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What People Are Saying
I just received the three covers you made for me and they're gorgeous. All three fit like a glove and the quality of the fabric and the sewing is far superior to the ones I have received from Fender, Marshall and Vox. It's amazing that you were able to make them for some obscure amps and cabinets I own but you came through for me. As you know dust and dirt are probably the worst things that can get into an amplifier and these covers, especially the Clamshell for the Peavey will protect them for years to come. A huge thank you to you and your staff for providing consumers with a superior and reasonably priced product. Now I know why Mesa-Boogie contracted with you to make their covers.
~Bruce C., Troy, NY
I just wanted to let you know I received the gig bag for the CPS Spacestation this morning. Iím really glad we double checked and increased the length; itís an exact fit. Thank you for the excellent work, and Iíll make sure others hear about Studio Slips!
~Rod S., Canada
Just wanted to let you know my cover arrived today and it fits perfect.
~Jeffrey P., Plantation, FL
I just recently received two of your double padded slip covers for my Mesa 4x12 Recto Cabs as a gift and I am very pleased with your product. I am a guitarist in the band Onward To Olympas on Facedown Records, and these slip covers will be protecting my gear for multiple full US tours in 2010. I am looking forward to promoting your covers as I go, and I would like to personally thank you for making these great products (and please thank your husband for his awesome work on Mesa amplifiers!). As I acquire more gear, I will surely be in touch for more!
~Andrew H.
I received the amp cover today. It's perfection, as usual. No one does it better than you ! You are a stone groooooooove ! I'll be baaaaaaack !!!
~Dennis S., Antelope, CA
Received the gig bag... fantastic! Great craftsmanship and fits like a glove. Can't wait for the next gig to fully try it out :)
~Vincent D., Jersey City, NJ
My covers arrived today, they look and fit great! I'm so pleased with your service and product.
~Mark T., Queensland, Australia
I received my fEARless F112 cover yesterday and it fits perfectly. Thanks so much for your attention to getting it right.
~Paul A., Upper Nyack, NY
Good Morning! Rec'd cover last night - Great design and too nice to use - ha! Pocket is wonderfully larger than anticipated.
~Chris C., Fairfield CT
Case just arrived and fits like a glove. Super high quality. Thank you dude and very excited!!!!
~Julian V., Brooklyn NY
Just a quick note to say, thanks for the beautiful cover! Incredibly well made, attractive, and it fits like a glove!!
~Peter B., Folsom CA
I received my 5 covers today and I am very pleased with them. They all fit well, look attractive and will protect the cabinets from bumps and bruises. I am impressed with the quality of the work and your prompt attention to my order. In addition, I enjoyed working with you in confirming the cabinet dimensions and details of the order. Bottom line -- you and your company are first class and I will do my best to share my experiences with other musicians.
~Rick K., Champaign, IL
I just received the amp cover on Friday. Thank you! It's sooo nice! I'm glad i ordered it from you. It fits perfectly. Aloha,
~Roanne K
As a third time repeat customer I just wanted to let you know my covers for the Carr Mini Mercury Amplifier are nothing short of perfection. The brown canvas is rather stylish and compliments the tweed exterior of the amp. I've had my regular Mercury Amp and my digital Mellotron covered with Studio Slips for a few years now and they are tough as nails. You just can't beat good lookin' and tough as nails! I'd order again in a heart beat and will refer Studio Slips to others whenever I can. Please keep up the great work and have a wonderful holiday season.
~Rick G., Halethorpe, MD
i received my cover yesterday, and itís awesome. very well made. the fabric is sturdy, and the color is beautiful ( glad i got the brown) iím also glad i decided to get the zippered pocket on the back. itís perfect for my power cord, exrtra cables, etcetera. very nice touch! thanks so much, iím glad i found you!
~Richard L., Birmingham AL
The cover fits PERFECTLY!!! Thank you so very much! And I must sayÖ The quality is MUCH better than... I look forward to ordering more of these from you so please be sure to save the design.
~Wes D., San Antonio, TX
I forgot to tell you.. The Germino Classic 45 fits like a glove.. Once again you guys are THE BEST.
~Rick H., Greensboro, NC
Hi Studio Slips. Great job on the cover for my Budda Superdrive 1x12. Fits like a glove - perfect.
~Dennis B., Brandon, VT
Just wanted to let you know that the custom case you made for my pedalboard is a perfect fit and beautifully made. Thanks for your fine work. I'll be spreading the word.
~Steven K., Carmel, IN
I just got the covers (Bose F1 812) and they are just terrible!! Just kidding... They are perfect! Great fit and the openings are right on. I can't imagine you would need to change anything.
~Larry N., Top Hat Entertainment, Broomfield, CO
My name is Justin and I play guitar in the band Ellery, out of Cincinnati. I ordered one of your clamshell gigbags (in brown!) last year for my mid-70s Fender Princeton Reverb, and have been touring with it ever since. I've always been meaning to write - oh my gosh do I love this bag for my amp. It fits perfectly (!), is very protective, and looks great (I love the brown!). It really is one of my favorite things - such a perfect combo of form and function. I tell everyone about it...Thanks for your great product, it's such a blessing for what we do.
~Justin G., Lakeside Park, KY
Just received my cover, the third one I've ordered from you. It fits perfectly, the materials and workmanship are first rate, and it looks really good, just like the first two. Obviously I like your products, or I wouldn't come back for more. But more than that, I appreciate your excellent service. You've handled my orders promptly and accurately, and you've fielded my (sometimes dumb) questions with courtesy and grace. Thanks for your help -- I'll definitely recommend you to my friends (both of them).
~Marc L., Ukiah, CA
I just received the amp cover yesterday. It fits perfectly ! THank you so much. Your company does the best work.
~Roanne K., Hilo HI
Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you and everything fit!
~Marcus H., Blue Island, IL
Got the cabinet cover yesterday. Excellent workmanship and it fits quite nicely to the cab. The handle and wheel cutouts are spot on! Iíll be ordering a cover for the amp head in a couple of weeks.
~Marc B., Fountain Hills, AZ
Got my Savage Macht 6 slip case today It was a perfect fit as always
~Orley A., Beverly Hills, CA
just got my custom amp cover, I was worried about finding something to fit my home built amp, but your clamshell gigbag fits it perfectly!! The workmanship is top-notch, and I couldn't be happier!! Thanks so much for the fast processing of my order, I'll be looking you up again for future covers.
~Kurt S.,
Received my Studio Slips Amp cover and I love it!! Thank you so much and I will spread the word about your product.
~Julie S., Snowmass Village CO
Got my cover for my Carr Rambler yesterday and it's a perfect fit. Thank you very much for the short turnaround time from order to receipt. Btw - the black with your white stitched logo looks real nice.
~Steve M., Honolulu, HI
The clamshell cover for my Rivera arrived today, just in time for an out of town gig, next week. It also is a perfect fit. just like the one for the Mesa. I now have "matched" luggage for my amps, and I'm sure they will stand out in the sea of black stage equiptment, and I will be able to find them at a glance. I also noticed that I could put a small lock in the zippers, for a little extra security....I will call again...
~Chuck M., Knoxville, TN
Got the cover in for the Classic 30, thanks! It fits perfectly! I'll be in touch again, guaranteed!
~Dennis S., Harvest AL
Dear Susan, My Mesa Boogie DC-5 Head cover arrived today. I have to say the fit and the workmanship are spot on. I'm very pleased, and would not hesitate to deal with Studio Slips again. There is nothing quite like your covers available in the U.K. Well worth the wait and shipping costs. Best regards,
~Pete A (England, U.K.)
Got it - fits awesome! Thanks very much!
~Chris K., Heath, OH
These covers are amazing! I am very impressed with the professional look, fit, materials, you name it. Very nice and I will be ordering more in the future
~Wes H., Coos Bay, OR
I received my slip cover. It fits perfect and is great quality. Thank you!
~Jaime S., Chula Vista CA
Well, I finally got home to England yesterday after endless problems. And today I tried out the new bag... perfect! Love it! I've attached a few pics for you to see what a great job you did. Many thanks. I'll post a pic or two to the website for other Qv2 users to enjoy.
~David L., Amble ENGLAND
I received the gig bag the other day and I just wanted to thank you again for your dedication to quality and customer service. Itís perfect - what Iíve come to expect from you and your company. I also really appreciate being able to talk directly with you; itís so much easier sometimes and a rarity these days. Plus I enjoy our conversations!
~Joe T., Burbank CA
I received the gig bag and it fits and works perfect. Thought youíd like to know! Thanks again for the professional work,
~Judy Ann C., Sequim, WA
I wanted to let you know that my clamshell case arrived earlier this week and despite some of the back and forth, the case fit my Aguilar SL112 perfectly. Also, for your future reference the Aguilar TH500 bass amp head fits in the largest version of the standard front pocket. Thanks to both of you for your help and the great product. Iíll be ordering another clamshell for my guitar amps; no weird orientations or requests I promise. :-)
~Alexander B., Canada
Received the studio slips cover today, perfect fit! Thanks Again for a great product! Great doing business with you again.....
~Joe V., Lindenhurst, NY
Received my subject clamshell cover yesterday and itís great. Thanks again for the excellent covers. Will be in touch again.
~Shawn H., Bedford, TX
Perfect Susan! Like a glove!
~John K., Netherlands
Hi Karen an Susan, just to confirm my covers just arrived and are perfect as usual. Thanks a lot!
~Mario T., Catania, Sicilia Italy
Everytime I get a sweet amp I got to get a studio slip for it.
~Danny S., Austin, TX
Just got my briefcase for my pedalboard, and it fits like a glove. Great job.
~J. Plumley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
My cover arrived today and it fits perfectly! Thanks again for great service?
~Roger S., Vancouver BC CANADA
Got the slips! Amazing quality / GREAT customer service!!!
~Chris C., San Jose, CA
Fender Excelsior cover arrived today and it's a perfect fit. As always, excellent job!
~Steve T.,
Got the slipsóand they work perfectly.
~David K., Austin, TX.
I just received my new Studio Slips cover for the Roland J C 120 amp. Love it !! You do a fantastic job ! I will contact you later this year regarding a few more covers.
~Steve H., Carmichael, CA