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What People Are Saying
Glad I went with your company! The brown clams for my Dr. Z Maz 18 head and 2x10 cab fit perfectly, look fantastic, and the quality is top-notch. I will gladly order from you again. Take care!
~Tom G., Rio Rancho, NM
Thanks for the great cover. Really like the black, makes that old hammerhead happy.
~Bruce J., Manor, TX
Received the cover earlier today, it fits perfectly and looks great!! I'll be ordering again soon for my other amps
~Geoffrey G., Yonkers NY
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the cover for my amp. You did a beautiful job, I received it on Friday and it fits like a charm. I little baggy around the little amp part on top (as expected), but will work perfectly to preserve my investment. I can actually figure out a way to effectively use that empty space by storing patch cords and other small accessories in that area if needed. Really glad I found you on the net. Will gladly refer others to you if the occasion arises.
~Larry C., Nashville, TN
Slip cover with fancy Z logo arrived yesterday. Was promptly fitted onto the Dr. Z remedy head snug, delightful.
~Les S., Atlantic Beach, FL
Just wanted to tell you that I am blown away by the quality level of the Clamshell Gig Bag. The materials, stitching and fit are all first rate. I can't imagine a better cover for my Splawn Street Rod Combo amp than this one. feel like I can take it anywhere now and it's completely protected. I've already told a lot of musicians here in Portland about your company, your products and your customer service and will continue to do so.
~Martin S., Lake Oswego, OR
I just received your Studio Slips dust covers for my two Schroeder bass cabinets and they fit perfectly! (Not that I expected any different. Thanks to you and your team for a great product (made in the USA) with great customer service!
~Jon D., Temperance, MI
Got it! Its a thing of beauty! Fits perfect!
~Tom E., Dublin, CA
The covers arrived today and they all fit perfectly. Thank you.
~Max B., Castle Rock, CO
I received the clamshell bag in the mail today. It looks great! The stitching, zipper, and leather strips look like very good quality. I appreciate all your help and for getting the bag to me very quickly. Thank you!
~Andrew T., El Cajon, CA
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cover for my Blackstar HT-1R and it fits perfectly. Goes on easily, not too loose not too tight, handle opening fits exact. Thank for the great work and service.
~Eric C., Wilmington, DE
The cover arrived today. It fits like the proverbial glove. Thank you so much for your help and punctiliousness. Gotta love standardized measurement. Every time a potential ding is thwarted by your fine cover, I will turn towards California and offer a heartfelt thank you
~Chilese, Peoria, AZ
Studio Slips, Thank you. I get a lot of crap in the mail. A lot of my orders are disappointing. Your clamshell bag was not. It is an excellent cover for my amp. Excellent! Thank you so much for making such a great product. Matt Franco Ps - Your customer service was ridiculously patient. Thank you.
~Matt F., Allentown, PA
The bag arrived today. The quality of the materials is superb, craftsmanship (craftwomanship?) top notch, and fit absolutely spot on.
~Gary F., Chevy Chase, MD
The Bludotone Ported 1x12 Cabinet #3781 fits perfectly. I wanted to make sure since it's a new cover #. Love it.
~David G., Freeburg, IL
I got my bag yesterday! It is perfect!! Thank you so much for the care you guys put into your work. It makes it so much easier to carry the Leslie now.
~Alex S., Peekskill, NY
Susan -- the cover arrived yesterday -- great fit, perfect, actually. Thanks very much!
~Keith T
Bought my first slips from you about 4 years ago. When I bought this new cab - there was no doubt in my mind that I would buy your slips for this cab. It is just great to deal with you - great quality and great customer service.
~Frank T., Selden, NY
The bag that you sent to Paris arrived and Philip reports it works perfect. It arrived just one day before he leaves Paris for 2 gigs down south in the Pyrenees. Thanks!
~David A., Falls Church, VA
I received my fearless F112 today and the cover, apart from looking great, fits perfectly. Thanks so much for doing the order change and refunding the difference. I will certainly be recommending you to any one looking for a great cover.
~Jeff R., Chico CA
It's perfect. Expect more orders soon. (and I shared the love on a couple of guitar forums)
~Kip P., Oak Park IL
I just picked up the covers from the post office. They are perfect--quality and fit! If my wife ever lets me get any more gear, I know where I am going for covers!
~David B., Karmiel ISREAL
Got my cover today. Fits perfectly! Thank you very much! 😊👍
~Jason R., Austell GA
I received the Studio Slips for the London and the 2x12 Cab today, the only thing that looks better than the amps in those covers, is the amps out of those covers (what can I say? They're 65 Amps). They fit perfectly and I am totally pleased. Thank you again for your good services.
~Matthew G., Woodinville, WA
I received the covers for the DAS Avant 15A and I must say, I am VERY IMPRESSED. They could not possibly fit better. Every dimension is absolutely perfect and they fit like a glove -- snug, but not too tight -- just perfect. Thank you so much and I wish you the happiest holiday season ever.
~Dan C., Murfreesboro TN
Just wanted to let you know I received the covers and they fit perfect. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.
~Joe T., Rowlett TX
The cover arrived this week and fits great! Thanks!
~Robert M., Wildwood, MO.
I just wanted to let you know my covers arrived last night, they fit perfectly, and they look great. You guys do excellent work and I will return if I have a need for more. Thanks again.
~Jake P., Venice, CA
Cover arrived safely and fits like a glove.
~Milton W., Federal Way, WA
The slip arrived today and fits perfectly, you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to buying one for my 4x12 flextone cab!!
~Derek P
I have to commend you upon the durability of your padded clamshell covers of which I possess a great many as you know. Recently I purchased a cover for my daughters Fender 65R practice amplifier which was subsequently exposed to a conflagration within her home that destroyed the interior of the domicile. The amp with cover was in a rear bedroom amidst a number of other items that were severely damaged. Several items in near proximity, such as a Guitar Hero drum set, were destroyed however the amplifier and its cover survived unscathed. While all about was a total loss, your cover fully protected the amplifier within and was itself undamaged! A machine washing and air drying removed all smoke residue from the cover and both were thence as good as new! Your covers are the finest I have ever encountered; in short, they are INCREDIBLE!
~Peter L., Bullhead City, AZ
All three covers fit perfectly and look great. I will be ordering again once I build some new gear! Thanks a bunch.
~Tom L., Dayton, OH
Hi Susan, I picked up the cover yesterday and am very pleased with the quality work(personship). This thing fits like a glove in every way! My wife was extremely pleased...bonus. Thank you and your staff.
~Jim McC., Odessa, ON, CANADA
Thanks for the custom amp cover. I'm very pleased with it. You do great work.
~Mike Z
Received the cover and as usual great work. Fits like a glove, and I'll be doing some gigs this weekend to show it off. Thanks again and great working with you.
~Al C. San Francisco, CA
The latest covers arrived today and everything fits perfectly - and just in time too as apparently our 9 month old son finds his dad's old amps irresistible! (wait 'til he finds my old motorcycle in the garage - lookout!) It's been a pleasure to deal you with and thanks for your patience in dealing with my measuring errors, etc. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season, and that you get a nice break from work too!
~Andrew H., CANADA
G'day Susan, The cover for my speaker box has arrived and it's a perfect fit. Thank you for the excellent work and extremely fast turn around. The cover arrived on Tuesday last week, which I would have been happy with from any Australian store. Considering you're on the other side of the planet, this is VERY impressive customer service. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
~Reece D., Warners Bay, AUSTRALIA
I just wanted to send my sincerest thanks for the amazing covers that you built for me and got to me in a super quick timeline. They are fabulous! Thank you so very much for your amazing customer service and quality of product. I have several gigs over this weekend and over the holidays and with the colder weather and snow up here, I am can now keep my gear much safer with my new Studio Slips covers!
~Paul G., Brampton, ON CANADA
Thank you for your Custom Leo 212/115 cabinet covers. They fit great, I have already passed on info to the store that converted my Mark I from a combo to a head for me. He liked the idea of the Boogie cover being padded. Hope he sends some business your way. After I received the covers, I waited to get my Boogie back just to make sure everything fit, even though I knew they would. I just placed an order for for my Ampeg BA-112. I will keep passing your info along as often as possible. It is a great product.
~Tommy H., Woodridge, IL
Just a quick heads up to let you know the - Slips for my Route66 head and 2x10" cab arrived today. Perfect fit - thanks a lot. Glad you took the time to give me these instructions below: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz >> It is VERY IMPORTANT that you >> double check these measurements. ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Cheers: Max!
~Max W., Sweden
I'm glad to tell you that i received the cover this morning. It fits like a glove with my head amp. Just perfect, and great quality ! Thanks so much for your amazing job at Studio Slips. I'll maybe post some photos in your facebook page, and tell the world how your work is professional, and awesome ! Thanks again for your kindness and wish you an Happy New Year !
~David F., Prades le Lez
I have received the slip covers for my Dr Z. They are perfect! Your work is excellent and these covers exceed my expectations. Dr Z is lucky to have a partner like Studio Slips.
~Robert E., Calgary AB
I wanted to let you know that I received my cover yesterday afternoon, and could not be happier! It fits like a charm and looks great! Thanks again for a great amp cover!
~Chuck B., Elkton, Maryland
Give Studio Slips measurements and they nail it everytime . Perfect covers . thank you ;)
~Scott H., Los Angeles, CA
Got It!!!!!!! And once again Thank You Ms. Susan it is just perfect.
~Johnny R., Belfair, WA
The 410 Bassman Neo cover fits awesome. Studio Slip number 4 for me, very happy :-)
~Alan C., Palo Alto, CA
Just wanted to verify with you that I received my amp head cover (for a Mesa Express head). The cover looks great - no surprise! Now all I need is the head itself which is being manufactured. In the meantime I'll stare longingly at the Studio Slip cover and just imagine. Again, it's been a pleasure dealing with you.
~Bob E., Ashland, OR
Got the cover - as usual, it is perfecto! Thanks, and I've got a couple more things to order pretty soon.
~Robert G., Wichita, KS
The bag arrived today. It is simply PERFECT. Super high quality and it fits exactly like I was hoping it would. Thanks again and all the best.
~Francesco F - Doha, Qatar
Sorry I haven't emailed sooner but I just got in late last night from tour and finally saw the covers for my avatar cab and fender reverb. Just wanted to tell you that they look gorgeous and the weird handle measurement on the reverb unit was dead on. Fits like a glove! Thanks so much for getting these out to me and I look forward to ordering more in the future as my gear collections seems to always be growing. GREAT covers!
~Marc C. New York, NY