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What People Are Saying
Got the covers, great stuff!! perfect fit. Enjoy them almost as much as chatting with you about Kauai.
~Lars H., Skovde, SWEDEN
The clamshell bag for my Trace Elliot acoustic amp just arrived and it is, of course, perfect. In spite of the fact that you were working from photos and my measurements it fits perfectly.
~Daniel E., Marion, OH
I received the custom Carvin cover that you made for me the other day. As usual it fit dead nuts, exact, right on the money (I have lost count on how many custom covers that you have made for me in the past) but every one fits perfect. Heavy duty, high quality etc. so I have to draw up another custom cover and send you the dimensions. Thanks again for another great job...
~Brian C., Waterford, CT
My slip got here today. Boy howdy, that's a nice piece of work! Like a second skin on that amp... Thanks for such a speedy turnaround. You will be hearing from me again in the near future.
~Mike P., Port Angeles, WA
The cover is fantastic ? as always! Thanks!
~James F., Papillion, NE
just got the covers for the k array, fit perfect, more to order soon!
~Travis B., Freedom Sound CANADA
I received my new cover yesterday and it fits perfectly. Thanks for everything... I have really enjoyed talking to you over the phone, it has been a real pleasure. Studio Slips and owner Susan Bendinelli set the high mark for customer service in today's small business world. I received my beautiful padded clamshell cover for my Victoria 35310 ? but something was wrong with the zipper. "No problem," she says, "Send it back (freight paid) and I'll fix it." There turned out to be more of a problem than the zipper, but she fixed it happily with a brand new replacement! Susan is a rare person with integrity, honesty and pride in what she does ? and it shows in her products and spirit.
~Craig H
I've just received the dust cover for the GK cab; it fits perfectly. The measurements are spot-on and it's a lot sturdier than I thought it would be; a very nice job!
~Stan D. Catford, Great Britain
Just a note to let you know that the slip case fits perfectly around my Lexicon effects unit!
~Craig M., Kendall Park NJ
Just tried the covers on my Trans Atlantic and the Forte 3D cab. Once again they fit great! Have a great Thanksgiving.
~Bob K., Oakland, CA
My Marshall cover came today, just in time for my gig tomorrow. As usual, it looks awesome and fits nicely. I can put the footswitch and power cord in the front pocket. Very cool... Anyway, thanks again and if I get any more gear, my wife will shoot me. No, I mean I'll be contacting you for more covers (if she doesn't shoot me first!)
~Rob B
I just recently received two of your double padded slip covers for my Mesa 4x12 Recto Cabs as a gift and I am very pleased with your product. I am a guitarist in the band Onward To Olympas on Facedown Records, and these slip covers will be protecting my gear for multiple full US tours in 2010. I am looking forward to promoting your covers as I go, and I would like to personally thank you for making these great products (and please thank your husband for his awesome work on Mesa amplifiers!). As I acquire more gear, I will surely be in touch for more!
~Andrew H.
Just a quick note to say thanks for the recent amp covers I purchased. These are the nicest covers I've seen in my 35+ years in the music business. They both fit perfectly and the workmanship is outstanding.
~Wally S. Helena, MT
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service that we received from your company. Our slip covers are exactly what we expected. Your company was very responsive and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
~Debbie M., Calif.
I'm glad to tell you that i received the cover this morning. It fits like a glove with my head amp. Just perfect, and great quality ! Thanks so much for your amazing job at Studio Slips. I'll maybe post some photos in your facebook page, and tell the world how your work is professional, and awesome ! Thanks again for your kindness and wish you an Happy New Year !
~David F., Prades le Lez
Got the cover in for the Classic 30, thanks! It fits perfectly! I'll be in touch again, guaranteed!
~Dennis S., Harvest AL
It fits PERFECT!
~Gloria S., Muskegon MI
2 years on the road with those 57 Tweed Deluxes and your padded covers still look like new ? so do the Deluxes. The clamshells on the Dr Z stuff are equally hard wearing.
~Steve B., Brightton, U.K.
The cover came. It is the best cover I have bought. It fits perfectly...much better than covers from other companies.
~Stephen S., Frenchs Forest, AUSTRALIA
i receive my cover yesterday. many's perfect. great job !
~Nicolas F., France
Covers arrived like a glove! Thank you. T
~Ted M. Erie, CO
I had a minute and thought I'd share that the Carr / Rambler Amp Cover you made is the best non-playing music investment I have ever made! Fits, looks and works better than any other cover… ever!
~G. Case, Philadelophia PA
I received the cover today ... Looks Great!😊
~Jeffrey L., Canada
I really like the gig bag you made for my steel guitar. Thanks a lot. It makes life quite a bit easier.
~Mike N. Middlesex, NJ
You girls are the greatest! I have been elated with every case you have delivered.
~Steven D., Phoenix, AZ
I just received the slips for my Kemper profiler and remote. They are great and will vastly increase my ability to use the equipment! Thank you so much for everything!
~Killick H., Athens GA
Thank you for an awesome custom-fitted cover for my precious Soldano! It fits great!!
~Marc B., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Received my new Blackstar HT-5 and Vox DA-5 quilted slip covers today. They are a perfect fit, excellent quality and look great! I would have no hesitation recommending them to friends etc.
Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you about my custom cover. I received it on time last week and I am REALLY impressed with the job y'all did! The hauling handles work perfectly. Now, all I have to do is zip my amp up in the case, and pick it up like an AC30. Running those webbing straps around underneath really did the trick. They take the weight so the material doesn't give way. The other thing I like is the quality hardware that y'all used to attach the handles. They unclip and move right out of the way for opening. They are also nice and snug against the top when in position for hauling. The padded slips are very comfortable for my hands and the whole rig is so transportable now I don't know how I ever lived without one of your covers!! You really should consider making the work you did for me part of your standard options. It is very handy and I know that many musicians find it difficult to haul amps like mine with just that single handle provided by the manufacturer (what were they thinking?!?!). It really is a sick joke to put a lone handle on an amp that weighs as much as an AC30 or a Twin. Thanks again for a terrific product, and I'll be sure to peruse your site for my other gear needs.
~John H., Richmond, VA
Just wanted to let you know the cover fits my Mesa Boogie Nomad combo perfectly. I put in an order for my Mesa Boogie DC-5 combo a few minutes. Impressed with the fit and the communication. I will definitely recommend you !!!
~J. Edgar G., San Lorenzo, P.R.
My Studio Slips cover for my early Matchless HC30 & THD speaker box arrived today & they both fit like a glove. Fantastic quality workmanship & great service as per usual! Keep up the good work. Cheers
~Brad F., Sydney AUSTRALIA
My Gig Bags arrived yesterday, and I fitted them last night, a perfect fit!!! Very many thanks to you and all involved in creating these items. Thanks again
~John G., Blairstown, NJ
Hey Susan! I realized I never had the opportunity last year to thank you for the pedal board bag and the amp cover! They're both wonderful and have held up well during the past couple tours. I love how well they're made, obviously you guys pay close attention to detail!
~John S., Los Angeles, CA
I received the gong bags today - they look great! thanks so much...
~Taylor K., Brooklyn, NY
Fits like a glove, looks perfect with the other slips I have. Thank you again for your efforts to get things done in a timely fashion. Everyone who sees these slips are "blown away " with the quality.
~Jim M., Odessa, Canada
Received my subject clamshell cover yesterday and it’s great. Thanks again for the excellent covers. Will be in touch again.
~Shawn H., Bedford, TX
The cover arrived today and fits perfectly. Thanks!!
~Dan P., Hillsborough NJ
I've received the new brown canvas clamshell cover for my Dr. Z. It's very nice, as always! Thanks ladies!
~Mark C., Canton, MI
Just received the studio slips yesterday and they fit the Atomic CLR wedge great. The cabs are only a month old and delivered direct from Tom at Atomic so they are very current cabs. Nice covers too!
~Eugene B., Arroyo Grande, CA
I received my cover today and I just wanted to thank you personally for doing such a great job. The cover fits perfectly and looks great, and I have no doubt that it will last a lifetime.
~Dennis G., Tampico, IL
I just wanted to thank you for the good quality workmanship in constructing my gear-bag. I have not yet had a chance to field-test the bag, but upon close inspection, I am very confident that it will perform according to our design.
~Sterling K., Ventura, CA
Received the bag today…. Awesome! Perfect fit….
~John P., Carbondale PA
Just wanted to say I got my briefcase bag for my Silvertone 1472 amplifier and it's perfect, love it. Great quality/price and can't wait to to take out to the next gig. I'll be ordering a cover for another of my old amps soon!
~Patrick G., Seattle WA
I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I am really happy with my slip covers. You do great work!
~Phil W., Toluca Lake CA
Fits like a glove, and appears extremely well made. Rec'd in time, appreciate the rush order. Another happy customer.
~Ken M., Narberth PA
Your company did a wonderful job with my pedalboard case. I will be referring many friends to your expertise.
~Alex S., Parker, CO
My Studio Slips cover arrived yesterday it fits perfectly! I love the quality & workmanship of the materials/product… thanks so much. I will be recommending your covers to anyone needing one…
~Michael B., Nashville, TN
Your dedication to quality is unbelievable! The bag fits my Germino combo perfectly! Thank you!
~Dennis S., Harvest, AL
I received my custom made pedal board slip cover this morning. It fits perfectly and is of high quality. Your service was thorough throughout the ordering process and my order was completed quickly without any issues. I love the cover and it is sitting over my pedal board already doing its job. Thank you very much.
~Ken Carlton, Madera, CA
The package arrived at my house in Alameda today. It fits the amp perfectly! The case is padded enough for protection, but still light enough to carry. There's enough room to put a little bit of bubble wrap to protect it during my travels. Thanks again! I will be sure to recommend you to people I know.
~Melquis N. Alameda, CA