip my amp up in the case, and pick it up like an AC30. Running those webbing straps around underneath really did the trick. They take the weight so the material doesn't give way. The other thing I like is the quality hardware that y'all used to attach the handles. They unclip and move right out of the way for opening. They are also nice and snug against the top when in position for hauling. The padded slips are very comfortable for my hands and the whole rig is so transportable now I don't know how I ever lived without one of your covers!! You really should consider making the work you did for me part of your standard options. It is very handy and I know that many musicians find it difficult to haul amps like mine with just that single handle provided by the manufacturer (what were they thinking?!?!). It really is a sick joke to put a lone handle on an amp that weighs as much as an AC30 or a Twin. Thanks again for a terrific product, and I'll be sure to peruse your site for my other gear needs.
~John H., Richmond, VA
The cover came yesterday and it looks really great! The Bogner cabinet is now ready to hit the road and change the world of music forever!!. . . or something like that. I will definitely keep you in mind for future work. Thank you so much,
~Joel K., Oakland, CA
Sorry I haven't emailed sooner but I just got in late last night from tour and finally saw the covers for my avatar cab and fender reverb. Just wanted to tell you that they look gorgeous and the weird handle measurement on the reverb unit was dead on. Fits like a glove! Thanks so much for getting these out to me and I look forward to ordering more in the future as my gear collections seems to always be growing. GREAT covers!
~Marc C. New York, NY
Fits like a glove! As I haul my amp around Nashville, this cover will keep it looking sharp.
~Andy E., Nashville, TN
Thought you would like to see the results! Fits perfect!
~Charles L., Niagara Falls, NY