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What People Are Saying
Dear Ms. Bendinelli, Got my covers today, and as usual, they're perfect. You oughta be on the cover of Time magazine. Thank you very much for tending to me so well. I really do appreciate it.
~Clint J., Taylor, Miss.
Got them. They look fantastic. They fit like a glove. Thank you for providing a quality product.
~Richard W., California City, CA
recieved my cover, just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround, & it fits like a glove, and is exactly what i was looking, I"ve actually had my amp a while and have been lugging it around in a blanket and duct tape because i wasn't so crazy about the other offerings out there, so thank you! gonna have to get one for my deluxe soon
~Dwight B., Kingston, NY
I wouldn't keep coming back if you didn't make the best covers on the planet!
~Rob B., Framingham, MA
Dutch Customs kept the shipment for 8 days (and made me pay 24 dollars) but today the cover for my Markbass Mini CMD 121P finally arrived. I must say I'm impressed. Perfect fit, great quality! Thank you very much
~Ed B., Holland
My cover just arrived (for AudioKinesis Changeling 1x12 Tall) and I had to tell you that if you had been here doing the measurements yourself and custom tailoring every inch of it, the fit would not have been any better! I could not be more pleased and my wife was very impressed ? she has the critical eye for tailoring when it comes to this kind of stuff. The standard padding and ?just enough ease/relief? allows for great protection and easy ?on and off? without snagging anything. Thank you both so much for working with me on this and I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues on Talk Bass.
~Al K, Burke, VA
I received the cover on Friday and it's absolutely perfect. Thanks,
~Joan B., Kensington, MD
i received my cover yesterday, and itís awesome. very well made. the fabric is sturdy, and the color is beautiful ( glad i got the brown) iím also glad i decided to get the zippered pocket on the back. itís perfect for my power cord, exrtra cables, etcetera. very nice touch! thanks so much, iím glad i found you!
~Richard L., Birmingham AL
Just received my cover, the third one I've ordered from you. It fits perfectly, the materials and workmanship are first rate, and it looks really good, just like the first two. Obviously I like your products, or I wouldn't come back for more. But more than that, I appreciate your excellent service. You've handled my orders promptly and accurately, and you've fielded my (sometimes dumb) questions with courtesy and grace. Thanks for your help -- I'll definitely recommend you to my friends (both of them).
~Marc L., Ukiah, CA
Clamshell just came in the mail. Once again this Studio Slip is fine crafted to perfection. Please don't change!
~Malcolm C., Sedalia CO
Just wanted to tell you the amp cover came today and it is perfect!! I love it lots 'n lots.
~Rick K., Northridge, CA
I just received the Studio Slips!! Outstanding!! I have been playing professionally for 40yrs and these by far are the nicest, toughest, covers I have ever seen! The fit is unbelievable. Thank you so much! Your pride in what you do is so very apparent. Have a great day and wonderful holidays! God bless!
~Reggie B., San Jose CA
Got my cover Friday and it fits perfectly. Beautiful work by beautiful people (and you can quote me on that)
~Clint J., Taylor MS
Received the amp cover today for Phil Jones Flightcase. It fits perfectly, and looks great. Thanks for doing such a great job, and the quick production. Will be telling all my fellow musicians about you !
~Deborah A., Manchester TN
Just received the cover and it fits perfectly. I?m really impressed with the workmanship?it looks great.
~Scott B., Toronto, CANADA
I received the cover today. It is just a size. I use it for Redstone Audio RS-8 cabinet. I came to be able to carry it at ease. A big pocket is convenient. Thank you for wonderful cover.
~Takaki Y., JAPAN
I got the clamshell gig bag cover for the Victoria 5112 and it fits perfectly. Thanks again.
~Orley A
Hi, just wanted to let you know that the cover is PERFECT! Thanks so much. I'm spreading the word about you.
~Stanley E., Pittsburgh, PA
You did an awesome work as always, it fits like a glove for my little head amp. Great quality and service. Thanks you so much to you and your staff !
~David F., Prades le Lez FRANCE
Received the bag todayÖ. Awesome! Perfect fitÖ.
~John P., Carbondale PA
The cover reached a little while ago. The size of the cover is perfect. You make a really wonderful cover. I can carry the amplifier at ease. I will feel the attachment in this cover. I wish to express my gratitude from Japan to you.
~Takaki Y. Nagano, JAPAN
Thank you for the slip covers that you made to cover my amps. They are really nice! I put the clamshell on the Crate CA120DG amp and it fit perfectly. The slip covers arrived just in time (the arrived last week) for a job this weekend.
~Virginia B., East Windsor, NJ
Dust cover arrived today....fits nice. Thank You & Happy New Year
~Donald K., Kiamesha Lake, NY
Your padded covers arrived today and they fit **PERFECT** (Super Champ & Vox AC-15CC)!!! Thanks for being so patient with the mathematically challenged (in other words, a guy who can't measure his own amp) guitar player that I am. I'll be sure to let everyone I know about Studio Slips on all the guitar related message boards. Thanks for your patience, great service, and amp covers that are so good they should be illegal. Arigatou gozaimasu.
Got my soft cases for the Polysix & Split Eight just now. They fit & look great. Thanks again!
~KP D., New York, NY
" the cover today,,, fits like a glove,,, thanks once again,,, you folks extremely rock!!!! good stuff!
~Joe V., Lindenhurst, NY
Just wanted to let you know the cover arrived. It looks very well made, fits perfectly, and I'm very pleased with it. Many thanks.
~Tony H, Bermuda
I got my cover the other day. Great job, as always! Your quality of materials and workmanship, fit, and finish on these products make it impossible for me to consider buying from anybody else.
~Michael J., O'Fallon MO
Just a quick note to let you know the cover you made for my Alessandro Basset Hound amp looks great and is a superb fit. The other cover companies I've used in the past have all been good but you folks are a cut above in every way from the excellent build quality to the ease and accuracy of your online order form to the lightening speed you got the cover to me. You have ALL my future business.
~Jeff B., Canada
I wanted to thank you for making THE finest covers I've ever seen! Back in 1994 you made a slip cover for my Boogie. Used it for 10 years on the road and my amo looked brand new. I ordered a clamshell cover for my Alessandro Rotwieller Working Dog amp back in 2003 and that amp still looks brand new after almost 10 years on the road. I cannot recommend your covers enough, especially the clamshell! What an awesome cover! There are not enough words in the English language to adequately describe my satisfaction with your amazing products!
~Johnny M., Chula Vista, CA
I just received my cover , it is a perfect fit ,Great workmanship ! I will be placing a order very for the matching 1 12 cabinet .
~David T., Monroe LA
I received my covers yesterday. I just now zipped up my antique cradle. I thank you very much! I couldn't of asked for anything better! Now, it'll be safely protected until I move. Again, thank you so much. In the future, when I need something covered, I will be contacting you. Hell, I might just drop an email just to say Hello. Sincerely, A Very Happy Individual,
~Scott C., Pinellas Park, FL
I just wanted to thank you for the amp covers you sent for my Swart and Two Rock. They fit like a glove and look great... but now all of my other amps are jealous. Will order again soon. Thanks!
~Manny Z., Purchase, NY
" a glove. Thanks again Susan!
~Wayne W., Hackettstown NJ
Covers arrived like a glove! Thank you. T
~Ted M. Erie, CO
You made a set of cases for my Bogner Shiva head and 2x12 cabinet about 6 years ago. I just want to say thanks. I still have the amp, and the cases are great. They have always fit just right, the zippers are holding up perfectly, and all in all I can't imagine better cases for someone that has to "carry his own". I sprung for the extra padded cases with leather bottoms, and they are worth every cent. You do excellent work, and I will buy cases from you the next time I get a new amp.
~Jon K., Portland, OR
Hi I just received my order from you. The covers are perfect, and I couldn't be happier with them. Thanks much for your fine work!
~John P., Minneapolis MN
I just want to write you back and say thank you so much for putting great pride in making the best covers available. I received them on the 17th and they all look great and fits perfect. Thanks again for providing great service and craftsmanship.
~Jan F., Hedmark, NORWAY
Excellent fit as always... Thanks
~Bruce R., Valley Stream, NY
This is better than I could ever have imagined. A true masterpiece. You are a very talented human being. You are amazing, I wish there was something more I could do for you Ö Iíll think of something Iím sure, but if you have any suggestionsÖ Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my equipment. I donít want to ignore the QSC K8ís either, fit like a glove.
~Steven D., Phoenix AZ
I just wanted to thank you for the new cover, and how quickly you got it made and sent to me. I love it! It fits perfectly... just like the previous cover you made for me. Please don't ever retire :-)... I don't know where I'd turn to for such a quality product, made by such a nice person, that filled my need so completely the next time I need a cover. It's always a pleasure doing business with you and Studio Slips.
~Ricky B., Lexington, KY
I just wanted to say that the cover is amazing and fits perfectly. Of course as soon as I got it the weather changed back to sunny and warm but I'm not complaining...
~Scot C., Vancouver, BC CANADA
I received studio slip pedal board bagtoday!!! I am beyond happy with it!!! Your work is amazing! I did over Measure it. So there's a little wiggle bit nothing be upset about! I just wanted to thank you so much!! Can't wait to put in my order for a slip for my fender twin reverb!! Looking forward to our business together 😊
~Hasan S., East Chicago IN
Just a short note to say thanks for the cover. It was waiting for me at the hotel when we got back, as promised. Just got back yesterday, fits great!
~Tony, UK
Got the cover - as usual, it is perfecto! Thanks, and I've got a couple more things to order pretty soon.
~Robert G., Wichita, KS
Once again you have done it the cover for my Dr Z Amp fits perfect..Once again Thank You for making a great product !!!!
~Albert M., IN
I received 3 clamshell case in Hawaii a month ago. I came back yesterday and check the cases. 3 cases are perfect fit to my Matchless amps.
~Yoshihiro M., Kobe, JAPAN
Got it, Sue! Fits like a glove as always!
~Rick O., Menasha, WI
I just wanted to tell how happy I'm with the the Clamshell cover you built for my Tweed Deluxe. Handle is perfect, fit is perfect. I can finally take it out of the house.
~Andy V., Manchester CT
Bag arrived this morning, and man it is swank indeed! Very cool to have a custom-fitted bag for this keyboard which is smaller than most of the typical 4-octave keyboard bags. Plus, the extra padding, brown color and wrap-around leather - very nice job!
~Roger P., Pacifica, CA