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What People Are Saying
Got it today, and had no problem slipping it over and around the monster amp. The fit is amazingly perfect! The coolest part is seeing the handle 2/3 of the way up the amp, and when I pick it up it balances PERFECTLY. Dude, this case is AWESOME! Thank you so much for working so hard to make this JUST RIGHT and for being so great to do business with! I'll definitely be sending other customers your way!
~Morgan B., Aledo TX
Just received my cover. Fits great! It exceeds my expectations, and my expectations were high. This is a perfect compromise between a studio cover and a road case. I'm not touring so $5000 of gear goes into my $1500 car to earn my $50 cut of the door ;-). This is perfect for protecting my amp when loaded into my car with the rest of my guitars, pedal board, etc. After band rehearsal it is nice to be able to keep the still hot tubes from being exposed to the sometimes below zero temps here in frozen tundra land. It's like a sleeping bag for my amp ;-) Also, want to thank you for making these for non-boogie amps. I always loved the covers for my Boogies. When I saw your ties to Boogie I was stoked (I gigged for years with a Lonestar). I will be ordering the same style cover for my Tweed Twin in the future. Keep up the good work.
~David K., Menomonee Falls WI
I thought it would amuse you that my Studioslips covers have already paid for themselves. My jazz band was playing on an open air roof deck last night and part way through the heavens opened. Luckily I was able to quickly haul the covers over my equipment and it saved $6000 of organ equipment from getting drenched and possibly ruined.
~Wil S., Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Thought you would like to see the results! Fits perfect!
~Charles L., Niagara Falls, NY
Today the cover finally arrived! It fits snugly. I do especially like the way the handle area is covered with the small part of fabric going underneath the handle. :D So thanks for the great service!
~Jacco O., The Netherlands
I received the cover yesterday. It's beautiful, very nicely made, matches my other Mesa covers and fits perfectly. Thanks!
~Brandan W., Brentwood CA
Thanks Susan. The slip arrived and is great as always.
~David H., Portland, OR
...your work is Awesome!!!! I’m very pleased with the clamshell gig bag!!! I will recommend your products every chance I get! I hope to upgrade a few of my existing covers in the near future!
~Ed N., Buffalo Grove, IL.
Holy crap, Susan! The covers came today. Such fast service and I couldn't be happier with the product! Two BIG thumbs up from me.
~Paul D., Anchorage AK
I forgot to email and tell you how great the cover you made fits my pedalboard. Now I can transport the board with all my pedals neatly configured on it, and everything's the same when I open it back up. I'm very impressed with your attention to detail. If I, or anyone I know needs a cover for any type of gear, you'll definitely hear from me again. Thanks so much.
~Matthew N. Chattanooga, TN
Thank you for an awesome custom-fitted cover for my precious Soldano! It fits great!!
~Marc B., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
The covers arrived yesterday & I must say look very smart as well as fit perfectly. Thank you very much for your quick, kind & courteous service and I know just by looking at them that they will protect our equipment for a very long time.
~Steve K., Woy Woy, AUSTRALIA
I just received the cover for my Swart amp Very nice looking, and it fits the amp perfectly I'll spread the word about your great work Thank you so much
~Jean-Do S., Paris, France
Dear Susan, the bag has arrived some time ago and it is just perfect.
~Per T., Saltsjö Duvnäs, Sweden
I just wanted to let you know the cover fits beautifully:)
~Lee H., Portland, OR
Thanks so much for your great work! The slip fits wonderfully and it'll allow me to schlep my amp on the nyc subway with confidence and style.
~Bob G., Bronx, NY
Just letting you know the package arrived today and the covers for the Ampeg are a Perfect fit! But I knew they would be... Y'all always nail it! Great work! And thanks for the super fast turnaround on my order.
~Michael B., Kaufman, TX
Just wanted to let you know that my covers arrived today and are exactly what I was hoping for. I'm delighted; thank you so much.
~Jonathon B., Brookline, MA
Today, It?s arrived and I?ve tried to fit my amps. It is amazing and just fit on my amps. Thanks and appreciate your great jobs not feel distance.
~Toyomitsu Y., JAPAN
Received the gig bag for the stand/stool. Very cool, as usual.
~Darryl L., Pebble Beach, CA
MANY, MANY, MANY thanks for the quick turn around and excellent product!!!!!!! My Dr. Z Carmen Ghia LE made the trip securely under the seat in front of me on the plane.
~Tim S., Traverse City, MI
I received the covers today for my '64 Ampeg and '08 Rivera guitar amps. They fit perfectly and the workmanship is excellent! I have one more amp that is in need of a cover and I'll be ordering it soon. Thank you again for your excellent service.
~Steve G., Savannah, MO
Received the covers yesterday. Only one thing I can say... Perfect! Thanks again for all of your help, great customer service and a great product. Now I want to order covers for everything in the house!
~Michael M., Baltimore, MD
I got the cover today. You always do such great work. It always fits!!! Thanks and enjoy the week. Hope to do more business with you in the future.
~Paul C., Richmond, KY
The cover was just delivered 5 minutes ago and I wanted to let you know that it looks great and is a perfect fit. I really appreciate it and will put it to good use.
~Steve W., Aledo TX
I got the cover today! I wanted to thank you for the nice job you did on it , It looks and fits perfect! Cheers from New Orleans!
~Mike C., New Orleans, LA
Received the cover today, looks great, perfect fit. Thanks.
~Stephen T. Woodstock, GA
Got my cover today. It's fantastic! Thank you and everyone at Studio Slips! I'll be sure to spread the word.
~Steve L., Metairie LA
Hi! I just have to tell you how truly in love with my bag that I am!!!! How cool it is to just dream up the perfect bag and it arrives!! I love it!
~Liz D., San Francisco CA
Got my slip, and I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks- worth the wait!!
~Steve from INK
Just received mt Clamshell and it is perfect. Fit, finish, function, absolutely perfect. It's being put to the test as we speak!
~Clay C., Venice CA
I just received the amp cover on Friday. Thank you! It's sooo nice! I'm glad i ordered it from you. It fits perfectly. Aloha,
~Roanne K
I received case today! That's great and cute! Just fitted my AMP. Thank you so much!!
~Hiroki A., Tokyo, Japan
Received it today. Perfect fit.
~David H., Franklin, TN
The Amp cover arrived the other day. Nice Job, Fits like a Glove.
~Jim S
Thanks again for an excellent product and service. I received my JSX 212 Combo Clamshell today and it fits perfectly. I'm thrilled. Have a great holiday weekend.
~Roxy D., Olmsted Falls, OH
Just a short note to let you know that I have received the dust cover for my amp and it fits perfectly.The quality is first class, and I am really impressed. There are lots of manufacturers on the market these days that do not supply dust covers with their product, e.g. Behringer, ishman,etc.and it a hard job finding suppliers like ourself. Please keep up the good work and many thanks.
Slip cover with fancy “Z” logo arrived yesterday. Was promptly fitted onto the Dr. Z remedy head – snug, delightful.
~Les S., Atlantic Beach, FL
Susan- the cover arrived today. It looks great, and fits PERFECTLY! Thanks so much for a great product.
~Adam B., Washington DC
My clamshell bag just arrived yesterday. I put my LSS right in and it's a perfect fit, and very attractive. I almost wish I had a bag for my bag, as it will live outside the bag most of the time! I'm sure I'll be calling again as I will probably need other bags for other amps.
~Chuck M., Knoxville, TN
The covers fit perfectly and look great! Thanks for the fair price, also :)
~David T., Winthrop MA
Your service was first class and the finished product was just as I had hoped… So… Thank you very much. I have passed your name on to others who may require you services.
~George M., Pittsburgh, PA
I just opened the box with my new cover in it. I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! The cover fits my amp, an SWR Workingman’s 15 Combo, like a glove. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. You even put a little flap under the opening for the handle. It’s just beautiful. Again, I want to compliment you for your superior customer service and attention to detail. As I mentioned, I’ve NEVER bought any custom items directly online before, but your website and communications made me feel confident enough to go ahead. And I’ve made a point of suggesting your company on our band Facebook page - bass player for The Curbs
~Sher K., Portland OR
Susan, I see that you have shipped my cover! I can not thank you enough for making sure that I received it before next weeks gig! It looks like it will be here the day before. It is so nice to work with someone so thoughtful and professional! I can not wait to see the studio slip!
~Brian F., Nashville, TN
You know, not only do you offer a superior product but your customer service is truly exceptional.
~Edgar D., Marietta GA
I just wanted to let you know that I received the cover today. It fits perfectly and looks great. Thanks very much. I'll be sure to recommend you to friends and fellow musicians.
~Elmer J., Bronx, NY
Thank you so much for the beautiful craftsmanship on the Studio Slip Cover for my Dr.Z Galaxie. It fits perfectly, just as if you had the amp there to work with. Also, thanks for the quick service. I will be showing it off this weekend, as I have 3 shows to do. Best regards, Rich
~Rich V., Majave, CA
Just wanted to let you know I received my Fuchs SLX 1x12 50 watt amp earlier today. I tried the padded cover and it fits perfectly. Thanks again for providing a quality product.
~Jerry L
The bag arrived today. It fits the amp perfectly. Thanks for all an an happy new year.
~Baptiste B., Martigues France
I got the mark V gigbag today, I can't believe you have completed this order so quick! It fits the amp like a glove. Great work! The fabric (brown) look so lovely that it fits with the color of my other furnitures (rosewood)!
~Edgar L. North Point Hong Kong