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What People Are Saying
...I've had the padded covers on 2 Headstrongs, 2 Fender Tweed 57 Deluxes, and a clamshell on an extension cab for 4 or 5 years now, despite relentless gigging, everything looks like new!... Great product.
~Steve B., Brighton, UK
My latest Slips addition arrived for my Komet 4x12 tapered cab and BOOM, you nailed it again! As I look around my home studio I'm beginning to think it looks like a showroom for Studio Slips. The turn-around time for this recent order was the quickest ever. Keep up the great work!
~Donald S.R., Diamond Bar CA
I got the bag yesterday morning! Everything's perfect. Thanks for the excellent work!
~Bernhard H., Bern, Switzerland
The cover for the SWR big Bertha came today and fits like a glove! Excellent workmanship. Couldn’t have hoped for more. Perfect! You Rock!!
~Tommy P., Cedar Rapids IA
It's beautiful !!!
~Barrett L., Greensburg, PA
It's fabulous and fits perfectly. I'll be putting the word out around town about your covers. Thanks again,it was worth the wait.
~David R., Canada
I received the cover Monday, or actually my wife did, and when I got home from a business trip Tuesday night I checked it out. It is beautiful. But that is what I expected, like the cover for my Dr Z head that you also made. I especially like the Z logo too. Anyway, best of luck on a very successful business, as you have a great product.
~George G., Rancho Palos Verdes
I received the cover for my Lil King today. Perfect fit and construction. Thanks once again for the great service and product!
~Ken I., Little River, S.C.
I just wanted to thank you for the good quality workmanship in constructing my gear-bag. I have not yet had a chance to field-test the bag, but upon close inspection, I am very confident that it will perform according to our design.
~Sterling K., Ventura, CA
I have the cover... just perfect!!!! thanks a lot.
~Eduardo M., BA, Argentina
I received the clamshell bag in the mail today. It looks great! The stitching, zipper, and leather strips look like very good quality. I appreciate all your help and for getting the bag to me very quickly. Thank you!
~Andrew T., El Cajon, CA
Just letting you know the package arrived today and the covers for the Ampeg are a Perfect fit! But I knew they would be... Y'all always nail it! Great work! And thanks for the super fast turnaround on my order.
~Michael B., Kaufman, TX
My two Studioslips cases showed up last night - one for my Fender Super Reverb Head, and one for the EV TL806 cabinet I built. They both fit perfect and look great.
~Snohomish, WA
Hello, received the slips. They are perfect. Excellent work! Thank you
~Grady P., Shakopee MN
I forgot to email and tell you how great the cover you made fits my pedalboard. Now I can transport the board with all my pedals neatly configured on it, and everything's the same when I open it back up. I'm very impressed with your attention to detail. If I, or anyone I know needs a cover for any type of gear, you'll definitely hear from me again. Thanks so much.
~Matthew N. Chattanooga, TN
Susan, Thank you ,so much..The cover fit perfectly on my amp And now will provide many more years of protection. You are the best
~Michael M., Vista, CA
I wanted to let you know that I just received my two Clamshell Bags for my speaker cabinet and Twin Reverb head and they fit perfectly. Fantastic quality too! Bill Kirchen turned me on to your company and I'm glad he did. I'll have another order or two for you shortly!
~Fred W., Harmony, RI
The amp cover for my Roland Cube 60 arrived today ? it fits like the proverbial glove. Absolutely perfect!! Looks great, too!! The side pocket is just right for the foot pedals and connecting cables for that amp, too. Can't wait to get it out on the road.
~Jim G
These covers are amazing! I am very impressed with the professional look, fit, materials, you name it. Very nice and I will be ordering more in the future
~Wes H., Coos Bay, OR
Sorry it's taken so long to write...just have to say the covers are amazing! Your attention to detail is outstanding and they're a perfect fit. Not to mention, you are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much and know you have a very satisfied customer! PS...feel free to post this testimonial if you wish....
~Randy S., Monmouth Junction, NJ
I received the amp cover. Everything is fine. You did a great job. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
~Wayne P
I received the cover today; I was very surprised at the prompt delivery. Thank you for your excellent service. I'm very impressed with your competence and pride as reflected in this outstanding slip cover. I'll be back!!!
~Dennis S., Roseville, CA
Received my Milkman Half & Half 15 Studioslips amp cover today and the fit check was excellent. As far as I'm concerned no adjustments are necessary. Hope ya'll sell a bunch of these. I'm going to pass this information on to Tim at Milkman.
~James M., Hillsboro TX
I just received the three covers you made for me and they're gorgeous. All three fit like a glove and the quality of the fabric and the sewing is far superior to the ones I have received from Fender, Marshall and Vox. It's amazing that you were able to make them for some obscure amps and cabinets I own but you came through for me. As you know dust and dirt are probably the worst things that can get into an amplifier and these covers, especially the Clamshell for the Peavey will protect them for years to come. A huge thank you to you and your staff for providing consumers with a superior and reasonably priced product. Now I know why Mesa-Boogie contracted with you to make their covers.
~Bruce C., Troy, NY
Thank you for your Custom Leo 212/115 cabinet covers. They fit great, I have already passed on info to the store that converted my Mark I from a combo to a head for me. He liked the idea of the Boogie cover being padded. Hope he sends some business your way. After I received the covers, I waited to get my Boogie back just to make sure everything fit, even though I knew they would. I just placed an order for for my Ampeg BA-112. I will keep passing your info along as often as possible. It is a great product.
~Tommy H., Woodridge, IL
Holy crap, Susan! The covers came today. Such fast service and I couldn't be happier with the product! Two BIG thumbs up from me.
~Paul D., Anchorage AK
...By the way, the cover you made for us is great--it has been outside for over 3 years in the desert sun here in Palm Springs, CA and still looks good! On the matching speaker we used a JBL "factory-made" cover and it is falling apart! Just wanted you to know.
~Rick C., Palm Springs, CA
Thank you for an awesome custom-fitted cover for my precious Soldano! It fits great!!
~Marc B., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
The clamshell arrived yesterday & as with all of my other Studio Slips I am very happy! Fits like a glove & the craftsmanship is fantastic as usual. I have no idea why anyone would buy a cover from anyone but you!
~George C., New Castle, DE
The two gig bags arrived safely, and the fit and quality is awesome. Please express my thanks to Justin, who spent lots of time with me to get the design right. Kudos…
~Bob R.
I wanted to let you know the the amp cover arrived today and it is awesome. It is a perfect fit for the amp and the floorboard with plenty of room in the front pocket for cables, etc.. This completed my grab and go practice/jam rig and allowed me to get it down to two pieces/one trip for load in/out. Thanks again for all your help and the quick turnaround
~Bob M., Wildwood, MO
The cover fits perfectly and the smaller pocket is perfect for my needs. Thanks.
~Ben H., Washington DC
I just got the cover yesterday. Perfect fit!! Nice job to you and your team.
~Steve M. Penfield, NY
My amp and cab protections are perfected. I am very satisfied.
~Jean-Luc B., Seine Maritime, France
Just received my latest combo cover. Again you have done a superb job! After One Gig Bag, Six Combo Covers (Different Models), and Two Speaker Cab Covers. Each one has been expertly crafted of excellent materials, and fit each piece impeccably! Thank you so much for your great work!
~Mark G., Spokane WA
" a glove. Thanks again Susan!
~Wayne W., Hackettstown NJ
Thank you Susan and staff! Just received the clamshell bag and it's a perfect fit!
~Eric F., Hatboro PA
The cover arrived today. Fits like a glove. Beautiful!
~Ron G., Eagan MN
Received my covers today...awesome job as usual...they fit perfect...I think I'm up to 12 of your covers now...all still going strong.
~John F., Chicago, IL
I received my two slip covers today and they fit both amps beautifully. They also look great, fabric matches speaker grille fabric on the old Fender Champ amp and on my new Carr Rambler!!!! Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!!!
~Mark P., Sherman Oaks, CA
I received a case on Feb 1st,and I just came back from Hawii. The case is perfect fit for my deluxe reverb. This case is great. Thank you very much for everything. I will tell about studio slips to my friends in Japan. Again thank you very much.
~Yoshihiro M., Kobe, JAPAN
...thank you very much for the wonderful case. I'm very pleased with the result and it is a perfect fit, the little flap that goes under the handle is a nice touch! Thank you again, I am genuinely impressed.
~Mathew M., Basildon, England
Got the order. everything looks great.
~Justin T., Huron, OH
Tried out the slip cover this weekend. Fits my custom combo perfectly and looks sharp! Quick processing, shipping, and outstanding service -- I couldn't be happier! Thanks again,
~Ivan H., Cincinnati, OH
I got the bag today and it's perfect! Exactly what I had in mind. Totally awesome! Got a gig tomorrow night and can't wait to use it. And I'll recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thanks a bunch.
~Pat M. Chicago,IL
The case cover arrived today. And, once again, you have succeeded beyond my expectations. The fit of the case cover is near perfect. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is excellent. I applaud you and your team. I even love the way you folded it for shipment so that your logo was on top! You have me as a customer for as long as you shall be in business and I continue to need high quality instrument case covers.
~Warren R., Plano, TX
Thanks again! Your covers are by far the best I have ever come across.... Your covers are great!
~Joseph M., Binghamton, NY
Cover arrived today and it fits like a glove. Very nice product. Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly!
~Ryan C., Durham, NC
Received cover today. You guys are the best. Perfect fit excellent craftsmanship.
~Greg S., Warrenton, VA
Susan: I got the Budda cover today. As always, the fit was perfect and the quality outstanding. The covers look so good I wish I could use my stage rig without taking them off!!
~Jon B., Porterville, CA