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What People Are Saying
The padded cover for my Fargen 49x54 came today and the experience of putting it on the amp was pure bliss. It couldn't fit any better if I had brought the amp to Santa Rosa and left it with you. Your fitting is magic and the workmanship (workwomanship) is beyond compare. Thanks so much!! I waited a long time to find the Fargen and now it has a cover that matches its fine quality.
~Gary P., Berkeley, CA
Once again you have done it the cover for my Dr Z Amp fits perfect..Once again Thank You for making a great product !!!!
~Albert M., IN
The wine glass bag looks perfect. Thanks for getting it done!
~Rich V., Blauvelt, NY
thank you, the slip covers look and fit really nice!
~Brian R., East Longmeadow MA
Just wanted to let you know that the custom case you made for my pedalboard is a perfect fit and beautifully made. Thanks for your fine work. I'll be spreading the word.
~Steven K., Carmel, IN
Susan the cover arrived the other day for my electradyne and it fits like a glove ,same as the other 2 i have ordered from you. THANKS
~Greg L., Lisle, IL
Your dedication to quality is unbelievable! The bag fits my Germino combo perfectly! Thank you!
~Dennis S., Harvest, AL
I received the Studio Slips for the London and the 2x12 Cab today, the only thing that looks better than the amps in those covers, is the amps out of those covers (what can I say? They're 65 Amps). They fit perfectly and I am totally pleased. Thank you again for your good services.
~Matthew G., Woodinville, WA
my Cover arrived today and it's perfect as always thanks again
~Barry T., Cherry Hill NJ
I just received my cover. It looks nice. Fit's like a glove! I will be ordering one for my cabinet soon.
~Aaron K., Flat Rock MI
Thank you Susan and staff! Just received the clamshell bag and it's a perfect fit!
~Eric F., Hatboro PA
The amp cover fits and looks great, the side pocket was a very good idea. Thank you. My Dr Z amp is well taken care of.
I got my clamshell cover for my fender blues jr early dec but I'm just writing you now. Great cover! perfect fit ..nice and snug. Well designed and I have a lot more piece of mind bringing my amp on gigs.
~Tom N., Poughkeepsie, NY
I recieved my Studio Slip cover for my amp yesterday. The cover fits like a glove, and your workmanship is first rate! I just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely satisfied, and will soon be ordering two more covers from you for my other amps.
~Steve G
The case for my Fender reverb looks great! Thanks so much! It's such a fragile little thing, I'm always nervous transporting it (in fact, I bought it only partially working at Guitar Center and had my dad change all the components inside to get it to work), now I don't have to worry about it so much! Thanks again!
~Aaron E., Fishers, IN
The slip you folks made for my Victorilux came in today and I must say, you have exceeded my highest expectation! She fits like a glove, perfect taper, perfect all the way around. Thanks so much for the outstanding job.
~Steve T., Grapevine TX
The covers for my Cornfords came today and they are perfect!Snuggly fit and perfect look. Thanx again!
~Per Erik, NORWAY
Sorry for the late input, but I've receievd the clamshell for my Bogner New Yorker a few weeks ago, and it's fantastic. Many thanks! I believe your product are still the best on this market, and you can trust me, because here in EU I've seen in the gigging world many brands/models trying to approach your design and quality, but none of what I've seen overlasted yours!
~Philippe Q., France
Just received my cover. Fits great! It exceeds my expectations, and my expectations were high. This is a perfect compromise between a studio cover and a road case. I'm not touring so $5000 of gear goes into my $1500 car to earn my $50 cut of the door ;-). This is perfect for protecting my amp when loaded into my car with the rest of my guitars, pedal board, etc. After band rehearsal it is nice to be able to keep the still hot tubes from being exposed to the sometimes below zero temps here in frozen tundra land. It's like a sleeping bag for my amp ;-) Also, want to thank you for making these for non-boogie amps. I always loved the covers for my Boogies. When I saw your ties to Boogie I was stoked (I gigged for years with a Lonestar). I will be ordering the same style cover for my Tweed Twin in the future. Keep up the good work.
~David K., Menomonee Falls WI
Thank you for the great cover! It's gorgeous, well made, and it fits like a glove! Absolutely love it!
~Eliud H., New Bedford MA
I just got the cover! Great!!
~Henk S., Netherlands
Susan I love the new amp cover you made for my Markbass combo, it fits perfectly. Thanks, Keith Sons of Thunder Band
~Ft. Worth, Texas
Received the new dust covers for my homestudio, they are great. Good quality, fit perfectly and look good too. No dust on my keyboard, mixer and floor board anymore. Keep up the good work!
~Mike N. Vienna, Austria
Just tried the covers on my Trans Atlantic and the Forte 3D cab. Once again they fit great! Have a great Thanksgiving.
~Bob K., Oakland, CA
The Studio Slips Clamshell and dust cover were major selling points and the reason for getting the best price possible when I sold my older Atomics. I had them on Craig's List for only 3 hours before they were sold. The buyer was impressed with the care put into having covers like that and figured the gear was probably well taken care of as well so he had no issue paying the original asking price. One of the easiest sales I've ever had. :-)
~Scotty B. NewRichmond, WI
Yes!!!! Great fit, great job!!! I love it!
~James M., Martinez GA
Slips arrived, absolutely perfect....beautiful work and you can quote me on that! thanks and all good wishes,
~Dave G., Bremen, Germany
I wanted to thank you for the great covers for my Ampeg amp and cabinets. These are by far the best slip covers I have ever experienced in my 30+ years of playing and touring. The Gig Bag was just the ticket. I'll be recommending you to all musicians I come in touch with but your covers will speak for them selves when they see them!
~Tad L., Lexington, KY
Dear Susan, Im sorry it's taken so long to write..My Studio Slips "Clamshell" Custom Cover for my little custom made "V" front cabinet arrived about two weeks ago. In a word? PERFECT. It's sturdily made of the toughest soft case materials.. The Zipper is heavy duty and works perfectly.. The double thick padding is exactly right for protecting my amplifier: The 'custom work' Leather on the bottom also helps me protect the amp and I'll get that much more mileage out of the case; The "Clamshell" design is brilliant.. making it easy to get the amp in and out. The opening for the handle is placed perfectly. The amp is an unusual custom design and the fit of the case was critical. You and Justin were thorough in confirming accurate measurements from me, and the result is a perfect fit. It's also a great looking case. My amp is happy.. Me too! Thanks for everything Susan ~ I look forward to doing more business with Studio Slips!
~Marc S., Scarsdale, NY
hey wanted to say i received my slip cover and its everything i expected it to be. perfect fit and everything! thank you so much!
~Brian G., Brooklawn, NJ
Thanks, fits perfect!!! Once again amazing service and a great product !!!
~Robby F., Santa Barbara, CA
The bag fits perfectly, and I am very impressed with the level of craftsmanship and protection in a lightweight case. Ideal for my portable organ pedals.
~Michael B., Cape Elizabeth ME
Just needed to drop a line of thanks for the studio slip for my dr z. It's perfect! Exactly what I needed.
~Scott T., Warrenville, IL
I got the dust cover for my Peavey Vyper today. It fits like a glove and looks great!
~David H., St. Louis, MO
Hey Susan, great job on the cover for my Swart SST-30 head and cab. I have so many cabs and amps if you could ever make a red color as well as the brown and black that would be great!!!
~Kevin L., San Lorenzo, CA
My covers arrived today and they are wonderful. They fit perfectly and look super-snazzy. Thank you for a great product and great service,
~Hoby E., Poestenkill, NY
The bag arrived today. The quality of the materials is superb, craftsmanship (craftwomanship?) top notch, and fit absolutely spot on.
~Gary F., Chevy Chase, MD
Matchless SC-30 cover arrived Friday; it fit perfectly and looked great. I appreciate your work, thanks as usual.
~Steve P., Narberth, PA
I received the Cover today for the Carvin MB210 amp. It is perfect, looks and fits great! Thanks so much
~David C., Augusta GA
...I would like to add a VERY positive endorsement as a new customer concerning the quality, look, feel and outstanding value of your products!
~Tom Hyer, Canterbury, CT
I just got my new Studio Slip for my Ceriatone Overdrive Special amp. WOW !!!!! That is an exceptional cover. I have never seen anything like it before. You make the absolute best quality product out there. I am more than pleased and will recommend you to everyone I know who uses amp covers. Thank you for a great product at a very fair price. I feel like I received an exceptional value.
~Jim M. Middletown, IN
My amp cover arrived today and it fits like a glove! This is my 4th cover from you and your service and quality is still the best. I?ll be placing more orders in the future to be sure!
~James H., No. Carolina
My clamshell bag just arrived yesterday. I put my LSS right in and it's a perfect fit, and very attractive. I almost wish I had a bag for my bag, as it will live outside the bag most of the time! I'm sure I'll be calling again as I will probably need other bags for other amps.
~Chuck M., Knoxville, TN
Received yesterday: all four covers fit and look great! Thanks and regards ...
~Tom W., Kingston, WA
It's Saturday the 30th & I just received my speaker covers! They are exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for your help. I do appreciate it.
~Tony T., Vallejo CA
My dust cover arrived today and it works great exactly what I was looking for! It was a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you.
~Salvatore D., Woodbury CT
I just received my Clamshell Gig Bags, and I couldn't be happier! I had been searching for padded covers for my MarkBass Standard 104HF and Standard 151HF cabinets for quite some time. I emailed and called other companies, including one of the biggest names in the business. I was met with bewildering questions, slow response time, busy signals, and just poor customer service in general. After altering my web search, I came across Studio Slips, and have been delighted ever since. My phone conversations were extremely friendly, the turn around time was amazingly fast, and most importantly, the Gig Bags are fantastic! In fact, they've already passed their first gig test with flying colors.
~Randy C., Nederland, CO
Glad I went with your company! The brown clams for my Dr. Z Maz 18 head and 2x10 cab fit perfectly, look fantastic, and the quality is top-notch. I will gladly order from you again. Take care!
~Tom G., Rio Rancho, NM
Perfect fit. Thanks
~Kjetil S., Akershus, Norway
The bag arrived last week and fits beautifully. Many thanks for all your time and expertise.
~Ian L., Herefordshire, GB