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What People Are Saying
FYI, i had a full waterbottle of ice tea empty into the front pocket of my slip cover while at a gig, with my brand new Swart amp inside...not only did the padding and material in the pocket protect my amp from ANY water damage, i stuck a towel in there and everything was soaked up and dry in minutes. You saved my amp!!!
~Ross D., Wilton, CT
Got the cover today. Perfect as usual. Thanks for a great product and service.
~Mike A., Burbank, CA
Just a note to let you know that the slip case fits perfectly around my Lexicon effects unit!
~Craig M., Kendall Park NJ
Got the studio slips covers today and they fit perfectly - thanks so much for taking the time and hopefully you now have some accurate measurements for the cabinets! They feel very strong, durable and well made.
~Cooke H., Landenberg, PA
I received the StudioSlip PA cover I purchased and just wanted to say " Thank You! " It houses my Mackie SRM 150 PA perfectly! I'm impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. The PA is so unbelievably comfortable to transport now. I will definitely keep you folks in mind in the near future when I purchase a Mackie mixer and Mackie mains.
~Gil E., San Francisco, CA
As soon as the slips arrived I slid them over my QSC K-10.2 active speakers. The fit was perfect and snug.
~Steven A. D., Arizona
I meant to email a "thank you" a few days ago, but got too busy, so thanks! Great work, the clamshell cover is exceptional. Will definitely purchase your products in the future.
~Carl U., South Pasadena, CA
The covers arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. The two rock & the Princeton covers fit like a glove. Thanks for your patience in getting the measurements right and the quick turnaround on my order! Appreciate it very much!
~Mark S - Lafayette, LA
I just wanted to say thanks for the amp fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks again for your craftsmanship, customer service, and outstanding product!
~Dave P., Imperial Beach, CA
I received the amp cover today and it fits beautifully and looks terrific. Thank you for doing such fine work!
~Stefan S., Trumansburg NY
My clamshell arrived today and it fits my Swart AST Pro like a glove! I really love the new padded pocket option as I like to store several cables, a switch box and a few pricey pedals in there. It's a fantastic addition to an already amazing case. Thanks again for another great cover. My experience with you has always been great.
~Steven S., Mahomet, IL
Dutch Customs kept the shipment for 8 days (and made me pay 24 dollars) but today the cover for my Markbass Mini CMD 121P finally arrived. I must say I'm impressed. Perfect fit, great quality! Thank you very much
~Ed B., Holland
Just want to say that the Cabinet cover is awesome!
~Craig D., Margate FL
As a third time repeat customer I just wanted to let you know my covers for the Carr Mini Mercury Amplifier are nothing short of perfection. The brown canvas is rather stylish and compliments the tweed exterior of the amp. I've had my regular Mercury Amp and my digital Mellotron covered with Studio Slips for a few years now and they are tough as nails. You just can't beat good lookin' and tough as nails! I'd order again in a heart beat and will refer Studio Slips to others whenever I can. Please keep up the great work and have a wonderful holiday season.
~Rick G., Halethorpe, MD
I received my case for my Marshall Bluesbreaker. It's awesome! I am very impressed with the fit and the quality. I know where to go for all things cases now!
~Ned C., Barrington RI
Got it today. Fits like a glove! My 8th SS cover, more to come.
~Todd T., Alexandria VA
Tried out the slip cover this weekend. Fits my custom combo perfectly and looks sharp! Quick processing, shipping, and outstanding service -- I couldn't be happier! Thanks again,
~Ivan H., Cincinnati, OH
Got the vibe cover today. Fits real good. Thanks
~Brad D., Tujunga CA
The cover arrived safely, it' a perfect fit including the length, many thanks.
~Neil E., Perth, West Australia
Hello Susan, I just HAD to write and let you know how extremely happy I am with my amp covers. They arrived today and they are a real class act. They look beautiful and fit absolutely perfect. They go on and off so easily but look like they would stop a bullet. Thank you so much for the great job you did and for the excellent service! Fitting me in just before taking your vacation was very kind. I will most definitely tell my musician friends about your products and services. Your covers are an excellent value and I personally hope that I will be able to do more business with you in the future.
~Dan W., Sumas, WA
The cover for my Phil Jones amp arrived today, and it is excellent, fits perfectly, looks fantastic, and the quality of your work is outstanding. Many, many thanks, I am sure it will serve me well for years to come.
~Terry S., Dersingham, GB
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for your company’s fine work. Everything fits like a glove! The quality of materials and the construction are first-rate. Your covers will save my back from having to haul my gear in ATA cases, and they look much better.
~Kelly S., San Mateo CA
Those are some extremely fine "Custom Slips" Whoa! You are so far beyond custom I'm not sure what to call you anymore. Those Slips will make that amp sound better; I just know it!
~Capt. Mike, Forestville, CA
As is your style – the cover is perfect. The shipping glitch is no biggie at all! You already had a customer for life. Have wonderful, peaceful, and blessed Holidays!
~Freeburg, IL
my gig bag fits like a glove. Thanks!
~Jan L., Germany
The clamshell for my Tex CC Bernie arrived. It fits like a second skin. It now seems I have matching luggage for both my amps and pedal board. Thanks so much...again.
~Terry W., Richmond Hill, Ontario
Susan, Karen, and S.S. crew, I just got the covers for my 2 Dr. Z amps & Scumback DB Limiter and (no surprise here) everything fit perfectly. Thanks again! When I buy another nice piece of equipment, you'll be the first to know...
~Mark C., Canton, MI
I thought before I sent an email to tell how great the studio slips covers are I'd give them a try for about 6-9 months. Best thing I could buy. Works great, protects the equipment. I especially like the clamshell cover so the bottom of the amp doesn't get trashed. I bought the standard padding and that seems to be fine. The equipment is moved 3 times a week, minimum and there are no problems. I'm looking into a getting a few more covers for other equipment, but I wanted to tell you how well the cover for the Marshall 1974x was working for me. Easy to open and setup and easy to pack away and none of the weight of a road case. I'm the roadie too so I really appreciate that. Not a scratch on the amp, perfect. I can't tell enough people how well this has worked out for me.
~Andy V., Manchester, CT
Just to let you know I picked up my cover from Parcelforce yesterday. It fits perfectly and , like my other Studio Slips Covers, I’m really pleased with it so, thank you.
~Alan H., Great Britain
Got the Slips today. As always, beautiful! Awesome job with the Reverend patch on the Hellhound cover. I'm attaching a few pix of my Studio Slip collection for you. Naked...and dressed to the 9's. ;-) Best,
~Steve T., Oveido FL
Hi Susan, thanks so so much for this feedback! I received them today and they are absolutely perfect. I am in awe how quickly and easy the process was! Perfection!! Well done! Now I feel safe to lug around my equipment AND be able to fit it all in the back of my vehicle. ATA cases are only good if you're road tripping with a band and trailer!
~Marc J., Canada
My cover has arrived and it’s perfect.
~Roderick F., Church Point, NS, Canada
I just received the slips for my Kemper profiler and remote. They are great and will vastly increase my ability to use the equipment! Thank you so much for everything!
~Killick H., Athens GA
The amp is great and draws loads of attention... And the cover is a perfect fit and looks really good with it.
~Philip B., Deeside, GB
The covers fit perfectly and look great! Thanks for the fair price, also :)
~David T., Winthrop MA
I just wanted to let you know that the clamshell cover for my Bogner Duende is great. Just like I envisioned, it's the perfect solution to protecting my amp but without the extra weight of a flight case. The availability of the optional utility pocket is great, also. Thank you.
~David F., Oregon
I received the bag. Very nice job.
~Mark S., Pearl River NY
The bag that you sent to Paris arrived and Philip reports it works perfect. It arrived just one day before he leaves Paris for 2 gigs down south in the Pyrenees. Thanks!
~David A., Falls Church, VA
I have received the package with the padded slip cover you sent. I must say that it is very high quality and fits beautifully my Dr Z. KT-45. I would like to thank you for your outstanding service and a superb product!
~Johny B., Haifa, ISRAEL.
I just received my Clamshell Gig Bags, and I couldn't be happier! I had been searching for padded covers for my MarkBass Standard 104HF and Standard 151HF cabinets for quite some time. I emailed and called other companies, including one of the biggest names in the business. I was met with bewildering questions, slow response time, busy signals, and just poor customer service in general. After altering my web search, I came across Studio Slips, and have been delighted ever since. My phone conversations were extremely friendly, the turn around time was amazingly fast, and most importantly, the Gig Bags are fantastic! In fact, they've already passed their first gig test with flying colors.
~Randy C., Nederland, CO
Arrived on time, and both fit perfectly, as ever. Thanks very much!
~Dave P., Houston, TX
I received the cover today – it fits perfectly! Thanks for the quick turn, you guys are the best!
~Paul D. Allendale, NJ
I received my studio slip for the Carr Rambler, and I'm very impressed with the work. Fits perfectly, and with the pockets, it improves my load and setup routine. I'm recommending this to my buddys.
~Mike C., Philomont, VA
Hi Susan-Just want to let you know that I am very satisfied with my new Studioslip clamshell cover that you recently made for my EBS Proline 4x10 bass cabinet. It fits absolutely perfect and in my opinion, the quality far surpasses similar covers I've encountered. The leather reinforcements on the bottom are a great add-on feature as well. I'm confident this one will last for many years to come....
~Jonathan G., Gulf Breeze, FL
hey Susan, got the cover today, prefect fit, great job. thanks,
~Bill M. Massapequa Park NY
I received my pedal board bag today - GREAT JOB! Fits Perfectly! Very quick turn-around, you will be recommended highly to all my musician friends!!
~Jim C., Stevensville MD
Covers got here today and snug they are! Great work, thank you. I will contact you later for an amp that needs a cover. You earned my trust.
~Robert K., Haut Rhin, France
Your attention to quality us amazing! It's why getting a Studio Slips box in the mail is like Christmas morning! It's the anticipation of knowing that something great is inside!
~Micheal B., Beaverton OR
I just picked up the parcel at the post office today, the cover fit's perfect!! Also the bag you made for my steel guitar still looks like new! You're the Best!!!!
~Walter T, Switzerland
Perfect... Thanks!
~Emmanuel J., Presles, FRANCE